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And he's a liar.
he has cost us so much money get him out now
Get er DONE! NOW!!!
No impeachment, tried for TREASON then prison in Kenya
About damn time!
Please start this process at once!
I have signed soooo many of these! When is someone going to get this done???
He is breaking the law and violationg our constitution. This should have already been done.
He is breaking the law and violationg our constitution. This should have already been done.
Obama is a traitor, should be tried as such and punished to the full extent of the law!
He's been a bum since day one!
This should have been done long ago.
while we have less and less Money in our Pocket , Obama give the Tax Payers Money to the Muslim Brotherhood and no one stops him . Our one time Great Country is being destroyed from our President , please Impeach him before it is too late .
When is something going to be done to this evil administration? I have signed every petition on here and have seen NO results!
Our Constitution,
Our Country.
Extradite Obama to Egypt immediately!!!!!
this one time great Country is being destroyed in every Aspect . Americans are being treated like Slaves and have less Money in their Pocket , while Obama gives the Taxpayers Money to Muslim Brotherhood and nobody stops him . We want our Country back now

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