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Multiple bills to repeal ObamaCare have been passed by the House of Representatives only to die a quick death in the Democrat controlled Senate. Since all budget bills originate in the House, it's time to take a different tack by preventing the law harming everyday Americans by defunding it.

The cornerstone of Barack Obama's legacy so far is his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as it's better known: ObamaCare. ObamaCare is nothing but a government takeover of the healthcare industry! It takes funding from Medicare, increases taxes, and contains an unconstitutional individual mandate that requires every American to purchase insurance! Not only will this eventually lead to the rationing of healthcare and long waits for routine treatments, it sets a dangerous precedent that could eventually lead to the federal takeover of other large segments of the economy!

Health care accounts for nearly 20% of the US economy and by 2014, the Federal government will have taken over most of the industry when ObamaCare is fully implemented. We see through the tricks of leaving the worst of the legislation to take affect after the 2012 election and we need to stop it before America "has a chance to see what's in it'. We will not only be able to see it, we will feel it in the worst way.

Sign the petition to tell your member of Congress and two Senators how you feel and that you will not stand for their inaction to prevent the damage to our economy and healthcare system inflicted by a law passed without the support of the people.

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I work at the port of Los Angeles as a part time longshoreman. Obamacare is the most aweful thing I have ever experienced! For someone like me who makes different amounts of money every week this healthcare bill doesn't work for me. What am I suppose to have a crystal ball to know what I'll make every year? I ended up making more in 2015 so now I'm penalized for working harder. I have to pay back 1250 because I was right at the cut off for no tax credit. Mind you 45000 before taxes is nothing in California! Sure I'm middle class if I lived in Ohio ! This is a main reason i will be voting republican now! I would have been better off not having insurance in 2015 and paying the "fine." Now I ended paying nearly 2000 for something I don't even use! Tax credit should be given for higher than 45000 !!
To force people to have healthcare and tax them for not having it is simply un-American!!!!!!
Either obligate yourself to the same system as your constituents or defund
Obama care is a business between government and Health insurance companies. It won't work in any of us when it is mandatory and doesn't comply with our constitution.
My deductable went thru the roof and I can no longer see the doctors I have trusted for 15 years.For 26 years I never had anything to complain about with my insurance, Then these jack asses have to screw up the entire system, and the way they shoved it thru was so underhanded I cant believe we all just stood back and let it happen.
The insurance and healthcare system is absolute GARBAGE! For me to get health insurance coverage: Great health, no major health issues; it will cost me $250 per month or $3000 per year plus I get zero coverage on that I still have to pay $6000 for a deductible. If I do not pay $6000 I have to pay 100% of all of my medical expenses. So say I get a bug where I need antibiotics, without insurance I can go to urgent care and pay $100-$150 get my prescription and be done with it. If I have insurance I have to pay $250 per month than pay the urgent care fees or pay the $6000 deductible. Why the hell would I pay $9000 for insurance when I might get sick once per year and only pay $150 max? It's cheaper for me to pay out of pocket for my medical as I need it. Even with the government "Tax penalties" it costs me less money to pay for my costs of medical out of pocket. So because I have chosen to NOT allow myself to get ripped off by paying $9K+ per year I have to pay a penalty to the gov!
Perhaps the government needs to start holding big business responsible for the scams they are pulling. The American people take the backlash for everything. Start forcing the pharmaceutical companies to lower their costs! Start holding these rip-off insurance companies responsible for charging customers up that*****and provided zero services! For $9000 per year you do can have an insurance card, that's a really expensive piece of plastic... if you even get the card more than likely you will get a PDF to download and print your card off yourself so they don't even pay for that anymore we do! So what is the $9000 for? Perhaps it goes towards the CEO's salary, whom I am sure has 100% free coverage because he is the Pres of an insurance company!
Start charging the insurance companies fees for not offering reasonable insurance, start charging the pharmical companies fees for not having reasonable prices on their meds!
The other thing that blows my mind is I have been responsible with myself, not having a child that I can't afford and forcing the gov. to pay for it. Because of this I am punished for it, if I had a kid that the gov. paid for then I would get coverage from the gov. We reward bad behavior in this country and those that are responsible pays to reward this bad behavior!
Obamacare is yet another scam that is just there to continue screwing the middle class! Thanks government, you suck!
It is unconstitutional and he is robbing the poor. Stop this President and this faulty plan.
Obamacare is CRAP not care. Did the government understand that people have bills, loans and mortgages to pay before they shoved this tax down our throats?! I had to put my health insurance premium payments on a credit card! Thank you very much. I cannot afford to pay all of my loans and go to the doctor! I am broke. Next I will have to get rid of one of my cars and live on the street. Oh of course that is the governments intention, breaking the working person so that the not working person can have everything for free that the working person is working for. So I am working to support the non worker and I get penalized by paying a higher health insurance premium if I get a job that makes more money. Thanks President Obama and government people. I am broke because of this health insurance tax imposed on me and my family.
Obama has not created a system where we can CHOOSE whether or not we want healthcare: instead, he has created a system that FORCES us to get healthcare OR BE FINED. I just found out, after doing my taxes, that I have to pay a $700 because I did not have healthcare in 2015. How did this get passed in the first place?!
I cant afford to go to the doctor anymore, I could before. This plan is garbage. I used to pay $20 for a doctors visit, now I pay a minimum deductible of $3500 before I see a 75% payment. I am paying a premium to avoid a fine for benefits I will never see.
Don't need this stupid Obamacare that was forced upon me when I turned 26 and kicked off my family's insurance. It's unaffordable and I'm healthy. This should be available to people that want and need, but not forced to people that don't. Stop this before people start a rebellion.
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