The 2nd Protects The 1st

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The 2nd Protects The 1st

Obama is demonstrating yet again that he perceives himself to be a dictator to servants, not a leader of free people. In keeping with his constant use of Executive Orders to go around the Constitution, he has issued 2 new orders to attack our Second Amendment rights. 

Do you know how HIPAA laws are supposed to keep your medical information secret between only you and whomever you grant access to such information? Well, Obama's first executive order trumps that. Now. the federal government's database will have access to all mental health records. Forget about existing privacy laws put into place to protect patient privacy. Barack Obama just unilaterally got rid of your right to privacy.

In addition, anyone involuntarily committed to inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities can be prohibited from gun ownership. So, if you are struggling with a bout of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or post-partum depression and involuntarily are subjected to mental health treatment, then the federal government can now strip you of your Second Amendment rights thanks to Barack Obama. 

Will this man stop at nothing in his attack on our Constitution, the very document upon which this country was founded? 

We must continue to lean on Congress. We must let them know that we expect them to stand up to Obama's tyranny. If they don't stand up to him now, then what constitutionally protected right will be next on Barack Obama's target list?


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I am pretty much against anything Obama is in favor of. Not because I'm bigoted, biased, or racist. I am against it because it is almost always wrong for the United States of America and her people.
Folks the cat is out of the bag a lot of gun control is in the Budget Bill also called the"CRomnibus Bill" Please ask your Congressmen and Senators to oppose the long term anti-gun CRomnibus Bill by their vote and in all ways possible, if we had wanted Democrats to control Congress, we would have voted for them. Instead we gave Republicans control of the Senate and Boehner a 247-vote majority, only to have him cede control to Pelosi, Reid, and Obama over every important decision for the next ten months. We have let Washington know that we oppose giving Barack Obama a blank check until September 30, 2015 and, in doing so, that we oppose Congress setting anti-gun policy in a long-term, Harry Reid-drafted appropriations bill. A short term Continuing Resolution or CR is acceptable and would allow the new Congress to decide spending. More information on this subject at the very informative user friendly website.
We have always been a free republic. Our ancestors had to fight for what we have now.
Do not allow one man and a handful of people to take our freedom away from us.
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