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Should have been impeached a loong time ago!!!!
It is time to act before more damage is done to the American People.
No Person can be Muslim and a Christian at the same
time. It's Impossible.

Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Muslim Quran states Jesus was only a Prophet and that
belief alone Kills Off Christianity.

Might this be another Lie?

Gods word says Homosexuality is an "Obamanation"... Oops!
I misspelled it... or did I...? Personally I view this as a

Connect All the Dots Congress and Get Obama Out of Our
White House Now!
Impeach, then put on trial, and convict!
He needs to go.
Impeach and charge with treason
I've had enough of this Administration and lack of being in touch with the voice of the people. All of the executive orders that are anti Constitutional are totally beyond reasonable.
socialism has and will never work.
Get him out and put him on trial!
Obama & his administration operates more like a dictatorship disregarding the will of the majority of Americans !
if the media had printed the truth about him i would never voted for the traitor.....
Obama should be hung for treason against the American People.
He needs to be thrown out.
Please for the life of The USA get him out!
Broken Promises and The Obama care sucks..Im tired of paying for low lifes to live..smoke their dope.hmm thought I could keep my health care plan...NOT
get the lying ....conn artist out ...
Stop Obama from any further destruction of the United States of America... FIRE OBAMA !!!
We need him out Now! Every day he is in office hurts our nation and the people that loves and has fought for our freedom.
Let us keep our insurance
He has hurt more people with his actions than any one other single person in history.
who even voted for hime the second time? he cheated
This man is an embarrassment to "we the people". He's compulsive liar, narrccissist, Un-American anti-Christian. If you don't impeach him and charge him with treason you too, should be tried and convicted of treason.

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