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He is destroying our country and not protecting the people.
And now the deal with Iran - a country that should be wiped from the face of the Earth.
I dont know why he is still so sad America let's terrorist run this country what happen to us god bless America
Why has this not been done yet? He is worthy of impeachment.
Why has this not been done yet? He is worthy of impeachment.
I come from a family of Marines and Navy officers not only am I terrified of their safety I am terrified of ours as a nation. We need to stand up for our country and stop letting the terrorist attacks happen here. Our military is trained for these situations let's show them what the United States can do and stop Obama from making us look like cowards!
He needs to be tried for TREASON. . . and MURDER!
Not only impeached but should be tried for treasonist act against American interest and circumventing the constitution of these United States
Impeach now!
send the scumbag to prison where he belongs
Lets take america back!!! If we don't stand up who will?
He is a traitor a TERRORIST. He never should of been in white house in the first place.
arrest & deport asap iran jail would be a good place
May he burn in Hell.
Obama is a traitor. He is in the stage of trying to do as much damage as he can before he is out of office.
We need a real president not a clown like Obama!
He has Henderson us instead of helped us. He should've never been President in the first place. He wasn't even born in the USA.Kenya is his home as his wife wife stated on my occasions by mistake then fumbled for I want them out ASAP before more of our soldiers die on our soil.
He has proved repeatedly he does not love this country and our Constitution which he violates almost daily. He has created tyranny by his actions.
He should not only be impeached, he should be thrown in prison for treason, not upholding the constitution, and lying under oath
ii too join the voices of impeachment for a president who loves not this nation but has deceived America with his agenda of disarming america
Get him out like 2009 already he is destroying america our beliefs our Constitution he has betrayed us by breaking laws setting new laws destroying our economy adding to our debts apologizing to our enemies for america so on and so on. I take a stand to save our America get this enemy out put him in jail he has broke the law

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