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I am sick of the corruption that the President, the Senate and House are involved in. You all need to go back to school and study our constitution. Impeach Obama now.
He and his crooked party with him please.
Ignorance, arrogance & deceitfulness are not the qualities we need in a President. Obama needs to go!
I urge Congress to Impeach President Obama immediately!!!

Thomas R. Bryce
Houston, Texas 77008
I personally feel Mr. Obama should be tried for treason, terrorism, and murder! Any congressman that does not act on this should also be tried as a co-conspirator!
The president should be impeached for circumventing congress. We have a system that has worked for over 200 years. We now have a dictator, not a democracy.
Treason is a crime! Time to go O.
This is long overdue... dsg
Can we recall a President if impeachment isn't an option?
This man has deliberately zeopardized the safety of the Contstitution of the UNITED STATES IF AMERICA... and no-one is doing anything about it..America is worse off than the horrific depression era and it isnt being stopped
It's time to take back our country from all these spineless liars...and thieves!! This is America, and what's good for the general populous should also include are illustrious elected official. They're no better than "we the people" who elected them to represent our best interests....
We must bring this Nation back Under God!
Why are we sitting on this Idiot move on this now!!!!
It's about time Congress does something meaningful about this imposter in the White House.
It's high time for our lawmakers to start working for the good of this country instead of just voting for their bank accounts.
Impeach obama
Obama should be impeached for 4th amendment violations. Obama violations of using the IRS and NSA are definitely impeachable offenses. Had Nixon done the same he would be gone in a second. All Nixon did was cover up a robbery. Obama each day violates our rights and refuses to enforce border laws.
We need to remove Obama from office, now! He has shown over and over again his contempt for the Constitution of the United States and for the American people.

We have had enough of his crimes. America needs a President who reveres the Constitution and realizes that he works for the American people; that he is not the King of this country.
Impeach put in jail.
Former president's were impeached for far less. This President has violated our constitution repeatedly for political purposes. And his biggest lie.."you can keep your insurance if you like it" is the last straw. It is time to get rid of this regime before it destroys America any further. The people will have had enough!
It is clear to me that this man does not have his best interest in America and obviously wants to destroy it. Every move that he makes is calculated to diminish our Constitutional rights and to promote the socialistic goals of Communism that were predicted by Nikita Khrushchev in 1959 when he said " We will bury you in Communism '. America is about freedom. Communism is about turning a nation of people into expendable cattle ...each of which bears an identification number and is discarded when of no further use to the state. IMPEACH AND REMOVE THIS DICTATORIAL TYRANT and ban him from the priviledge of holding public office in The United States Of America and it's teritories ever again.
Congress needs to be purged as well!
the sooner the better - get rid of our imperial dictator!!!
Inpeach President Obama now.Why has the Senate not did sme thing. Inpeach him now . What are the Senator afraid of . If they dont vote right they out any way. No more power for them. Get out or do there job. Follow the Constitution.
he needs to go to JAIL!!!
As a Veteran of two wars, I fought against Marxists & Socialists. Never, never did I ever imagine it would be here as it is now.
something has got to change & change fast!

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