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We the people never wanted Obamacare.
Give our country back to the people; or at least us citizens
STOP Obamacare & Big Government!
This is a disaster. If you truly care about this country and its citizens, you should be trying to get this Obamanation repealed and replaced with something people can afford and count on. People are suffering and obviously, you don't care!!!
This program is out of control. Congress needs to become more relevant and take back their constitutional rights.
Defund Obamacare NOW. I can't handle anymore increases in my premiums. Three years without an increase in my premiums then all of a sudden a thirty dollar a month increase, less coverage. Soon I will have to decide whether to carry my health insurance or pay other bills.
Stop Obamacare. It is destroying our country,leaving millions unemployed. 171,000 military Veterans have lost their coverage. More have lost their coverage than have enrolled. The costs are too high. It is Unconstitutional.
Defund Obamacare - stop the death panels!
defund OBAMA period!!!!!!
Defund it immediately!
When are the idiots in Washington that come up with things that take money from working people and give it to sorry bums that do not want to work get their head out of Obama's rear? The company that I work for needs to hire skilled workers. I know, I test them everyday. They can not find them. Everyday I ride down the street and see groups of young men with their pants down around their knees standing on the street corners less than a mile from a school that they could get the skills they need to get these jobs. The problem is they would have to be in class at 8:00am which is impossible when they do not get in bed (to sleep and not make babies) until 5:00am. They would not need Obamacare if they would get the training they need and get a real job.
I will not comply! I am a FREE American, Obamacare is not Constitutional irregardless of what the US Supreme Court Ruled. I can't be taxed for breathing and I will not comply.
Stop obamacare. This is a free country last time I checked. Obamacare takes that away.
The Unaffordable Care act is beyond STUPID, just like the Democrats who voted for it and the Supreme Court who said it was a tax.

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