It's Time to Shut Down the EPA

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It's Time to Shut Down the EPA

The Obama Administration thugs are it again. Turning up the heat on those who don’t play ball, the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is forcing the closure of the nation’s last remaining lead smelting plant, creating dire consequences for employees, their families and the millions of firearm owners across the country. We must continue to stand together against this tyranny!


The nation’s last remaining lead smelting plant provides lead for ammunition used in firearms nationwide. Without the lead, ammunition will become scarcer and costs will continue to rise- a turn of events that is sure to delight the gun-grabbing leftists in Washington. Do you want that to happen?


Operating like old-school thugs, the EPA has demanded the Doe Run Company, which has operated for more than a century, pay $65 million to be in compliance with the EPA’s restrictions and also pay a $7 million civil penalty. The EPA laughably gloats that Doe Run has made a “business decision” to close down the plant, leaving the plant’s 218 employees and contractors out of work.


Is this the “hope” and “change” America signed on for? The Obama Administration, having been thwarted in their efforts to curtail Second Amendment rights time and time again by principled gun owners, have now tasked the EPA with doing their dirty work by making ammunition scarcer and more expensive.


Enough is enough.

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You can't buy a truck that actually functions. I returned a brand new pickup. It was so choked down it couldn't even run in the winter. COMPLETELY shut down the EPA NOW!
EPA has done nothing but turning America into a Communist country. What happened to our freedom?
The EPA is a worthless waste. They are trying to further restrict automotive rights by making parts used in modifying street cars for track use illegal. They have no business trying to rule things they know nothing aout. If they like to drive Priuses, fine. But I will NOT stand idly by while they try to turn real cars into them.
**** THE EPA
Go away EPA!
The EPA is destroying small trucking companies.
want to close my business. GUNITE Company.
The EPA makes laws without our votes. It's unconstitutional.
"Under my plan electricity rates will sky rocket" - Obama
we do not need the epa !!!!!
out of control !!!!!
This is a necessary first step, but our REAL goal must be to CLOSE the EPA. NOWHERE in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution, the Enumerated Powers of Congress, will you find the word "environment".
Down with government! The EPA is ruining this great country.
Agree with the last post. The EPA is destructive and to business. They could care less about our health. It is money and politics that drive them.
It was not a safety issue so VW does not owe a dime! Better check all the other car manufactures, trucks, and airplanes and see how much pollution they really put out. GM on the other hand
Is another case. They killed people.
The EPA is a useless, power-hungry government agency that is sucking tax payers money. Abolish it!
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