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....What are our congressmen waiting for? This president has and is trying to obliterate the Constitution and our American way of life! He has violated the " oath of office" to protect America here and abroad, to uphold the Constitution at all costs, and to keep all Americans free! We must impeach Obama, then go after Hillary Clinton for being a part of this regime of obstruction and a part of the Benghazi coverup atrocity! Impeach Obama, then put him on trial for treason! He has shown his true self in the last 5 years---we cannot wait another minute! Senators, Representatives---wake up, we your constituents can see this fraud for what he is, and we are demanding that you stand for us and all Americans in impeaching Obama now! We can see this hatred for our Constitution, for America, for free enterprise, for all the principles of our Bill of Rights! Defend America! Impeach Obama now!
He has violated the constitution and failed to uphold is oath to office and I am not the only one that thinks this way.
Obama has turned this country into the DisUnited State of America
This administration passed ridiculous, insane and threatening to oue Constitution a LONG time ago!!! Enough is enough call this president OUT already!!!!!!!
The country won't make it until 2016.
We have no king dictator get rid of him NOW
I'ts way past time, our country is sinking lower every day
Obama needs to be removed in office before he totally destroys our once great country!
Impeach The Kenyan Muslim Illegally Occupying the White House and send him back to Kenya only after spending at least 25 years in prison for his lawless acts against the United States Constitution.
This should have been done 5 - 6 years ago. Or rather it should have never been allowed due to his insufficient qualifications to become president in the first place. No BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!
Congress pull your heads out of ur butts. We're paying all of u to do your job and you could care less. You all need to be thrown out and obama need to be Impeached now. Stop the BS and I'm ashamed of you all for what your doing and the whinning and throwing fits because you don't get your way. No one cares about us and don't care about anything only the election coming up. How sad. I'm voting you all out in Nov. and I think a lot of people will agree. Not working for us and using our money as you wish. No more, Your out. I'm tired of your fighting. God Help US.
The Republic cannot withstand two more years.
Obama is destroying the United States
This president is aiding and abetting the enemy without and within this country.
He has to be stopped before we all end up in FEMA CAMPS.
Enough is enough!!! We can't wait until 2016!
Impeach the liar, ASAP

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