Keep The Pressure On: Balance The Budget

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Keep The Pressure On: Balance The Budget

The markets have now weighed in on the debt ceiling deal, and they apparently had the same reaction the American people had--utter disdain.  The federal government's inability to address deficit spending has moved beyond a minor inconvenience and now threatens to sink our nation further into the despair of a major recession. 

Government has proven it is unable to act under general guidelines and therefore must have its wiggle room rescinded.  The only way to curb the spending addiction in Washington is to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution in conjunction with serious spending cuts. 

There are several different versions of the balanced budget amendment currently working their way through Congress and we are working with other conservative leaders to decide which policy will achieve our desired outcome. 

A vote on a balanced budget amendment is going to happen soon, and we must start making contact now, so there is absolutely no misunderstanding about exactly where the American people stand on this important issue. 

We have already changed the debate, and after 2012 we will change the direction.  WE MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE ON because it is working! Send a letter today to your representative and demand that they get on board with serious spending cuts and a balanced budget amendment or "We The People" will vote them out!

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This is something that needs addressed. Americans are in too much debt as individuals, and as a nation
This would be painful at first but in the long run a balanced budget would strenghten this nation.
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