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We can not afford to have that trator in office any longer.
The only reason why obama is in office in my opinion is because he and all the other ANTI-AMERICAN terrorist which includes, but not limited to Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid used thugocracy and control of the media along with control of the voting booths to illegally change the way true AMERICANS wanted to vote. The ANTI-AMERICAN terrorist still control by illegal means the news we receive from the media, so they can keep AMERICA under their ANTI-AMERICAN terrorist control.
Until and unless the true legal Americans start doing something, we WILL LOOSE AMERICA forever.
Pray, that God may have Mercy on us all.
Please be the one to step up to the plate and lead the charge in this area of impeachment. In addition to all the other things mentioned he and his family have take exorbitant vacations at taxpayer expense when the majority of tax paying American citizens have had to eliminate vacations from their budgets to even survive. He is not the leader we need for this time in our country's history.
I don't think you can get it done but it should be a priority motion if legal grounds can be found. He is an the worst president yet and the country is falling apart under his leadership where every thing bad is beginning to ruin the country. Obama has no idea of the constitution and is bent on changing this great country in every and anyway he can.
Bama is far worse then Nixon or Clinton
I live in an area over run by illegal Mexican immigrants. They are bleeding our state dry of medical and food benefits and lowering property values. They are here illegally and gaining benefits that they should not be entitled to. Our own American Citizens are suffering and find it almost impossible to receive any assistance, yet the food stamp fraud is amazing. Remove the TAKERS and give us our FREE country back!!!
When will this happen, after the election?
Washington is utterly corrupt. All that our elected officials care about is getting re-elected and keeping their power. These are the people who are sworn to protect the Constitution. Yeah, right!
I hope its not too little too late!!!
impeach enough is enough
We still haven't gotten to the truth about his eligibility because no court in the land will allow an honest hearing on the facts, even though a duly elected law enforcement official has determined there is probable cause to believe his documentation is fraudulent.,
Throw the commie,muslim,community organizer,POS,domestic enemy of the Constitution out!
So far, he seems to be above the law. He and Holder,etal have basically made Obama a dictator and I believe nothing less than a civil uprising of sorts will remove him. He is reminds me of Hitler, and I believe, much more powerful. He imposes his power on the citizens of this country, but has weakened our armed forces and our position throughout the world to the extent that we are more vulnerable than any time in our history. If something is not done, it may be too little, too late. We may have reached that point now, very sad, especially for our posterity. Wake up America.....
Can't believe you left out the worst parts!!! Obama is the incestuous brother of space alien muslims and was born in Alpha Centauri, therefore not eligible to be president and is operating under false pretenses which is a crime against humanity: ARREST AND PRISON HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can't IMPEACH one who does not legaly hold office! You try them for TREASON and then you get rid of THEM!!!
Keep this country a Christian nation. No Muslims allowed. Deport them all, including Obama.
It's about time....please move quickly...we are dying....jhl
Why do we have members from the radical Muslim brotherhood running our Dept of homeland security? Their beliefs= people in the USA (a Christian Nation) bow to their god & obamas god allah or get death Now think about that!Obama is even helping to arm the muslims against Isreal!
Obama needs to go, he has destroyed America and what we stand for. I can't believe this has not already taken place.
He should have been impeached a LONG time ago!!
He should have never been allowed in office because he hasn't any legal right to hold that office!!
the sooner the better I`m tired of living under this communist rule
President Obama is a domestic terrorist of the worst kind.
Don't buckle under pressure, do what made you get into politics in the first place....for the people, not for corruption.
This man has caused more damage to this country than another country could have done or been allowed to do. He is a destructive terrorist to our country. Impeach him!
Lets take back America before it`s to late!
Obama has taken away the fundamentals of which this country was founded on. He swore to represent "The People of the United States" . Instead he has taken it upon himself to do his own will., And in turn he has made a laughing stock of this country to other countries around the world.
This president has ruined our nation & what it once stood for.

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