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Obama care has to go it is already hurting the American people. The insurance companies started raising prices just because it was being discussed.
Bar none, this is the worst law ever signed.
STOP IT NOW! Before more damage is done!
Obama is a habitual liar, and usurper of the United States Constitution.
Affordable healthcare requires more doctors, not more insurance. We don't have a healthcare system, we are subjected to a pharm system.
The Health Care law is the *worst* piece of legislation *ever* passed by *any* Congress!! Pass a law to see what's in it????? Get rid of it now!!!
This is 'only' government control.....GET RID OF IT...!
Obamacare has nothing to do with Health care. It is merely to get more control of the people.. You know it and any thinking American knows it.. Politicians want the people to become lemmings totally dependent on Gov.. All Obamacare will do is destroy the best Health Care in the world .. All except Politicians will be stuck with a Crappy Death Panel Type lousy inept gov controlled abomination called Health Care .. LIES on top of LIES is all we get.. Time for change in DC ..
This whole administration is trying to destroy this great nation and needs to be removed from office! Including Sherrod Brown/Ohio and Tim Ryan/Ohio
This is a sin against americans forced upon us.You self -righteous hypocrates .
Please, please get rid of this nightmare called obamacare.
Thank you.
Defund Obama care and defund Obama right out of our country back to were it came from!!!!!!
Am disaled,on medicare. Had to add extra coverage this year. Paying well over $200.00 a month in premiums & generic scripts tripled in price. Definitely defund "obamadon'tcare"
Since I am self employed & I also don't have insurance, ( I DON'T WANT OBAMA CARE ) I'll end up being a law breaker under this nightmarish law! Get RID of this mess!
Not one congressional republican voted for this unconstutional law. Defund, repeal, delete, dispose of, and disintegrate this ridiculous legislation that will be the downfall of our economy! ASAP!
You can not make the American people buy something we are not like every other country that's what makes us better then any other country in the world. Thanks Ted Cruze for fighting for the people you are awesome cruze for president !!!!!!!!!

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