A Call for Eric Holder's Resignation & Prosecution

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A Call for Eric Holder's Resignation & Prosecution

When is enough, enough? We say the time is now! The Obama Administration has shown itself to have blatant disregard and disrespect for our system of government as well as for the law of the land, the Constitution. Obama and his cronies operate as if the United States is a dictatorship and operate like a Chicago crime syndicate. They do what they want, when they want, with absolutely no regard to the law.

Mission Statement for the Department of Justice

To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.

Attorney General Eric Holder makes a mockery of this mission statement every day. Rather than running his office as a servant to the American people with deep respect for the laws that he is supposed to enforce, he runs the Department of Justice like the enforcement wing of a mafia organization with President Obama at the helm. Holder acts as Obama’s personal attorney and hit man, doing whatever is necessary to protect him and ‘the family', even if it means unlawful acts.

America has seen a number of egregious and unlawful acts by the man who is supposed to serve as the main legal advisor to the United States government. Instead, he uses his office as a weapon to push Obama’s radical, unconstitutional agenda and to punish those who disagree with the president We have witnessed a refusal to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation. We have seen the loss of life, including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, with the gun running operation Fast and Furious. We have heard Holder state that citizenship to illegals is a ‘civil right’. Those are just to name a few. 

We have recently learned that Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, issued secret subpoenas to spy on members of the Associated Press for over 2 months! In addition to that, he signed the authorization for the DOJ to go after FOX News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen for simply doing his job. They labeled him as a possible criminal co-conspirator in violation of the Espionage Act and monitored his phone, his parent's phones, phones at FOX News as well as his personal email. Those are the tactics of the Soviet Union and a clear attack on freedom of the press! 


This most recent illegal act by Eric Holder’s Department of (In)Justice is so incredibly tyrannical and unconstitutional that should be the final straw for his removal from office! 

RNC Chair Reince Preibus was correct when he stated: 

“Freedom of the press is an essential right in a free society. The First Amendment doesn’t request the federal government to respect it; it demands it. Attorney General Eric Holder, in permitting the Justice Department to issue secret subpoenas to spy on Associated Press reporters, has trampled on the First Amendment and failed in his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. Because Attorney General Holder has so egregiously violated the public trust, the president should ask for his immediate resignation. If President Obama does not, the message will be unmistakable: The President of the United States believes his administration is above the Constitution and does not respect the role of a free press.”

We agree with Preibus. Holder should tender his resignation effective immediately! But, that is not enough. We continue to call for the prosecution of Eric Holder. The very rule of law is at stake and the credibility of every law enforcement officer in the country. If our top law enforcement agency refuses to follow the law, there is no rule of law, and this is no longer America.  

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Prosecute him. He is a disgrace!
i am a targeted individual subjected to a 24/7 a covert electronic harassment and torture . I am one among a thousands other victims including children across US .
I supourt the rule of law holder should be put in jail
Mob lawyer just like Arpaio.
I agree that Eric Holder is in the hot spot trying to do the job his boss expects of him instead of listening to the citizens of the USA want of him. He and the majority of the other people in office have no idea of how an average man thinks. In their eyes, we are nothing and they will do their best to take away our freedoms without blinking an eye. I believe we should sweep the plate clean and begin again with good, honest, honorable men and women to make our country the strongest by doing away with lobbyist or anyone who gives more than a $1,000.00 in dollars. Take away this, their grand expense checks, and make them use ObamaCare for their health insurance should put a stop to people running for office for the money and fame. God Bless America should be written on all public documents and seen in schools, public government buildings, and our history should be told truthfully. Starting their is only the beginning.
Here are a few examples of why holder should still be prosecuted:
1 We have witnessed a refusal to prosecute Wall Street executives for the fraud that destroyed the economy. lynch agrees with this.
2 Also a refusal to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation. lynch agrees with this.
3 Also a refusal to protect voting integrity by fighting against a fair voter ID system and fair voter registration policies, to try and eliminate democratic voter fraud. lynch agrees with this.
4 We have seen the loss of life, including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, with the gun running operation Fast and Furious. He is also trying to get rid of the 2nd Amendment by shackling law-abiding gun owners with expensive smart-gun bracelets that don’t work yet. lynch agrees with this.
5 We have seen holder try to defend that restrictions on felons’ voting rights are wrong and immoral. lynch agrees with this.
6 We have heard holder state that “black students were disciplined more harshly and more frequently because of their race than similarly situated white students.” lynch agrees with this.
7 holder states that “muslims should not be profiled and should not cooperate with terrorist FBI investigations because of their civil rights”. lynch agrees with this.
8 and he states that “citizenship to illegals is a ‘civil right’”. lynch agrees with this.
8a holder is NOT deporting criminal illegals (including murders), he is just releasing them into your neighborhood. lynch agrees with this.
9 We have seen holder protect the NSA. lynch agrees with this.
10 We have heard holder committing perjury multiple times in front of Congress!
11 We have seen holder protect the outright bias of the IRS against conservative groups and NOW denying a special prosecutor and instead using an investigator who is a partisan donor to obama and Democratic causes, and saying that there is no conflict of interest. lynch agrees with this. This shows that "the federal government has no interest in investigating the truth and to find out exactly what happened with any of obama’s scandals." The IRS Attorney General bias will never be corrected, thus giving strong support for either not paying your taxes or abolishing the entire $13 billion department with a fair/flat tax.
12 holder, issued secret subpoenas to spy on members of the Press, and also wants to monitor newsrooms like a german nazi. lynch agrees with this.
13 holder will not do anything with lerner’s contempt of Congress. lynch agrees with this.
13a lynch will NOW not do anything with clinton’s email scandalS.
14 holder is telling public schools that they must provide all children with an education regardless of their immigration status. But holder is attacking successful Charter Schools and vouchers to them while pushing public indoctrination schools. lynch agrees with this.
15 The Supreme Court ruling on the NSA violating the 4th Amendment was turned down since holder had his judge dismiss Rand Paul’s case on false grou
Why is he still there?
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