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We need to impeach all of the politicians in D.C. They are getting paid to do a job and have failed the American people. Shame on them.
Obama is a dictator, American is a free country, he will not tell us what to do. Time to go Obama
He is systematically destorying America. How much longer must we wait to take Action!!!!!
Obama hates America because He is a Muslim. The Taliban got him elected as the United States President to Destroy America. He was elected illegally. Obama needs to be Impeached!!!
He is systematically destorying America. How much longer must we wait to take Action!!!!!
He is systematically destorying America. How much longer must we wait to take Action!!!!!
He is dividing our nation by being a bully.
Obama must be impeached to save our great nation from destruction from within, either by design or incompetence.
goodbye Obama
and shove your healthcare up you*****then go see a doctor about the big load of******constapating your colon
"No free speech zones" pushed it too far.
He has to go....
I am heartsick at the blatant abuses of our Military on every level. With the 17% shutdown Obama has found a way to hurt HEROES from wars fought ages ago. We watch this going on as he continues to wallow in all any dictator could wish for himself. He cares nothing for the American working stiff, his breaks go to big business and big buck donors. With CONTROLCARE ONLY THE WEALTHY WILL BE HEALTHY.
This has to be one of the worst times in Americas history. Something needs to be done before it is too late
get him out of office or america will no longer be a free nation.
He needs to go now!! he is NO leader.Too selfish and doesn't care about the Country only getting his way.
This guy is not an American. He's instilling fear in the American people with all this talk of what will happen if we default on our debt. He's supposed to be a leader, not a fear monger. He's got to go and people need to educate themselves and stop relying on the slanted, liberal media.
He is running this country into the ground, and has NOT in anyway made this country better! He constantly ignores the very principals America stands for
Enough is enough, #wakeupamerica
This man is a travesty and needs to go. I've never paid much attention to politics but since he has been in office I have and this man is nothing more than a community organiser at best and when his lips are moving it is telling more lies
Please take Obama out of office before he strips us of anymore dignity as a country.we have become the laughing stock of the world!
He is not a real American president. He is the welfare president.
Not adhering to constitution, which is suppose to protect us. Constantly telling congress if they don't side with him he will go over their head
He has got to go.
He has got to go.
It time for the people to stand united.
It time for the people to stand united.

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