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Multiple bills to repeal ObamaCare have been passed by the House of Representatives only to die a quick death in the Democrat controlled Senate. Since all budget bills originate in the House, it's time to take a different tack by preventing the law harming everyday Americans by defunding it.

The cornerstone of Barack Obama's legacy so far is his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as it's better known: ObamaCare. ObamaCare is nothing but a government takeover of the healthcare industry! It takes funding from Medicare, increases taxes, and contains an unconstitutional individual mandate that requires every American to purchase insurance! Not only will this eventually lead to the rationing of healthcare and long waits for routine treatments, it sets a dangerous precedent that could eventually lead to the federal takeover of other large segments of the economy!

Health care accounts for nearly 20% of the US economy and by 2014, the Federal government will have taken over most of the industry when ObamaCare is fully implemented. We see through the tricks of leaving the worst of the legislation to take affect after the 2012 election and we need to stop it before America "has a chance to see what's in it'. We will not only be able to see it, we will feel it in the worst way.

Sign the petition to tell your member of Congress and two Senators how you feel and that you will not stand for their inaction to prevent the damage to our economy and healthcare system inflicted by a law passed without the support of the people.

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This is why the Obama bought off News Media is attacking Donald Trump for his comments on Mexico. There is a good reason Mexico is Not part of America.

ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

Obama preparing for JADE HELM or in other words... SHARIA LAW in America. KILL OBAMA AND HIS SATANIC COMMUNIST SUPPORTERS!!!!!!
Tell Congress to do what the Supreme Court won't. Sign the petition to tell them to repeal ObamaCare today!
Question - Ever wonder why there are so many Politicians running for President?

Answer - They are All Corrupt Thieves that want Your Hard Earned Money.

Solution - Hit Unsubscribe, chances are You Never Subscribed in the first place.

They are sending SPAM. Do like I do and return a Nasty Response. They Hate me and I Love it.
I really don't know what to do anymore? It scare me to see how Obama is destroying U.S.A. and he is winning all these courts in the federal levels? I sometimes wonder is this person (Obama) is the anti-Christ?

Obama Will Not be Impeached. This Explains Why.

It’s not the Democrat Senate that prevents anything
from being done about Obama, it’s both parties.

Congress is complicit in assisting and allowing an ineligible,
identity fraud con-artist in becoming the putative president,
and in the cover-up of his "Usurpation". Many, if not most, knew
Obama was ineligible in 2008, when they said and did nothing
to stop him from being on the ballot, or from being sworn in
as president.

Over the years much more evidence of Obama being a total
and compete fraud has emerged, but Congress cannot act
to impeach or even investigate Obama without the risk of fully
revealing and having acted on their complicity in the biggest
fraud/hoax in history. What Congress, both parties, did and
are still doing is Treason, there is no way they are going to do
anything that would cause their Treason to be acted on.

This means Obama can trample the Constitution and do anything
he wants without fear of Congress……and he, and his regime, are
doing exactly that.

Having a Republican Senate would not change anything, the
current Republican House could start impeachment anytime they
wanted…. but that would likely reveal the complete truth about
Obama, something Congress, both parties, fear allowing to
happen. House Speaker John Boehner is one of Obama’s biggest
protectors. He's in fear of Treason.

Congress protects Obama to protect themselves from the
possibility of treason charges, prison, or worse.

They are all guilty of Treason! Time for Justice in Washington
even if it means a Military Coup AKA and illegal seizure of power
from a government. If we don't Act Soon, America's History.

And we thought 911 was bad, it was only a sign of things yet to
After hearing Obama speak in the Church where 9 people were
shot and killed, I remember hearing him say that "Everybody Sins".

I've have been trying to convince others that this is a Lie Straight
From Hell and it sickens me every time I hear it. Yes people are
Born into Sin but Jesus Died for our Sins and after we Repent of
our Past Sins and Follow Jesus we are suppose to turn from Sin
and become righteous Christians, Not continue in Sin and keep
Serving Satan. "God Forbid"

Not long ago I was listening to a Baptist Preacher on the Radio
where years ago I was a Member. Again I was sickened when he
said the very same thing that Obama said, "Everybody Sins".

America has been Brainwashed and been decided for a long time
with this Lie From Hell from our entrusted Pastors and they too are
responsible for the Evil that has taken over America. To them they
believe they are doing God's Work but in truth, Satan get's the
credit. The Bible tells us that Satan is very deceiving.

Now to explain what I learned about "666".

Romans is the 6th Chapter of the New Testament

Romans Chapter 6 Verse 6 = "666", Verse below.

6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that
the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should
not serve sin.

My Prayer is that you're serving Jesus and Not Satan.

Read or Listen to Romans 6:6 below

Obama speaks in South Carolina Church and talks about the grace of God but never mentioned Jesus Christ who gives us Grace if we repent of our past sins and follow him. Grace is not given to everyone but only those who Repent and live for Jesus Christ.

Muslims believe in Grace through their "MOON GOD ALLAH" Not Our God.

The invocation is "insha'allah" -- which means by the grace of God. Muslims believe that all events take place through the grace of God. If we eat a good meal, it is through the grace of God; if we buy a new car, it is through the grace of God, and, yes, if an airplane lands safely, that too is through the grace of God.

New York Times story in 1991: "By the Grace of Allah"

Last Chance to get your heart right with Jesus Christ

America will Soon Suffer God's Wrath for turning to a Nation of Sin

We are no longer One Nation God but Sodom and Gomorrah

God's Anger will be Worse than the Days of Noah

God's Word
How many people are still without insurance??? People like me making $20,000 a year cant afford health insurance. What kind of help will we get??? NOTHING ONLY DEBT. Free country my ass.
I refuse to pay taxes for people who do not work for their fair share. I also refuse to support a tax that I am being charged for. I further more refuse to support an act that is completely unconstitutional and completely unfair. Stop trying to prolong the natural order as well, those who do not work for their fair share will not survive and those who do work will profit. No hard feelings against Obama directly, just not fond of a law that is completely against what the founding fathers wanted.
About is a division of Stop This Insanity Inc. and is a national non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization created in 2009 for the education and advancement of the constitutional conservative values of the Tea Party movement. This organization was created to help give the power of government back to the people. We believe, like many of you, that our government has grown out-of-control in a death spiral of unsustainable and barely imaginable trillion-dollar deficits and a national debt rivaling Gross Domestic Product. This government has ignored the Constitution that defines us; invaded the liberty from which our nation was born; and daily drains away the individuality and entrepreneurial spirit of Americans in order to advance a radical, socialist policy built on the back of American taxpayers. We, like many of you, decided to stand up and do something about it. Learn More.