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It is bad when created and became worse as time passes.
I could not afford healthcare before. What makes obama think i can now. I am 43 yrs okd and have never had a major health problem. So why should i have to pay for something i wont need until i am too old to even qualify for when i do need it
The goal of obamacare is to drag the working class people ("middle class") under the poverty line to enslave them... Read the protocols of zion and you will realize of this.
You cannot force people to have coverage they cannot afford and then turn around and penalize them for it!!!
Just one more step toward socialism! America the land of the free? Not for much longer. This administration truly saddens my heart...Obama,Pelosi,Reid,
Not in our best interest, government over stepping it's authority.
If it's so great, why aren't YOU on it?
waste of money and hurting people who cant afford the rise of heath care impeach obama
Stop Obamacare!!!
Obamacare waste of resources!
Obamacare waste of resources!
Bottom line: fining citizens for NOT using a optional service (health insurance) robs us of our liberty and personal freedom. I would love to this anti American, piece of************, burn in ****ing hell.
Shame on the goverment manipulating every move !!!
Impeach this fool !!!
It is simply unconstitutional to mandate this policy.
This is giving to the wretched people who don't do jack for this country. Let us go back to laissez faire! This is not a communist country!!!
It's our health not the governments health. Therefore it's our choice not the governments.
I can't afford this!! Get rid of it!
Fining people that don't want it, and Fining the poor people that get it, but can't afford it. Some Healthcare this is.
I will not be forced to purchase something against my will. Refund obummercare!!!
Being forced to have or do something you don't want to, is unconstitutional. Obama doesn't want you to have that right.
I don't want healthcare, period. It's my choice and freedom to not have it.
Obamacare is a disaster. All Americans will suffer because of it. Repeal/Defund Obamacare NOW!!!
Dumbass president
Ted and Mike, thanks for your good work. Keep it up
I believe the OBAMACARE will cause a MANDATORY intentional prevention of conception by either artificial or natural means FOR PROCREATION. Barack Obama's heath care program needs to be immediately repealed!

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