It's Time to Shut Down the EPA

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It's Time to Shut Down the EPA

The Obama Administration thugs are it again. Turning up the heat on those who don’t play ball, the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is forcing the closure of the nation’s last remaining lead smelting plant, creating dire consequences for employees, their families and the millions of firearm owners across the country. We must continue to stand together against this tyranny!


The nation’s last remaining lead smelting plant provides lead for ammunition used in firearms nationwide. Without the lead, ammunition will become scarcer and costs will continue to rise- a turn of events that is sure to delight the gun-grabbing leftists in Washington. Do you want that to happen?


Operating like old-school thugs, the EPA has demanded the Doe Run Company, which has operated for more than a century, pay $65 million to be in compliance with the EPA’s restrictions and also pay a $7 million civil penalty. The EPA laughably gloats that Doe Run has made a “business decision” to close down the plant, leaving the plant’s 218 employees and contractors out of work.


Is this the “hope” and “change” America signed on for? The Obama Administration, having been thwarted in their efforts to curtail Second Amendment rights time and time again by principled gun owners, have now tasked the EPA with doing their dirty work by making ammunition scarcer and more expensive.


Enough is enough.

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I'm so proud to be a boy scout and get his merit badge.
The Grey Aliens have come to Earths to destroy America cause they know that God Fearing Americans are gonna do the thing and then become with the stuff they gots.

Just like in the movie Aliens in the outfield. or the other movie, Independents Days are numbered.

Cause illegal aliens have no rights to my rice puffs and milk.
The EPA has destroyed America with it's open promotion of Child Pornography.
My Daughter Bolinda has a nice tight bum, so no EPA for me.
The EPA gonna make me wash my hands after a messy crap?

As a Tea Bagger I saiz nos to dat.
The EPA done say me no to eaten the road kill. Buts my mammy done make a honey of a fresh koon pie.
Pollution is just plant food. Plants couldn't exist without lead pollution.
Every time I see the word EPA I fill my diaper in hate, rage, and disgust.
Superman must die.
How are we saving the planet by creating vehicles that use substantially more fuel just so you can breathe the exhaust? Doesn't oil production create co2. Also more co2 emitted during volcanic eruptions than we've ever created, and humans somehow responsible, blind leading deaf!!!! We're all idiots for allowing these s#&t for brains breathe our air
I dislike the EPA and all the emissions crap, especially on my vehicles. I am the child to oilfield workers and industrial believers i dislike anything that would not allow these to happen. I really hate environmentalists and tree huggers who don't even understand what they are ruining.
When an good ideal becomes a political tool. It has to go. We need an EPA that understands. This is your job, nothing more. Companies have to be at or below this level of pollution. The EPA doesn't have the authority to change that. If it's not on your list of companies to regulate, you don't have any authority over it.
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