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Obamacare will bankrupt this country. It would cost me basically another mortgage payment and I can barely afford one! He told us it would cost the price of an electric bill or cable bill. Instead it costs 4-5 times that at least! He's a liar and a deceiver.
I hate Obamacare, it should be named ObamaDoesn't Care !!
this stupid bill needs to die i cant afford it and i shouldn't have to be pushed to pay for crap.
worse health care coverage ever!! super expensive, high deductible,
low services. And the Federal government is taxing my property which happens to be in the constitution as a no no WTF
I use to love to vote ....not any more! Every single one of you are rich and getting richer on our dime. You sit on your wealthy buts and do nothing. This president has gotten away with unspeakable things and all I've seen is nothing but a bunch of "big talk" from you with the pundits on TV. You're all shameful. Money, money, money and more power is all you care about. No matter how many letters are written to your office from the people who you represent, it seems to be moot at your end. The people are crying out....can you hear them ??? !!! My insurance deductible has increased from 500 to 6000. I'm a senior and thanks to the government, I can no longer afford health insurance. By the way, I'm so glad all of you on capitol hill have your prime health insurance and are safely taken care of while the rest of us fret and worry about ours. You're just as bad as Obama for not fighting harder to get rid of this bill. DO SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!!
my blue cross went up 167 more each a small business owner not one of the wealthy
this is not right!!!!!!!!!!
You are hurting middle class people. We can not afford extra money that is a bill to me. I know you don't care cause your rich but we are not. You are hurting people with jobs, jobs are cutting hours so they don't have to pay for health insurance. Go back to the way it was you are ruining the country.
I am not working right now. I am a healthy male and do not want health insurance. I hope to find a job and get insurance that way, but in the mean time buying insurance would put me out of a home. That doesn't make any sense to force this down people's throat. this is America and we are entitled to our own choices. What will they do after someone gets fined several years and still doesn't sign up, put them in jail? I cannot afford forced health insurance. So should I spend my rent money on insurance and be homeless? This law is unfair and does not make any sense. I looked up the lowest cost insurance. It is almost $400 a month with a $5000 deductible! How could that possibly help me? Ridiculous! And when did we ever get to vote on this anyway? Not the people of this country. Somebody must be making a fortune out of this whole scam.
I am a college student. I cannot afford forced health insurance. I make enough to pay my monthly bills and not much else. So should I spend my rent money on insurance and be homeless? This law is unfair and does not make any sense. I looked up the lowest cost insurance. It is almost $400 a month with a $5000 deductible! How could that possibly help me? I am healthy. Why should I buy insurance that would compromise my entire life, not only my health, by being forced out of my home just so I can pay for health insurance? Ridiculous! And when did we ever get to vote on this anyway? Not the people of this country. Somebody must be making a fortune out of this whole scam.
Another Obama ploy to rid tax-payers of our hard earned dollars....
I still have my 2 young boys not insured because of the incompetence and disaster that is the Marketplace. Please kill this law.
Just another step closer to Communism. I think i'm good!
I will NEVER sign up for this , I'll just pay the penalty because last time I checked I lived in America ! May as well moved to North Korea....
There is NO way I will ever pay for obamadontcare!! Ithought we lived in America where we could decide if we wanted or didn't want something.. Guess we are slowly changing our name to China. Obama wanted to change things and he did for the worst.
One of the most outrageous aspects of O-care is the inertia of the legislators to STOP THIS OUTRAGE perpetrated on the American people - with the EXCEPTION OF THEMSELVES.
Harry Reid is a terrorist within the America government, he has helped the president to transform America, and what makes me even more disheartened is that Shumer and Gillibrand are all part of the problem and unfortunately they are my senators.
ObamaCare is STUPID compared to The Canadian Health Care System -- The Canadian Health Care System is COMPLETELY PAID FOR BY THE CANADIAN CIGARETTE TAX -- LOOK INTO IT !!!!!
Let's end this ridiculous government control... America is ranked 17th on the list of countries with the most freedom.... What happened??
A;though Obamacare does no directly affect me, I believe that it is unconstitutional.
I cant afford health insurance, i have way too many bills and now i have to worry about another bill.
thanks for making us poor people poorer. This is just going to end up ruining people's lives, no thanks to Obama
This is unconstitutional and my dad is a hardworking blue collar worker who may lose his job due to Obamacare being enacted. He is my family's breadwinner and our financial stability is at stake here. Please, please sign this petition
It should be up to us to say what we spend our money on. We are the ones out there busting our butts to make it.
What a joke... It pays to be broke in the USA! What makes you think that its okay to Force citizens to fund your terrible idea... What a joke
I refuse to be fined for being alive in this country. I read about how you threaten people's bank accounts and their livelihood. Every penny and dime in my house is carefully budgeted so that my family can be happy and survive. $100 a month is a LOT to a woman like .e
every since this presidents been in office he has been inflicting laws on the people without support of the people the smoking laws included this has to be stopped
With deductibles so high that people wont use this care its the same as having no care at all.
If ObamaCare succeds it will destroy our Country as we know it.
Out rages and scary to know the person ahead of our country , is hurting so many hardworking people .. I would have to pay 300 or more with a 6000 dollar deduct able . So sad that Obama is able to literally emotionally abuse our country
My Family is now without insurance. We had wonderful insurance we paid for, now its to high to afford. The covered california offered us terrible coverage for the same price we were paying before this scam was voted in.
I had amazing insurance through employer, then i was told if i want to keep it in 2014 it would almost triple in cost. I cant affor that, so i was sent to obamacare site and it would not put my whole family on same insurance. it put my children on state mediccaid that half the doctors wont take,and then the price for my wife and I alone is the same price i was paying for good insurance before. the insurance offered through obamacare is subpar. its terrible and now my family has no insurance

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