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Because of obama and his high spending habbits my taxs have steadily gone up i have a wife and four children and can barely. Make ends meat while him and the fat cats take million dollar vacations and so on and so forth i want there to be a land of the free for my kids when they grow up with people like obama in the white house that wont be the case
Impeach him and lets take our country back!! Hopefully we can fix what he's done so the next three generations don't suffer like we are!! Save our youth!!!!
we are hearded towad a revolution if something isn;t done to stop gov from taking over our lives there is no freedom left.
Obama and many in his administration are guilty of TREASON!!! This included Hillary Clinton!!!
I agree, it's time to Impeach and try him for treason!
Not only should he be impeached but he should be tried for treason. He has done everything possible to undermine this country.
he deliberately lied to that american public regarding obamacare and should be impeached and tried.
Obama is a trader, he needs to be impeached and tried on acts of treason against America. and the American people.
it appears to me that Obama is doing everything he can to break America. and evry one in it..
Impeach Obama NOW. He lied. He lied. He LIED. He pledged to defend the U.S. Consitution, and he LIED.
I fear the future - the country cannot make it 3 more years and the people will not it three more years - The United States is no longer the Greatest Country in the world!
Impeach Obama NOW. He lied. He lied. He LIED. He pledged to defend the U.S. Consitution, and he LIED.
NO to Obamacare. NO to legalization of ILLEGALS unless the government is going to pardon everyone who has ever committed a federal offense! NO to Obama phones as a freebie. NO to free handouts for illegals. NO to free college for illegals. I pay for my childs college I DO NOT want to pay for an illegals education. NO to government officials implementing their own set of rules for themselves. What is good for the people they represent is good for them also. NO to taking away Americans right to bear arms! Leave our constitution and Bill of Rights alone. If people coming into out country from other countries with different history and/or different religious beliefs do not like it, THEY CAN LEAVE. I am a CHRISTIAN. I SHOULD HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS IF NOT MORE THAN THE MINORITIES. OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIANITY. STOP GIVING THE MINORITY MORE RIGHTS THAN THE MAJORITY. WE SHOULD HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH/RELIGION. STOP TAKING MY RIGHTS AWAY TO PLEASE THE MINORITIES IN THIS COUNTRY. IT IS NOT RIGHT!
The Declaration of Rights says right in it "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,..." - Declaration of Independence
Get him OUT of the White House & undo everything he's done.
obama has lied, intimidated, and done almost everything possible to establish himself as a dictator of our great nation. It is more than time for him TO GO!
It's sad when we destroyed so many Careers of common citizens, and so many Military people in a 5 year period. Time to go.
President Obama is against everything this great country stands for and therefor should be impeached immediately!
HE is the HARDSHIP on Americans!!
Get rid of him -- P L E A S E !!!!
2914 elections are coming up and we the people are following who is voting for what the Obama administration is pushing for and not the American people and what you do is going to influence how voters will vote to take back our rights and country, so do what you vowed to do and stand up for America and the Constitution or prepare to be voted out.
you are a discrace! thank you for screwing me and my country!!! I hope you sleep at night knowing you have made most of us suffer poverty because of you!
Get this terrorist gay Muslim out of our house and out of our country!! Hang the bastard for his too many to count crimes against the American people!!
Get the corrupt Chicago politician out of Washington.
I no this going on deaf ears but,I am going to do what ever I can to defeat you in 2014'you have all stood on your so called party's platform,you are part of the criminal enterprise in this country. What happened in your life for you to turn a deaf ear to it,words cannot explain hoe disappointed I am in you
He has nothing but disgraced America. As a retired vet, he has ruined eeverything and should beheld accountable. This includes you Sen Ried, I can not believe you are following this and allowing the US to poverty.
This one man has done so much damage to this country. I just hope we can recover from it.
Impeach NOW!!
Obama is a crook and doesn't deserve to be president.
I will not be teaching my children common core. I will not surrender my arms. I will not give in to your health care demands. The liberal democrats have ruined this country and have brainwashed the majority of our youth. All of these reasons and the fact that it is unconstitutional to force something upon someone. This is not England or the
U.N. This is the United States of America.
A republic, and my tax dollars pay the public servants salary and they are not doing their job. They are to uphold and defend the constitution not disregard it and demean it. Barack Obama is our main concern. And the liberal congress is next. Put our country back to normal the right way or we will have no country at all pretty soon!
Every one on this watch that let Benghazi happen, is guilty of treason.
Please listen to we the people. Let's get this done !
Thank you !!!
It is about time we do this. He has all but destroyed our country.

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