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This has more than doubled the cost of my healthcare!
They all must go, Republicans & Democrats, before we can get term limits in.
They cannot arrest everyone if no one signs up!
Just because I cannot afford to support theses issues financially, does not mean that I do not support the issues at hand with my prayers.
I'm a college student. I don't need or want health care why should I have to fund anyone else !?
Since costs are the problem, there should be a better way to control them. Torte reform may be a way to start.
defund obamacare rite now we don't want it
Repeal Obamacare or start looking for another job!
Why would anyone want to pay high premiums and have shy-high deductibles?? The only ones that benefit are the ones where everyone else is paying their premiums for them through subsidies. It's nothing more than a CATASTROPHIC health insurance, and does you no good for most of the bills you're going to end up with each year!!
Just got our affordable insurance notice-our premium went from $755 to $1385 monthly and our deductible from $7500 to $11000. We are 63 years old and visit the doc about 6 times a year and aren't taking any meds. Think we will go without insurance for the 1st time in our lives.
Please don't allow the ruin of the economy of the nation and financial well-being of it's citizens. Please repeal ACA!
Add two more ex-Democrats to the anti Obama crusade. Never, never will we never vote for anyone running on the New Socialist Democrat Party ticket!!!!!!!!!!
We have to stop this insanity and get ride of any congress person or senator that dares to pass a bill without reading it. if they latter have the audacity to tell the public that they needed to pass it to know what is in it, they need to be impeached.
OUR Nation Can Not afford Socialized Medicine! Ask the people in China how long they have to wait to see a Doctor...that will be us in a few years if we don't stop this monstrosity called Obamacare. DEFUND IT!
WOW as long as one family member has affordable insurance through work place other family members get no help. The cost can exceed 9.5% of the family income and it just won't matter. NO TAX CREDIT. Where is the fairness in all of this. Can someone from the government explain this. I want to quit my job and live in the woods.
all are traitors, impeachment too slow

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