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Clinton was chastised for CHASING SKIRTS!!! Look what all Obama has done and there he sits... mouthing at others, lying and causing trouble!!!

Get rid of him!!!!
I am not sure what exactly is going on in Washington D.C., but I feel sure that obama knows exactly what he is doing and what his next move will be. It is time to get rid of this man as our president. He is trying to convert our country to communism and we are standing on the sidelines and watching him do it...
At some point we will be asking how this happened!
Obama has done nothing but lie since he took office and has definitely NOT upheld our Constitution or the oath he took!
This man is a TRAITOR & is trying to destroy our country! ARREST him NOW!!
IMPEACH this imposter,or we loose America never to get back and ..Then turn into a muslin state.,
Obama has broken so many laws and is still trying to dismantle the
Enough us enough. Impeach this guy. He's clearly the worst president ever bc he can't do anything right and could care less about our troops or Americans.
The girlie president should be kicked out and sent to live with his muslin brothers.
Work your butt off to remove this POS(ER) from doing any more damage to this country!
This President is not inept, he knows exactly what he's doing, and he intends, as he is doing, to bring America down to a size he sees fit. Impeach this socialist!
Enough of this lying impostor. Obama and the rest of them should be in prison...for a very long time. We have an upside-down world...that has gone mad!
Contacted J. McCain he has no interest in Impeachment of obama.
Just what I expected NO leadership no Balls a lousy
Cowardly response.
Unfortunately, I don't believe that any of you actually listen...which makes you as guilty as the poor excuse for a president that we have!
The republicans need to start activate impeachment proceedings!
Worst president ever.
it is past time to impeach. holder was held in contempt of congress to datebut nothing has been done about it that is pathetic
Not with the current Senate!!
Stop the Insanity!
IMO he is acting along in many important issues and that is very dangerous. The Constitution means nothing for him.
We have a fraud in office, Impeach this Kenyan!

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