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He's done enough harm. Time for him to find another line of work.
It's way past time. I'm wondering what's wrong with our Congress to let him get away with such treasonist acts. So many of them.
quit talking about it and impeach him now
Need to get rid of the piece of******KNOW!
Why are we dealing with a liar and a corrupt President? Every word out of his mouth is a lie! Defund Obomacare the people don't want it and it is bad for the country. Why are you not voting like you constitents want you to? What kind of kickback are you receiving out of this mess. I put you in same class as him, liars and a corrupt politicians! Vote for we the people not party. You will not get my vote!!!!!
Worst president in history. Please impeach him before any more harm can be done.
What "We The People" Must Know

Copy and Paste these links into your browser or type
the Headline in to find the Truth that the News Media
is hiding from the American People.

What you will find is Extremely Shocking but America
needs to know just who Our Enemy is. Our Freedom and
possibly even Our Lives could be at Risk.

1) Criminal Terror Charges Filed Against Obama

2) Obama Framed Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack

3) Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Beheading And Burning Christians In Ovens

4) Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

5) Obama Bought Off NBC / MSNBC

6) Obamaís Al-Qaeda Rebels Burn Christian Villagers Alive

7) Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy


US Veteran
Obama lies

Obama gets out there and intentionally and repeatedly lies to us about everything under the sun in his SCRIPTED speeches, then denies he lied or says he misspoke. Well guess what, one can only "misspeak" when they're not speaking from a script and when reading from a script we call that lying. If you intentionally prepare a speech with false information in it in order to sway public opinion one way or another it's called a lie, period.

So for all you Obamabots out there who think he's just all peanutís and beer you should really reconsider your position, he lied to you, he lied to me, he lied to the whole nation and YOU are the ones giving him a pass and allowing it to continue. Pull your head out of your*****and start looking at things for what they really are otherwise you can just expect more of the same.
its way overdue
Obama is a traitor to the USA, the oath of office of the Presidency and has put the security of America in serious jeopardy. His lawless methods and corrupt administrative cabinet and secretaries/ tzars exude contempt against the Constitution, Congress and the citizens of this Country. As an individual, I demand Obama's impeachment and for him to stand before the Federal Courts as a criminal and traitor. I also demand a Congressional removal of office the Vice President and all other Administrative heads, Senators and Representatives complicit in Obama's acts of tyranny upon the American People.
No question, he is a disgrace to himself and this Great Country, he's got the brains the size of a pea! He and those who collaborated in his illegal induction to office should be tried by our judicial system in the highest regards for his participation in the Benghazi deaths and crime's and for his blatant disregard and security of our Constitution and safety of the People of The United States of America. Hang-Them High....
should have been done long ago. I don't know what they are waiting on.
Please stop this man before he destroys America.
You are a phony, you are ignorant to facts when you choose to be, the rest of the time your ways of tyranny needs to be stopped! You And your religion if choice are both phony and flawed... I will literally dance in the streets once your anti American*****is GONE!
We need God back and our constitutional rights restored. Obama is leading this country to destruction and disgrace.
We need work , money , food ,fuel and our freedoms back .
we need the traitors out of the White House and get these islam idiots out ..all of them..they have a evil plan for America...only PATRIOTS TO AMERICA FOR PRESIDENT AND BORN AMERICAN ...DO RIGHT BY AMERICA AND GET THE SMELL OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE !!! BE PATRIOTS AND GET THIS DONE BEFORE THIS EVIL COMPLETELY RUINS AMERICA...other then that Americans will have to take back our America and the FREEDOM all have died for...

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