The 2nd Protects The 1st

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The 2nd Protects The 1st

Obama is demonstrating yet again that he perceives himself to be a dictator to servants, not a leader of free people. In keeping with his constant use of Executive Orders to go around the Constitution, he has issued 2 new orders to attack our Second Amendment rights. 

Do you know how HIPAA laws are supposed to keep your medical information secret between only you and whomever you grant access to such information? Well, Obama's first executive order trumps that. Now. the federal government's database will have access to all mental health records. Forget about existing privacy laws put into place to protect patient privacy. Barack Obama just unilaterally got rid of your right to privacy.

In addition, anyone involuntarily committed to inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities can be prohibited from gun ownership. So, if you are struggling with a bout of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or post-partum depression and involuntarily are subjected to mental health treatment, then the federal government can now strip you of your Second Amendment rights thanks to Barack Obama. 

Will this man stop at nothing in his attack on our Constitution, the very document upon which this country was founded? 

We must continue to lean on Congress. We must let them know that we expect them to stand up to Obama's tyranny. If they don't stand up to him now, then what constitutionally protected right will be next on Barack Obama's target list?


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The liberals and tyrants in our country know what they are doing.
Their agenda:
#1.destroy freedom of religion & marginalize Christianity (the moral foundation of our great nation). Including the efforts to remove Judeo / Christian symbols of our religious heritage.
#2. destroy the social fabric and pillars of social order: the institutions within the American Judicial system; indoctrination and liberalization of curriculum in public education systems & universities. The push for centralized government control
#3. Exploit social / racial unrest: Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson
#4. Influence, manipulate control social media; TV, cable news, face book, etc. to distort & infuse misinformation to the uneducated masses to advance the liberal / tyrannical propaganda.
#5. Interface liberal secular theology and atheism into every major institution & facet of government and public life;
abortion, same sex marriage,
immigration. Implant evolution
as the secular's religion.
#6. Weaken our military & national defenses. Make us vulnerable to terrorist attack,
#7. Create massive national debt under the guise of stimulus while also constructing massive social welfare programs to create a dependent, ignorant, social class (a new form of government bondage / slavery)
#8. legislate to restrict free speech and label Judeo / Christian family values in the public arena as "hate speech" as well as at the pulpit.
#9. Make political proclamations that the U.S. Constitution is no longer valid
#10. Create a false narrative that feeds into a new social conscience that assigns blame for social unrest, social divisions, economic crisis, political infighting to an external
or internal "enemy" --- capitalism, or conservative values. Remove the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms
#11. Side with radical extremists and try to legitimize & defend extremists violence /
#12. Disarm the public masses by trying to destroy the Right to Bear Arms under the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.
The Second Amendment Supports all our rights under the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. . . lest we forget . . . so help us God.
Executive orders should not trump Privacy documents rules. Access should be approved by the individual of whom they belong or a warrant with a specific reason for access.
Medical records are to be between the indiividual and physician This is a real stretch for the President to breach his oath of office to protect & Defend the Constitution and BIll of Rights
I agree with background checks, but I will not allow Obama to take my rights, or my guns.
I agree with background checks, but you aren't getting these guns, and I will fight to keep them
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