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ObamaCare, and yes Nazi Pelosi, it is OBAMACARE, is a travesty, passed illegally and enforced unconstitutionally. It needs to go. Kill It! Ray
I have Medicare and was happy with my Advantage plan. It is no longer available and my medical & insurance costs have risen by 8 times.
Take back America!
Impeach oboma NOW! unAmerican
PLEASE don't try to "fix" this job-killing, un-affordable monster! The Dem's goal IS a single-payer, socialist system! REPEAL & REPLACE this with common sense measures INCLUDING TORTE REFORM!
The federal government has no constitutional authority to take over the health care industry. Obamacare is an illegitimate piece of legislation, no matter what Chief Justice Roberts says.
I am never sure these petitions are legitimate.
Repeal the indivual mandate ! Give me my LIBERTY back to me, which you have so arrogantly stolen from me !
Defund this turkey as soon as possible. Kill it and start over with a clean slate.
I'm on social security disability it is hard for me to donate but I support the tea party and conservatism I also like Santorum for president because he has experience and he has high standards also sincerely yours Andrew go to sleep go to sleep
Get rid of this Obamanation!
Communism 101: Offer free the vote...then convert to a government one payer plan without a vote!

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