Show President Obama That He Is Not A King!

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Show President Obama That He Is Not A King!

Untouchable. That is what President Obama believes that he is. If you’ve seen the movie “The Untouchables” that chronicles the days of Al Capone in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, then you will totally get this. Capone broke every law in the book, yet still viewed himself as untouchable. After all, he had law enforcement agents, attorneys, even judges bought and paid for. They towed the line and Capone beat the rap over and over again for crime after crime. Until, that is, a certain tax agent named Elliot Ness entered the picture. He was relentless in his pursuit of Capone and, when one of his men was murdered, the killer scrawled the word “Touchable” in blood on the wall.


The self perceived ‘untouchable’ Obama Regime has blood on their hands. They have the blood of the four men, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, on their hands since they sat back and did nothing while the torturous massacre at Benghazi occurred. They have the blood of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the hundreds of Mexican citizens killed by individuals wielding guns from the botched gun running Operation Fast and Furious on their hands. They have the blood of all those who were killed during the shooting initiated by the Muslim serviceman Nidal Malik Hasan who is still not prosecuted under Eric Holder’s Department of (In) Justice. The fact that the Obama Regime refuses to answer questions surrounding these avoidable, tragic situations is an insult to the American people and those victims who died in these incidents.


Couple all of these outrageous incidents with Obama’s blatant overreach, with his royal decrees that undermine the Constitution, and with his release of thousands of illegal immigrants recently under the guise of budget cuts due to the sequester, and his actions are not simply infuriating, they are impeachable. Add in his thuggish threatening of journalists Bob Woodward, Lanny Davis, and a reporter with the National Journal and we have a presidency ripe for the investigation of a special prosecutor!


If Barack Obama were a Republican, there would be cries from the media for impeachment and removal from office. But, he is the ‘chosen, Imperial President’ so the state run media is silent. WE ARE NOT! Today, we call for a special prosecutor to investigate his unconstitutional actions of a man who swore to uphold and protect the Constitution, who works instead to undermine it every day!

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Make this President uphold the Constitution. We the People.
Impeach now. PERIOD
cuffs and orange jump suit!!!!!!!
We believe that OBAMA doesn't just need to be impeached, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, along with everybody who has helped him to give aid to our enemies with our hard earned tax dollars....We will not stop fighting....
Wanted professional,congressman/woman and free lance writers, to help investigate the Chicago field office of the F.B.I., for in numerous planned criminal events misleading the public. operating in a malicious design to conceal the factual issues involving the attached Petition filed in the United States Inspector generals office and with congressman,etal********************Needed College Professional forum to place together to help me take on these tyrant vipers in federal government,Etal..

Daniel LaVeueaux
2:08 PM (1 minute ago)

to jbechett
copy of e mail sent 8/14/2014 to Washington Inspector general 149 p.m.
***********The Immediate Needed Inspector Generals Intervention in to the Chicago Field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations,Etal*******************
I have contacted the Washington and Chicago office of the United States Inspector Generals office numerous times about the filed factual atrocious criminal misconduct involving the Chicago FBI field office and its joint task force operatives, and its Profile Serial Murder, Child Kidnapping, Violent crime, Behavior Science agents, and the factual fraud and criminal misconduct .
The unit is disseminating law enforcement data to the public in a intentional criminal reckless design to get Carte Blanche operating powers, operating with a multi-billion dollar satellite United States Department of Justice project with 30 - 100 operative operating in a premeditated criminal undertaking to conceal, hinder, and stop the essential investigation that must be done, because of the factual reported Fraud, and criminal misconduct of the Chicago, Central Illinois field offices of the FBI.
The agents have entered inside places of employment to brief numerous employers along my route of travel to use the direct immediate threats of Executioners in waiting, that alleged they were going to cut my body up inside stores(restaurants/butcher shops, delivery stop along my route,etc.), they wielding the powers of the Chicago dangerous law enforcement establishment have/are using their Advanced Satellite and Bio-Metrics voice print technology to unlawfully keep me in a unlawful continual rapport of outrageous,practice of malicious Psychology to condition and program that I committed numerous Predator assault,Homicides, and Kidnappings I never committed to solely get a unlawful confession to get Immunity and then I would languish in state prison till a appeal or post conviction attorney court ordered the factual Exonerating evidence.
The unit and its operatives have wielded the powers of law enforcement in the city of Chicago's dangerous west side where are 2111 W. Roosevelt, Illinois Parole Headquarters Oakley & Roosevelt, Chicago police Harrison & Kedzie area 4 headquarters, the unit is making intentional reckless dangerous statement to the public of me being a convicted sex offender (NEVER HAVE I EVER HAD ANY SEX OFFENSE ARREST OR CONVICTION), alleging I assaulted numerous of my Ex
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