Reckless Spender

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Reckless Spender

America doesn’t have a class system. At any given time, one person can go from having it all to losing everything and another can go from meager beginnings to great financial success. That is the power of the capitalist based free market system upon which this country is based. It is also what Obama so obviously despises. He uses this to cause strife and division in this country, getting people to covet thy neighbor’s goods while seething with hatred and jealousy over what others have. The end result - record debt and never-ending gargantuan deficits.

President Obama has created $6 Trillion in new debt during his first term. He has gotten people to buy into his spending addiction by pitting Americans against one another with his class warfare rhetoric. If you promise people the moon, but also assure them that someone else will pay for the trip, chances are they will buy into your plan. Like everything that is too good to be true, the snake oil that he sold the American people is revealing itself to be just that.

As if an additional $6 Trillion is not enough, Obama’s current budget proposal would have us on track towards an additional $8.2 Trillion added to the debt within 10 years. Don’t be fooled, the next proposal would add even more.

America simply cannot sustain Obama’s reckless spending addiction. Not only is he burdening future generations with backbreaking debt, but he is also extinguishing the flame of the American dream and success by making profit and success dirty words. Beyond that, he sees the money that each individual earns as belonging to the government; we should just be happy with whatever he allows us to keep. He does this while spending tens of millions per year on his personal luxury vacations and lavish parties.

As your constituent, I expect you to stand strong against the tyrannical nature of Obama’s presidency.

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I have refrained from signing the impeachment petition for various reasons, but may have to reconsider as Obama's actions now boarder on Treason.
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