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What are the Republicans waiting for. He's loading every job open with his stupid liberals. Arrest him, he needs to be in prison for what he's done.
The man is a communist and must be impeached NOW!
When we stray from the constitution, we get into trouble quickly.
get this obnoxious jack*****out of the white house NOW!
Impeach him now!
To the Democratic Party leaders at one time you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, forging and domestic. This generation may not hold you to your oath, you very well might enjoy many perks thrown your way by this so called president, (he won't stand for my flag I won't capitalize president). I do want you to realize that we will be judged by God Almighty for what we have done with His gifts, Mat 20:25 - 27 But Jesus called the disciples and said, "You know that the rulers of the gentiles lord it over them and their superiors act like tyrants over them. That's not the way it should be among you. Instead, whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave. That's the way it is with the Son of Man. He did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many people."
Barry Soetoro AKA BHO II not
a real POTUS but a Usurper. everyhing he has done and will do as The Usurper is illegal. Barry has no valid BC, no valid SSN# no valid Selective Service reg. to prove that he is a citizen of the USA. s, Barry was quilty of ID crimes even before creating the impeachable offenses while in office. So, Barry must be arrested not impeached. and tried my a jury of his peers.
Impeach him now.
you must do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Obama, you have alot to answer for... Though judgement may not find you in this life, it will surely find you in the next... May you find salvation and turn from the ways of corruption and deceipt, lest God condemn you to Hell with everyone else who has not placed their trust in Jesus Christ. I know where I'm going... do you?
To the Congress and Senate of The United States ofAmerica. We, the people who you work for demand the immefiate Impeachment and with drae all powers from Barack insane Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for Hig Treason and Subversion as well as High Crimes and misdemeaners against the United States of America. We demand the Obama, Biden Reid, Pelosi, Holder and Hitlary Clinton every single one of obama's minions be charged as well. We demand they be charged with Murder against Ambassador Stephen's and several American citizens. Either you do you job or by God we will remove you and replace you with someone who will uphold their oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Barack Obama represents the greatest threat and a clear and present danger to the safety and Sovereignty of our Constitution and our Nation and our economy. we will send a loud and clear message in 2014 that anyone and everyone who tries to take away our rights to leep and bear arms as well as the ammunition for those same said arms will be removed from office and we the American people will hold you accountable. If there is blodd in the streets of America by obama it will be on your hands. We will never forget what you have done to this country.
This deserves prompt action by our elected legislators.
This imperial president, "king obama" is what our founders tried to guard against. Unfortunately, the safe guards require politicians with resolve to enforce the constitution. I have only witnessed a few with the fortitude to accomplish this.
I am convinced the Speaker Boehner must go. His refusal to appoint a select committee on Benghazi speaks volumes for his resolve.
Let us get this corrupt Muslim that masccared as a human being out of the White House. He has shown that he hates the U.S. God and all we stand for. Let's get the Clown out while we still have our country!! Arise and fight back for OUR country!!!
This must be done or we will no longer be the United States of America
This impeachment is long overdue and so are your actions to get it done.
Taxpayers don't want him nor do they want to pay his retirement. He and his family have used enough of our money unwisely.
Most important of all, he was never properly vetted to insure his eligibility to hold the office of President. His first official duty was to spend nearly a million dollars to conceal his past.

He has personally authorized his family members, who are illegal aliens that have already received orders of deportation, to remain in this country and continue to collect welfare benefits as they have been doing since their arrival.

It is still my belief that this man is himself and illegal alien, a citizen of Indonesia, and therefore ineligible to even be a resident of the United States, let alone usurp the office of President.
We will not be quiet! If you don't do your job, at election time, we will elect someone who will!
Congress is derelict in their oaths of office and duty already. They are complicit in the destruction of the Constitution if they don't impeach him and no less a traitor to the nation and it's people than he is.
I knew this way in the beginning seeing he is the most leftist liberal and pro abortionist even to murdering outside the womb! Since he will kill and destroy babies in and outside the womb he will abort a nation.
Every time I saw him on the TV I would change the channel not wanting to hear all the lies , deceit and corruption. Why fill my mind with false promises, a person who is very arrogant and full of himself, and most of all, disgrace the office of the President. I am very embarrassed and shocked to see a dictator in in the office. He should have been impeached when he was a senator! Get the bum and the rest of his cronies out!
Send him back to Kenya
Obama is hell bent ondestroyinf America and our freedoms.
He is the liar of the century.
It is time for "Positive Change". Let USA move forward with new Political Officials that promote prosperity & dignity for all through Freedom of Choice and Freedom for Life!
should have been impeached a long time ago. We do not need his vp either
Stop walking on my rights. I will raise MY children without the help of Michelle O'Bama. I can make decisions for me and my family. I am capable of making choices that I can afford for MY family. I insist on my constitutional rights as an American citizen. I wish to spend MY money on the things MY family needs and letting the people who can and aliens work to support themselves. I insist on my rights to protect my family if needed
It's about time! Don't you think?
Dont weste your time Sending McMain or Jeff flake Anyhing.
What do you expect from a spineless House? If he were properly vetted in 08 we would not be in this mess.Thanks for nothing John Boehner and company.
Lets get this show off the road. He needs to be stopped.
I'm told we have enough votes to do this-let's get 'er DONE! What better way to be known and remembered than as one of those who stepped up and struck down the first President of the US to actively push for a Socialist State..
This is already long overdue, hopefully more and more people will continue to wake up with each passing day and the impeachment of Barak Obama will become a REALITY!

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