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I think we should also question the members of the supreme court that ruled the individual mandate as constitutional
The federal government is purposely trying to make private insurance companies fail so that all individuals will eventually be forced to buy into the socialist obamacare regime. It's downright disgusting and scary that people are following like pawns into this system. We have to get rid of this absolutely unconstitutional act. I am a 21 year old woman, and I am very aware that obamacare NEEDS me to sign up as a young, healthy individual to pay for the high costs of the older, sick people in this plan. But guess what? It is so expensive that it would take EVERY dime I earn in a year to pay for it. Absolutely ridiculous. Please let us abolish this act of socialism!!!!!! It is not the American way, and if we lose sight of this now, then it will only be a steady decline into darkness. God please Bless America, and turn the hearts of those who wish to see our country fail.
How is it possible this man has not been impeached?
As a young teenager I hear how much more my parents pay for insurance than they did just 3 years ago due to the threat of Obamacare. Before I am old enough to have to purchase health insurance myself I am pleading with our government officials to defund this program which is costing american's to much money and imposing too much governmental control.
My husband and I had health insurance that we was paying only 169.00 a month til Dec 31,2013. Now my husbands health insurance is 260.00 for only him. He has a deductible of 1000.00. We can not afford this at all. We filed bankruptcy in 2012. And we finally get our head above water since then and able to pay for everything on time. How can we afford this HIGH dollar health insurance and have things in life. Our health insurance would have been 404.00 a month with us both. I took myself off from it. We have 3 kids to support....groceries, gas, school money, and utilities. Nobody can't afford it. Groceries and gas going up like crazy. Then u have to work as much as u can but the more u work the more uncle sam gets. Our limited health insurance was affordable and it fit into our budget. This new Obama care don't fit. It will make people file bankruptcy. We dont have a say so in this law at all. THIS AIN'T HELPING THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!!!
I should've known this but didn't think too much about it until I learned that it is uncontitual for him to ever and even write a law. It is congress' job to do so, not him. So that's one way I don't like it. And, and another its hurting people, I've heard that. I don't fully get it, its sorta out there.. so if a homeless person gets hurt... yea my point exactly.
So.. the "affordable" plan for a low income person translates into: don't pay your utility bills, and don't eat; rather, pay for your unaffordable "care"
My husband and I have had our own personal health insurance since 2011. Now that ObamaCare is in effect, we are NO LONGER able to keep our old plan, since we acquired the plan after 2010. Now, we cannot get a similar plan with same deductibles/coinsurance. The closest plan to ours now (but with a higher deductible & 50% coinsurance instead of 20%) will cost an additional $500 than what we pay now. We cannot afford this, yet we make $200/month too much to 'qualify.' In many ways, the Americans who are in the lower-end portion of middle-income who are working, are worse off than those who are low-income and choose not to work.
Defund Obama Care. This law is a travesty of justice. A mockery of what America stands for.
Anyone want to know why obama supports Gay Marriage? Better check it
out before it's taken down.

"Woman Who Knew Obama in High School Says Hes a Transvestite"
I'm not being forced to pay for healthcare in a so called free country. Tell obama to suck it as much as his healthcare plan does!
ObamaCare should be replaced with something better planned and well thought out. Hopefully it's not too late to undo this mess.
It would cost me $ 391/month for my wife, I and four kids to enroll. That's nearly $ 5,000/yr! I don't want to be forced into such expenditures! We're living at below Federal poverty lines momentarily but this is the minimum out-of-pocket cost for us! How is this going to help us? This helps Obama and his pharmaceutical and health care cronies. What a ridiculous plan, but Americans are barely standing up against it. Where are you folks? Get this law off the table now. Signing on also ruins the free healthcare market. Employers are not even paying into this thing. Previously an employer offered me a plan at the same cost or more! So, there are no real 'benefits' to expect from employers since they realize we're with out backs against the wall. I guess we'd be ok if they paid half. If you refuse, you must pay the $ 285 per year cancellation fees to..Obama..Wow..what an economic recovery plan can look like under the disguise of social reform..pffff.
I can't stand this Communist,Anti Christ,Socialist. Obama care is is not affordable Impeach this Kenyan. From Libertarian
Remove this garbage law. 80% of Americans will become poorer with Obamacare then they are now. Frankly we the people can NOT afford this. If you are a citizen, health care should already exist without fees period.
I CANNOT AFFORD THE ANNUAL FEE! I make less than $11,000 a year. This will bankrupt me!
Got it-----Don't blink !
The marketplace wont offer me insurance and medicare denied me so in still to be fined.... DOES NOT MAKE SENSE
By husband's employer is looking to drop benefits for spouses by next year. That means I will be forced on to my employer's (should I be lucky enough to keep my job into next year) more expensive, less comprehensive plan. What happened to the promise that I could keep my health insurance if I liked it?
REPEAL THIS CRAP!It's unamerican
The cost of my husband's insurance went UP by 170.00 per WEEK and I now have none because we can't afford it, and do not qualify for assistance either.
The ACA is the pure definition of a travesty. A lie from a liar to line the pockets of the goverent, voted in by "citizens" who are more than likely exempt from it all. Forcing people to pay out the nose for something they don't want. What could possibly be more american?
Terrible idea and will cost Americans more money on generic insurance benefits. And can't keep doctor
I don't know who it's helping but my insurance went from $180-$420 a month. Thanks for nothing Obama.
Please revisit this policy and return things to the way it was. As a small business owner we lost our policy eft 1/1/14 thanks to Obamacare. We were told if we liked our policy we could keep it, not so. Had to get new coverage at higher premium with deductibles and found out that our doctors and our local hospital will not take our new Empire policy because it is part of the ACA. I basically have no coverage for myself, spouse and kids and still pay $1,400 a month in premiums.
He is just like Hitler lets impeach Obama
He is just like Hitler lets impeach Obama
Obamacare has caused my insurance to skyrocket. How can a hard working American honestly afford this. Insurance needs to go back to the way it was.
Obamacare increased my insurance costs! I did not vote for it why do I have to pay for it? How do I opt out of Obamacare?
this "affordable Health Care" is not affordable & destroying our healthcare industry. Our National debt is outrageous and we should NOT be responsible for bailing out the private industry health care providers just because they backed this un-American fiasco that is Obamacare..
We would be better off just paying out of pocket. Myself and my kids will just have no insurance. B/c we can't afford OC. Ironic!!
If we can't stop this , please fix it soon!
If I can't afford it and I am going to lose it and also can't get a full time job, how can I pay my taxes to subsidize it!!!!

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