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What nightmare! Only one of the reasons we are the laughingstock of the world. We now find ourselves in the place of ancient Rome, when only those who promised more "Bread and Circuses" could be elected. Wake up America, there is no such thing as a free lunch!!!
Obamacare isn't helping, it's just adding to our national debt.
control the healthcare and u control the people,,this is what obama set out to do...control the needs an i.q. above room temperature to figure this opne out.
The U.S. government is lawless. It is ABOVE the law. Yet it continues to squeeze us tighter and tighter in a vice constructed of inumerable laws, rules, codes, statutes and regulations! Bugger off, Buggerer in Chief.
To force anyone to do evil is sin and God says so in HIS word. "To run someone else life is sin."
Please listen to the voice of the American people and defund/repeal Obamacare!
NO obamacare!!!!!!!! NO amnesty!!! traitors all of them!
Define Obamacare or the unaffordable care act!! Get the government out of my health
Repeal this monstrosity!!!
Are the people on welfare paying for their insurance?
EVERY member of Congress, The Supreme Court, the executive branch and bureaucrats should be required to read our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and pass a test before getting their next taxpayer funded pay check. If they fail the test they can no longer have a government job - PERIOD!
Our Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to PREVENT government "overreach" and keep it the servant of the citizens, not the other way around. Additionally, no citizen should expect a "handout" (welfare) from the federal government: that is unconstitutional and if necessary either a function of state government or religious organizations (churches).
ObamaCare - Death by a 1000 cuts.
We cannot afford ObamaCare! TRAIN WRECK is putting it mildly! We don't want it. READ THE POLLS!!!!!
Obamacare was passed against Americans wishes by a liar of a president who can never be trusted. Worst president I can remember and I'm 63 and an independent. voter
More than 62% of all Americans do not want Obamacare to be the 'law of the land'. The Senate and the President have ignored, and continue to ignore the will of the people. The House has the power to fully defund Obamacare, yet they have not done that. It is time for more conservative Senators and Representatives. It is time for a new Speaker, one with a real spine who will actually represent the people and not the President.
Repeal Obamacare, repeal, repeal, repeal.
If you like you insurance,you can keep it ...period..If you like your doctor, you can keep him ..period.. Lies, lies , and more lies!"
Obamacare is UnConstitutional!
Defund it before it ruins this country.
This the start of out nation becoming a socialist nation and everything we have known and loved about America changing forever, the point of no return. Please defund now because that's what, we the people, who sent you there want and need you to do. Forget going along to get along and do what's right for the people now! I WILL BE VOTING AT THE BALLOT BOX IN NOVEMBER AND IN EVERY ELECTION AND I WILL REMEMBER WHAT YOU DO OR DON'T DO!!!!!
Real healthcare reform would not cause the chaos this law has brought.
It won't work. My doctor and my hospital don't accept it.

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