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commie should already be in jail.......
He is not above the law! He cares nothing about the Amearican people! He needs to go!
send him (Obummer) straight to jail. That's where he belongs
We deserve better!
Please do this as soon as possible. We don't want the decline of our country to get worst. Thanks
I wish I had a magic wand and could "poof" him out of office!
Our once great country is the laughing stock of the world because of Barack Obama. This Marxist president who ignores our U.S. Constitution needs to go before more damage is done.
Please, Please, for the good of our country and its people DO THE RIGHT THING-IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!
Impeach Obama ASAP! Don't wait anymore.He is doing more damage to our country and his spending is out of control.
If not you then who
9 minutes ago    link Jeannie E. from Columbia, MO writes:
Would someone please get this murdering, lying, destructive thing and his evil accomplises out of OUR WHITE HOUSE!!! How much longer are you going to wait??? Until this country is beyond repair??? NEWS FLASH!!! ITS PRETTY MUCH THERE NOW!!! DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF WRITING & COMPLAINING ABOUT IT!! You'd probably get more contributions if you got him out and put a President in there that actually created jobs instead of lying about it! We haven't had a President ( or atleast I haven't ) since Bush left office! IMPEACH ALL OF THESE IDIOTS, FILE CHARGES, AND FIX THIS HORRIBLE MESS WE KEEP SIGNING PETITIONS FOR! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD & THIS COUNTRY!!! DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!
Along with impeachment must come imprisonment. America cannot afford to leave Barack Obama sitting in office after he is impeached, as we did Bill Clinton.

Nor can we afford to allow blundering Joe Biden to fill the US Presidential seat. If necessary, he, too, must be impeached and imprisoned.

Most of the Obama administration belong behind bars, for illegal, unconstitutional, traitorous acts. It shouldn't be hard to begin at the top and, working down, clean the slate, so we can begin again, with the God-revering, freedom loving Government we once had.
Please, Please, for the good of our country and it's people do the RIGHT THING-IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!
This president from day has has done so much damage to America. Our enemies no longer are afraid of us. They laugh at us. Our treasures have been spent on worthless givaways, Washington is out of touch with America. The EPA is crippling our economy to grow, The IRS and NSA should be taken apart for the scandals against all Americans not just against conservatives. Our countrymen in 1770s went to war against this behavior from England. Affordable Care/Obamacare should not even exist today for it was sold as a health plan but its a tax. That we are being forced to buy This goes against our Bill Of Rights and Constitution. Also since the president changed Affordable Care/Obamacare so many times with out Congress the law is not the law the Supreme court signed off on. Its time for Impeachment. On the grounds of Incompetents to start with.
Think above your own selfish interests,and for Christ,s sake do something.Both parties in the house and senate have become obama bobbleheads.
What are we waiting for!!!!
Congress is to blame for not keeping Obama in check.
This plea for impeachment should actually be a declaration of treason.
Stop talking about it and do it, now. Janyce
He has made a mockery of the United States. He has to be stopped.
Remove Obama now!!! Stop the lawlessness.
This has got to end before the damage he has created can only be reversed by taking up arms. WE must make an example of him to deture future attempts to become King
The country can not any longer afford Barack Hussein Obama.
This president is worse than Carter and Nixon put together. He was never properly vetted and we need to charge the people that let this slip thru the cracks to further their agenda -- charged with treason and put in prison.
This president doesn't deserve to be called president of the US he disgraces the office in which he holds. This office needs its dignity back like its supposed to be. Tell the truth the whole truth so help me God. Not tell the lie and nothing but a lie so help him satin. I challenge the congress to set forth on the path to Impeach this liar for which he stands.
we should remove boehnar also and mitch mcconell
Obama makes hitler and Nazis,stalin,mousilni,bin laden,taliban jim jones and Charles manson look like saints.reid,shumer,palosi,gillbrand,higgens and the rest of liberal Nazis should be impeached.obama and his followers should be in a circus
We have impeached for lesser crimes! The time is now. Our country is being destroyed by a dictator who wants it all! Enough is enough. DO IT NOW!
I think we need to impeach Harry Reid! If Obama didn't have all of his enablers he wouldn't be able to do a darned thing!
For the love of God, please act and remove Obama from our country..
Congress, have the guts todo what you were elected to do. Quit being chickens in responding to the Dictator.
Impeach Obama now. Get him out of the White House. He's ruining our country!
the quintessential liar is not incompetent. his true goal is to destroy the America which is the last bastion of Freedom
we can no longer afford for this person to be our so called Prez..
He is destroying this Country!!
He is selling America down drain he needs out before he drags America to hell
Obama must go and must go NOW !!!

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