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Impeach the socialist muslim and send him and his phony birth certificate back to kenya where him and his flag hating wife belong .
the whole government needs to be fired and start again also the president should have to be X military period!!!!
Impeach and imprison for high treason against America. He has proven himself repeatedly to be a domestic enemy of the country.
Do it NOW!!!!!
We cant take it anymore
He does not have a clue. Unfortunately neither did/do the people that voted him in for a 2nd term in office. This week has been the worst!
We need to save America and it can only happen if Obama is gone.
The kenyan moslem in OUR White House MUST be removed with extreme prejudice.
Not only Nobuma, but a Dem Party must close Down and prosecute all Dems who was support a illegal alien to President. Dems are criminals who commit treason.
Just get rid of this illegitimate no-good lying jackass!
I demand immediate action to remove the tyrant.
Obama, the anti-christ, along with those who vote his agenda, should be impeached by all GOD loving Americans.
We all know NObummas background, and the people he associated him self with (markcists, komies, American haters, flag burners,fagots, etc, etc,)so what can we expeckt from this traitor, Hi is only out to destroy by order of Soros.
Call me whatever you want, I have had enough of this "man's" destruction of everything we hold dear, including our exceptionalism. He is not my President.
If the above listed transgressions do not qualify for impeachment proceedings it will only go to prove that our representatives are unable , unwilling and unqualified to do the job they have been ELECTED to do
u forgot he has refused to enforce DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act ( 1 man 1 woman ) and refused to enforce current immigration laws, allowing convicted illegal alien criminals out of jail.
Barry's Impeachment is long, long overdue
We need Obama out of the white house and now before the United States no longer exists
God speed
impeachment is not enough, charge him with treason by giving aid and comfort to two terror groups and do not pretend he did no such thing for we the people know he did, and all of the government needs to be kicked out of our government. we are fed up..Semper Fi
He needs to get our Marine out of a Mexican prison, stay off of vacation and quit wasting tax dollars with his plan to destroy America.

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