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The time is now. The illuminati must be brought to justice.
He's long overdue for impeachment!
If this were a republican white president he would be out of office & in prison by now!!
As a conservative Democrat I'm so disappointed in the ungodly, unlawfully, And unconstitutional actions that this president (Obama) and his followers in Congress and the senate have taken this God founded country and turned it in my opinion , as close to a 3rd world nation as it could get. I'm disappointed in congress and the senate for not holding Obama responsible for any of his actions. Obama has gotten away with more lawless actions than another president I'm history And blown more tax money than another president . The Democrats party has let Obama take them down. I'll bee voting Republican in the future. Thank you
Its time to wake up.... This is the very first step that we the people need to take to show these spinless leeches we don't need nor want them to run our country into the ground....
As a Retired Navy Veteran; I say we've had no President since 2008. I say get rid of both of these scoundrels masquerading as the POTUS and VPOTUS.
Biden is complicit in the crimes
of his boss. Take him out too!
Its past time to clean house, get rid of the TRASH.
Get this self serving bum out of office before it's too late.
On Obamacare alone Obama has made multiple unconstitutional changes. He has lied repeatedly about it. Just for Obamacare alone Obama should be impeached and Obamacare fully repealed.
Barack Obama makes Bush look like Reagan, and Jimmy Carter look like JFK.
More scandals than any president, no shame for being what he is, a wannabe dictator.
He has been ruining this country every day he can. Get rid of this guy before he does any more damage.
The time has come.
hope you had your fun,,,your days are through,good bye Legacy.have talked to a lot of afroAmericans and they cant even stand don't try in insatute a riot,all a=Americans must stop the madness now for what this Pres. is doing is no good to our country.our tax dollars wasted. IMPEACH>COME ON POLITICIANS HAVE A SPINE
Our country has gone downhill since he was elected. Make him go away so we can recover!!
Why have we waited this long .let's not wait any long .get this going NOW.not later NOW.
Stand United America, and Impeach this traitor and Dictator!
Thank you for reading this, please help see him out of office.

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