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The only way this country will survive is get rid of the "pork" and back to the basics of the Constitution. Obama and his ruinous followers must go!
The only way this country will survive is get rid of the "pork" and back to the basics of the Constitution. Obama and his constituents must go!
Our organization has got to stand together and get this done! RINO's are not going to help us.
Enough is enough!! He's got to go!!!
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America has paid the price many times over in order to preserve our freedom. I would not like to think that so many young souls sacrificed their lives for nothing. LONG LIVE FREE AMERICA.
It is time to take back America from this dictator.
Funny how legal marijuana dispensaries in Oakland and Chico, Calif. were raided and shut down by his regime but the drugs pour in unabated over the unsecured Mexican border...and DHS is "delivering" children from Mexico to illegals living in the US... Corruption and incompetence undermining our nation.
Signing The Petition @ White House.Gov is like telling the Obama Administration To Impeach Itself - Good Luck On That. This is the only petition to sign here at the Tea Party Website. Leading Senators Brought Us This Petition Before Congress. You are petitioning Congress Here. This is where you need to be. The House and Senate Get Your Letters Here - They Collectively Have The Power To Remove Obama From Office. If Enough Americans Stand Up. It is up to "We The People" Send all your friends here.
He has more then earned the right to be Impeached in everything He's done & Instigated. So Impeach Him ayt once. We the People demand it.
sign the petition on their very own site (;
The whole GOP establishment is in on this regimes plans,wake up America before it is too late!
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What Nixon did, who was forced to resign, did not affect many people. What Clinton did, against whom was brought impeachment proceedings affected very few people and was a moral wrong, what Obama has done, in my opinion, is to outright lie about ACA, affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for the worse. Yet, he is allowed to continue in office without so much as a call for impeachment. He may be a Constitutional scholar, but this gun grabbing President sure does not seem to believe it.
God bless you all gteat American
It has come to my attention and many others that our constitution and our rights are quickly becoming extinct. I feel less safe in my own home because I feel like the choices being made are ripping away the very foundation of our nation out from under our feet. At this rate we will have social, military, and economical collapse within years
Obama is not above the Law! Stop the lawlessness in D.C.
Our country is nothing like the Founders had imagined. If they just knew what has happened to it in the last 50 years they would all sit down and cry. What we have now is a dictator who thinks that he has the right to change or order anything he wants to, including violating our Constitution.
I turn on the TV every morning to see what damage has been done to America while I was asleep. We need to clean up D.C.
I believe that thus far Obama has done nothing good for this country his ridiculous family dont give 2 shits for the american people. This idiots are up living a lavish life and not worrying about whats really the matter right now. Child Abuse, Drugs, Violence within our cities. This needs to change. When the world ends what is humanity going to do? Come together or tear each other apart for a bottle of water and scrap of food? Come together peoples. Dont forget your humanity .Obama needs impeached!
How can a President be so lawless, time to be held accountable to the people-the country is being pushed under social pressure and is breaking!
time to stand up and put an end to all the illegal actions taken by obama
I have no malace for Democrats or anyone with an opinion different than mine, but we must stand together against this corruption taking over our beloved land!
Save The People of Impeachment, Hang the Traitor!
I used to think that if this happened, we would get Biden and he might be worse. Now I'm not so sure.
"President Obama is the most corrupt president in U.S. history. His actions are against everything this country was founded upon and stands for. He is a danger to America."
This should have been done a long time ago. GET IT DONE NOW BEFORE OUR COUNTRY IS RUN INTO THE GROUND.!!!!!!!!!
What "We The People" Must Know

Copy and Paste these links into your browser or type
the Headline in to find the Truth that the News Media
is hiding from the American People.

What you will find is Extremely Shocking but America
needs to know just who Our Enemy is. Our Freedom and
possibly even Our Lives could be at Risk.

1) Criminal Terror Charges Filed Against Obama

2) Obama Framed Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack

3) Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Beheading And Burning Christians In Ovens

4) Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

5) Obama Bought Off NBC / MSNBC

6) Obama’s Al-Qaeda Rebels Burn Christian Villagers Alive

7) Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy


US Veteran

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