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This person is tearing our country apart!
Do this not for just us Americans but for all Americans past ,present and future.
stop stalling & DO IT!!
As a Nation we desperately need Conservative Christian Leadership In Office to undo all the evil that has been perpetrated against the American People. Ted Cruz - Mike Lee - Rand Paul - Three Great Leaders In Washington DC - Thank You Guys *
He is a continuing danger to the Nation, can not govern and is inelligible for the Office! Globalists have taken over the government and he is their puppet!
There is a reason your kissing obama's ass. By the way Flake and McCain I put out your reply email, that you said obama's actions don't warrant impeachment. I copied and pasted them to the most watched website's, so people can see your no conservative, you are a traitor to the American people and to your own country. So impeach your selves while your at it ok. Because you both have lied to we the people once you got into power. Hope you repent before you leave this earth, your going to need that fire insurance, because eternity is forever. I don't hate you, but I have to call out your lies, and when your doing wrong. GOD expects nothing less of me, but he expects people that hold positions of power to a higher standard. Remember life comes and goes quickly, then all of us have to stand before GOD almighty and give an account. So start doing what's right it's not to late! Diana
impeachment and removal from office.
Obama nor Obama Administration has [have] been honest since he has taken office...It appears no one want to impeach him in Washington, D.C....

I'm Afro-American who has been targeted [like others] for speaking out against Obama and Obama Administration...

My life my character has been smeared and it's hard to believe this is really happening...If elected officials aren't going to push to impeach Obama and fire Holder than we should push it...

It makes me question what is point of elected officials if they aren't willing accept truth?

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