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Send a message to all elected representatives of the people, including the president , if you lie, you will get caught! And if you don't follow the constitution, you will be impeached!
He has done more illegal and impeachable actions than any other president. It is past time to impeach before he destroys America. Don't let him play the race card, he is not being impeached because he is black; he is being impeached because he is a criminal.
It is time for the citizens to exercise our authority over (Those) who work for us!
Enough is enough
I agree, he is not for America!
he is a dictator we will lose everything if we don't get him out and now
It's way past time to Impeach obama what is wrong with you people in congress ?
You have let him tear the United States up completely !!!
It's like he can do no wrong everyone in Washington looks the other way now look at our world and the crime has gone up so much it's shocking you haven't done anything to stop obama he should be up for Treason and you know it.

Stop being afraid of him and get rid of him NOW also get rid of obamacare !!!
This action ( impeachment) is the beginning of reconstruction of The U.S.A.; Only if there are sufficiently strong Congressmen & Women to do the bidding of those that elected them!
Enough is enough
We need a real leader!
Every speech he gives includes language deliberately misleading to the American people.
He needs out before he does any more damage to this country!!
DO IT NOW !!!!!!!!!
Please, Please, Please... nothing more to say, it's so evident...
He is not a President, He is a dictator, We The People...Don't want or need this person.
He is byfar, THE WORST president we have ever had. Russia and china are threatening the USA with war if he is not out of office. I for one, do not want to see the day when WWIII starts. He is the sole reason why i do not trust my government anymore. And that is sad. A citizen of a democracy like america shouldnt feel afraid of their govt. WWIII has to be avoided at all cost... But maybe a second revolutionary war is appropriate?
He should be jailed for treason!
GOT to GO!!
DO IT NOW !!!!!!!!!
He has divided our country, and will bankrupt it if not stopped.
Go NOW!! You are disgracing MY AMERICA and The Constitution!!!
He's a liar, a traitor to America, doesn't give a damn about the citizens, promotes anti-American values, rewards those for racism, attempting to indoctrinate our children, setting gov't up to run our lives, etc, nauseum!
Get out, traitor!
There are at least a dozen impeachable offences he has committed...try them all!
He is not for America at all and anyone is blind who can't see him for what he is----a Muslim, socialist idiot who MUST be impeached!
DO IT NOW !!!!!!!!!

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