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Impeached and tried for treason.
worse president of all times, had a lot of hope for him , but he is way over his head in politics.
Obama needs to go NOW before this country is completely destroyed.
Complete failure of a person and a president
Complete failure of a person and a president
He has destroyed the USA......
Time to go...
Impeach Him Now! Petition, Please Sign
The Military needs to remove him from the Peoples House. Just for letting terroist free never mind murder and the lies!
we need a new leader who knows how to lead.
Finally a Start to Impeach!

Republicans In This State Just Took Steps To Impeach Obama

The sooner the better!
obama does not deserve to be a president.
He is not honest, and does not like Christian. I believe he is destroying American.
He is destroying everything our forefathers fought for and the dreams for our future
Obama along with other democrats and republicans have been guilty of breaking their oath of office! No more corruption truth must prevail!
Impeach all of these clowns obama on down, treading on our constitutional rights, they are commies, and no longer represent me or the american people
We are sick of this man's lies, hypocrisy, and his gangster, mafia style corruption. We have a hoodlum for a leader. Obama is an imposter, simply "posing" as President, with obvious destructive intentions. Impeach Obama NOW!
impeach in the House!

Gain popular support for his arrest and by pass the corrupt Senate.
We impeached Nixon for Watergate. We impeached Clinton for sex with an intern. Neither one of them killed Americans, yet Obama is still in office? Impeach Obama - give America back to the people.
We need to come together and get him out
Under the Obama administration I am being targeted with "directed energy weapons" for watching You Tube Videos of Senator Ted Cruz on my tablet in the Wifi area of Vintage Apartments in Laughlin, NV. There are a lot of criminals living throughout this Senior building. They all belong in prison for Felony Battery for targeting American Citizens through a criminal cartel. Please get all the hoodies out of our White House. They are turning America into a ghetto slum. Thank You Senator Ted Cruz for bringing moral integrity to the Senate floor in spite of the fact you are surrounded by career criminals and hardened, calus, spiritually regressed, sociopaths whose common goal is to serve self above all others just like their Master Lucifer. Americans, this is serious. Vote Conservatives Only at the polls in 2014 November Elections. We must get these Democratic Senators kicked to the curb.
See who's leading America Picture
He is the definition of anti-american
USA going down fast under obama's watch
We are The United States of America, What kind of President allows himself to be Blackmailed?
Never has one President created so much crisis in such a short time. He has already overstayed his welcome. Time to go O.
Why is he still in? What is the problem? He is 100 times worse than Nixon and Clinton together! Turning country into nothing I can make heads or tails of!! It is so past time to get him out!! Has nothing to do with color! Boot him!!
This is the worst President EVER!!!!!!
He has brought the USA to its knees and will not quit until he has full control of this country and us. We are now living in the new USSR! For Gods sake stop him!
Why Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Woman Who Knew Obama in High School Says He’s a Transvestite
Now! Before it's too late.
Impeach him
My signing of impeachment of the figure in the presidents shoes
Let the systems busters unite and truth ring free within the unity consciousness movement to end and this contract and so it is!! 6 21 14
What are we waiting for??
What are we waiting for??
It’s not the Democrat Senate that prevents anything
from being done about Obama, it’s both parties.

Congress is complicit in assisting and allowing an
ineligible, identity fraud con-artist in becoming the
putative president, and in the cover-up of his usurpation..
Many, if not most, knew Obama was ineligible in 2008, when
they said and did nothing to stop him from being on the ballot,
or from being sworn in as president. Over the years much more
evidence of Obama being a total and compete fraud has emerged,
but Congress cannot act to impeach or even investigate Obama
without the risk of fully revealing and having acted on their
complicity in the biggest fraud/hoax in history. What Congress,
both parties, did and are still doing is treason, their is no
way they are going to do anything that would cause that treason
to be acted on. This means Obama can trample the Constitution
and do anything he wants with fear of Congress……and he, and his
regime, are doing exactly that.

Having a Republican Senate would not change anything, the
current Republican House could start impeachment anytime
they wanted….but that would likely reveal the complete truth
about Obama, something Congress, both parties, fear allowing
to happen. Boehner is one of Obama’s biggest protectors.
It all began with a simple question of origin. "Where were you born?" And it has been a downhill debacle ever since.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for being so complacent. Impeach him now.
Worst president in our country's history. From an exploded national debt, forced Obamacare, NSA, VA, IRS scandals to the tragedy in Benghazzi and the mess brewing in Iraq, this weak, incompetent fool must be impeached. We want our country back.

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