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Multiple bills to repeal ObamaCare have been passed by the House of Representatives only to die a quick death in the Democrat controlled Senate. Since all budget bills originate in the House, it's time to take a different tack by preventing the law harming everyday Americans by defunding it.

The cornerstone of Barack Obama's legacy so far is his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as it's better known: ObamaCare. ObamaCare is nothing but a government takeover of the healthcare industry! It takes funding from Medicare, increases taxes, and contains an unconstitutional individual mandate that requires every American to purchase insurance! Not only will this eventually lead to the rationing of healthcare and long waits for routine treatments, it sets a dangerous precedent that could eventually lead to the federal takeover of other large segments of the economy!

Health care accounts for nearly 20% of the US economy and by 2014, the Federal government will have taken over most of the industry when ObamaCare is fully implemented. We see through the tricks of leaving the worst of the legislation to take affect after the 2012 election and we need to stop it before America "has a chance to see what's in it'. We will not only be able to see it, we will feel it in the worst way.

Sign the petition to tell your member of Congress and two Senators how you feel and that you will not stand for their inaction to prevent the damage to our economy and healthcare system inflicted by a law passed without the support of the people.

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Iam paying for Obamacare. I have cancer and am 64 yrs old and was trying to retire early so I can enjoy the few years I may have left. I took early retirement so I could get health insurance and guess what they did (Dropped health care as a part of my early retirement). I was working and my employer wanted me to work but now I must limit my income so I do not pay insurance 80% of my income.
According to the current set up, I make too little income to qualify for Obamacare, I make too much to qualify for Medicare, so I will be fined next tax season for not obtaining health care, which is an infringement on my rights as an American in the first place. What "change"? All I see is another insurance scam.
Obama-Care SCAM isnít about health care, itís just one more step towards the oppressive power exerted by the democrats, liberal, socialist government agenda over the mind of man in which absolute power is the ultimate goal; erosion of the social fabric and the beginning of soft tyranny, a quit government coup.

If Obama-Care is so good, why have there been so many waivers granted not to participate and opt-out; i.e. the President of the United States and his family, his entire cabinet and all of Congress, (remember these are the same people how voted for Obama-Care and forced it onto the American people) 1,231 companies, (approx. 4 million people or about 3% of the U.S. population) who are not subject to Obama-Care.

I proudly stand against the tyrannical, corrupt, and unconstitutional law that is Obama-Care. As well as being an economic disaster.
This is just one more step in the oppressive power exerted by the democrats liberal, socialist government agenda over the mind of man in which absolute power is the goal; the erosion of the social fabric and the beginning of soft tyranny, a quiet government coup.
Obama care is the beggining of a fascist government.. **** the federal government useless shit.
Obama care is the beggining of a fascist government.. **** the federal government useless shit.
Gay Marriage...? We are One Nation Under God and the Bible Clearly says NO. If the Homos want to be married let them get married under Allah, the Muslim's Moon God, that should make Obama change his tune. Obama has been anti-Christ all the way and it's time he turns his blaspheme towards Allah. Gay Marriage is an ObamaNation towards our one and only true God of Jesus Christ. Remove the anti-Christ!

It's not the Courts job to Change the Holy Bible!!!!!!
I did it for the year and never used it. It was more of a burden on filing this year then the care i could of used was worth. all in all i FELT like the cost was a tax I was force to pay to be alive and part of the great old USA!
we stop obmacare and our tax back to us
I'm overpaying for mandated insurance I would laugh at 5 years ago. I used to pay $88 a month for $20 copay and $3500 deductible. I just learned that my prescriptions went from $90 to $289... Can we please go back!
If this law is so good for "We the People" it certainly should be good for members of congress. It is a travesty the congress gave themselves an exemption to this law.
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