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This man has so many reasons to have been impeached long ago, please! Pick a few or all and GET ON WITH IT!
I agree
Mr. Obama is the most unionist, unhonorable President we have ever had. I cannot believe he is still in office.
If he isn' t stopped in his tracks...the damage he can add to what he's already unthinkable.
It's Time to Take Back America!
Note that he has also legislated Obamacare by extending deadlines for compliance without any participation from Congress. Also that none of the funding measures in the ACA (Obamacare) originate in the House of Representatives as required by the Constitution as well as the doctrine of Separation of Powers.
We need to push Boehner or does O have some dirt on him & blackmailing him into submission?
He acts like a king and you do nothing. You swore an oath to abide by the constitution. We now ask you to do just that.
Not only is this guy corrupt, he is an illegal immigrant trying to be president. Should have been impeached and out of office already.
do any of you have a backbone show it !!!!!
I am a United States Army Veteran. I am disabled due to PTSD, and combat would be the end of myself as a functioning, loving, father. However I am prepared to sacrifice my life for my childrens future. I am prepared to fight a lawful Civil War at the expense of myself, my family, and my freedom. I will write a blank check payable in full to include my life to this country for a second time knowing full well I will die to protect my family from the TRAITOR Barrack Hussein Obama. If Congress does not impeach him, and Civil War breaks out I will defend my home, my family, and my freedom with lawful use of the Constitution of the United States of America. I swore an oath, as did you. Do your job as my representative, and remove the most dangerous man in American history from power. Do so before peace is no longer an option. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you as a United States Citizen, and your boss. You work for us. You represent us. Do not forget that your power is derived from our support. I will not fail my children. I will not fail the men I fought side by side with that died for our freedom. Will you?
My gosh! What's the hold up. Do it NOW!!!!
Get rid of the Celebrity-in-Chief.
Time for him to go bye bye!
enough of his disobedience on our constitution! Enough of his trying to take our rights away! He needs to be impeached for all the lies to Americans!
There can be no question that President Obama has violated his oath of office and deserves to be impeached. Do It!!!!
The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. No one is above this law.
It's time to get some courage and impeach!
Impeachment will NOT fire Obama. Impeachment and then conviction by the Senate will.
anyone else would have been kicked out by now..nixon only spied on the democratic party and he resigned before he was impeached, even clinton thought about resigning for his indisgressions which just led immorality to the country, but now the country is hopelessly beyond repair.
Obama has gone against the constitution at every turn. He must be stopped at all costs or the U.S. is doomed.
No one has ever tried to force their ideas on the country as Obama has. If he agrees with the law, he has it enforced, if he doesn't agree he tells the justice dept. not to enforce it. If there is not a law but he wants something done, he just demands it without any agreement from Congress. He has continued to lie about almost everything. This country is better than that and deserves better.

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