No Budget. No Pay.

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No Budget. No Pay.

We can claim victory, for now, in our pressure to have failure to pass a budget tied into the salaries on Congress. We have been pushing our No Budget, No Pay petition for quite some time now, and it has been signed into law by the president! Failure of Congress to pass a budget will result in their salaries being held in escrow until they do. This real world consequence for failing to meet a deadline was much needed. Members of Congress should not have to be incentivized to do their job, but they have demonstrated for the last 4 years that they will drag their feed and fail to pass a budget, even if it results in the economic decay of America. 

Now that we have members of Congress's pay tied to No Budget, No Pay, we are excited that Republicans in Congress want to do the same for Obama. The Obama Administration has failed to submit a budget proposal on time for the last 4 years. He is late, once again, this year with word coming from the White House that he will submit it in April, TWO MONTHS LATE!

Send a message to Congress that you want them to back efforts to tie Obama's pay with his submission of a budget proposal ON TIME. 

Please sign this petition to send a message to Obama that failure to do his job with regards to critical budget proposals should result in him not receiving his pay! 


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