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Multiple bills to repeal ObamaCare have been passed by the House of Representatives only to die a quick death in the Democrat controlled Senate. Since all budget bills originate in the House, it's time to take a different tack by preventing the law harming everyday Americans by defunding it.

The cornerstone of Barack Obama's legacy so far is his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as it's better known: ObamaCare. ObamaCare is nothing but a government takeover of the healthcare industry! It takes funding from Medicare, increases taxes, and contains an unconstitutional individual mandate that requires every American to purchase insurance! Not only will this eventually lead to the rationing of healthcare and long waits for routine treatments, it sets a dangerous precedent that could eventually lead to the federal takeover of other large segments of the economy!

Health care accounts for nearly 20% of the US economy and by 2014, the Federal government will have taken over most of the industry when ObamaCare is fully implemented. We see through the tricks of leaving the worst of the legislation to take affect after the 2012 election and we need to stop it before America "has a chance to see what's in it'. We will not only be able to see it, we will feel it in the worst way.

Sign the petition to tell your member of Congress and two Senators how you feel and that you will not stand for their inaction to prevent the damage to our economy and healthcare system inflicted by a law passed without the support of the people.

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I agree with Dr. Andrew Weil, "It's not about not having an insurance policy, it's about the way we are doing healthcare."

I am a natural therapeutic specialist and I think that our body's are weakening via GMO foods, pharmaceutical drug therapy that causes other body systems to break-down. We are consuming and breathing and absorbing all kinds of toxic chemicals being forced on us which engages disease (there is a way to detox and cleanse our systems to help us with this). But, instead the body is being slowly poisoned until it gets too weak to immune itself. These insurance policies won't even allow us to decide what kind of health care we want. . . . it is forcing us to accept "SICK CARE" . It encourages us to wait until after the body is sick before helping it. . . . What if we keep our fine machine running on clean ph balanced water, good sources of food, cellular food such as herbs, vitamins that have a high absorption rate. Insurance to pay for yoga classes, massage therapy, energy therapy, exercise class, water aerobics, etc. Educate us! My great grandparents only went to a doctor when injured. They took spring tonic to clear the liver in March and they took cod liver oil in the autumn to prepare for the cold weather. My grandmother had 8 children at home. What Happened? We have been disabled by our leaders in the name of consumerism and magic pills that don't correct the problem. We are masking symptoms until our bodies are completely wreaked and then we die so the medical community, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies can fly around in big jets, having expensive parties, two or three homes, expensive homes, jewels and expensive clothing. . . . and we work hard to pay for all of this and still die.
Obamacare is set to ruin the job market & health care system I say hold the bloody fort & katie bar the door! take down this jihading massacre of a plan Elmer June
I don't like the government stipulating if I need health insurance or not. To me, it's all about collecting more and more money from the middle class. Obamacare sucks!!!!
I was penalized for not paying for health insurance. I thought I lived in a free country where I could make my own decisions. I pay my taxes, that should be enough.
I was penalized for not paying a bill I choose not to pay. I thought I lived in a free country. I havent purchased a car either, am I going to be fined for that too?
Do what you were voted in office to do. Remember you are "Conservative"....obamacare is not conservative.
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