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there is a revolution coming and we will hold every state representative responsible if no action is taken to remove this threat to our nation. this message is from the freedom fighter of America. we stand together as one nation under god to fight the treason and threat caused by our failed government. you are in violation of our constitutional rights and civil rights. we know the laws of our nation, now you should learn them and follow them. your oath was to protect the peoples rights, not your own.
get rif of the hole darn bunch of liars
He has lied about to many important things and is not a leader that our country needs. He needs to go.
Obama is a communist .muslim terrorist sent to infiltrate our government and take it down.No country could beat us in a war so they had to do it from within.please impeach Obama for atleast one of his treasonous acts against the American people! his reign will be our downfall!!
the communist tryannt Obama is out to destroy America and our freedoms He should be IMPEACHED FOR LYING TO FOR SELLIONG WEAPONS TO OUR ENEMIES IN BENGAZI AND FOR GOING AGAINST HS SWORN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION which he hates wake up congress NOW
He has done way more than Nixon or Clinton, and they went to trial. I think he has betrayed his oath of office numerous times, abusing executive orders. and alienating our allies wile promoting personal agendas with our enemies
over 500 people are in the house and congress and no one has done anything to start impeachment process they all need to go and get new BLOOD THAT CARES ABOUT AMERICA !
Finally "We The People" are beginning to see the Light that
the Obama Administration has been hiding in the Dark.

Simply Google Search these Headlines to find the TRUTH.

"Criminal investigation of Obamacare sought"

"Criminal Terror Charges filed against Barack Obama"

"President Obama Is a Secret Muslim Brotherhood Member"

"Obama Bought Off NBC / MSNBC"

Extremely Shocking News! "Muslim Brotherhood Members In The White House"

If You Don't want to loose Your Freedom do a little Research.

This is Not for Any Political Group but from one American
Citizen to All American Citizens. After doing these simple
Searches and You're still in doubt, there is probably little
hope that You'll ever find the Truth.
Impeach immediately!
He seems to support any country who hates us. Also seems to be trying very hard to turn this country into a Socialist country dependent on government.
I hope that we the people will be listened to but we may have already lost that right.
This should have been done long ago.
He seems to support any country who hates us. Also seems to be trying very hard to turn this country into a Socialist country dependent on government.
Get this worthless ****** out before its too late!
The man is a Pariah. He must go!
Impeach Obama and try him as a traitor
Impeach Obama
Please impeach this man and get him out of the White House & off of American soil!!!

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