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No one is above the law of this land - Not even the one who thinks he is King of everyone in this God-Fearing Country. What gives me peace in today's world is that Almighty God will have the last word and His Law will prevail. Those is D.C. need to get real and remember that we put them up there and we can clean house just as easily come this November.
The Affordable Car Act (Obamacare) was never intended to be affordable, it was all about control. Obama never ran anything in his lifetime not even a lemonade stand, and why should that make him able to run the Government. He was elected due to the color of his skin not the content of his character.
DEFUND Obamacare Now!!!!

YOU passed it, now we can see what's in it. Defund it now!
He is wasting our money, Doctors are quitting and hospitals are taking a huge toll. No one tells me what to buy!!! Healthcare,, houses, anything! We are free Americans and WE choose OUR path in life!
Everyone in Washington better start to pay attention to the people because we have had enough. All you want todo is get your butt reelected instead of doing what is right for America. We need to have term limits on every office. No federal insurance when you leave office,buyyour own just like we have too. No pay for the rest of your life, get out and earn a wage just like we have too. You better start listening or you will be out of office! You need to send all illegals home, get them out of the U.S. Have a work program and send the rest home, and English is to be spoken in all of our schools.
This false document is meant to undercut our Constitution and freedoms. Please vote against all who would support Barack Hussein Obama and his devilish scheme. In Jesus name . bob shrecengost
git er done now!!!!!!!
Get This Communist Government out of my " LIFE"
I Demand You It be Defunded and stick it from the law . Stop making Laws that You , Yourselves don't follow . Whom do You feel you are . Better than the tax payer that pay your checks .
This atrocity must be repealed. The costs for those who work (now a minority), lost jobs, disconnects between web sites and insurance carriers prove that this hoax is a mind boggling fraud. Despite the ruling of the Supreme court by the P.OT.U.S. HAND PICKED JUDGES who decided to rephrase the law, from a fee to a tax, it is still unconstitutional. The supreme court is supposed to rule on law not rewrite it.
We were NOT ALLOWED to keep our insurance and it's costing us more money.

How can a government FORCE an individual to spend money?
I'm tired of just signing petitions. Why doesn't someone do something about getting rid of this. Most people say it's not good so let's get rid of it.
Governments should not be involved in the healthcare business!

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