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Spread The Word. Lets get this to Congress!
Spread The Word. Lets get this to Congress!
He is an affront to all those who believe in freedom. Having lived in W. Pakistan myself, I know Muslims are not allowed to have their (dirty) dogs travel with them in their same vehicles of transport. That is why we pay to have the Obama's dog shipped separately everywhere they go. He is a Muslim at heart.
He has proven that he is not competent to be President of these great UNITED States
I have submitted this info before. Never have I gotten. Response
He should be tried for treason along with his accommodating cronies and then put to death by firing squad
What needs to be said. Everything that could go wrong, has been going wrong in this country for the past five or six years. We need HOPE and CHANGE, like YESTERDAY!!!
It is the duty of our Congress to perform such actions. Congress is failing the people of the United States of America.
he lied under oath to keep the constitution.
We want an honorable man back in the White House not this treasonist piece of crap!
out now!
Enough is enough, I opposed his election in 2008 and 2012 and I still oppose his political games and circumvention of our constitution, he needs to go along with the rest of his admin
I don't believe Obama will listen to anybody. He's too narcissistic, spoiled, and power-hungry. His only legacy will be that of the only president who attempted to destroy America.
We can't survive 2 more years with this incompetent socialist
imperialist, wanna be king.
Wow, It's really scary when not even the U.S will help Israel when under attack
. Come on Obama I've had enough of you doing nothing!
Dump this fascist dictator; he's ruining our once-great country.
He has hidden what is happening with the illegal children at the border with Mexico from congressmen and reporters illegally.
I totally agree with impeachment.
We can't survive 2 more years with this incompetent socialist
imperialist, wanna be king.
Worst president ever
Get out of office Obama you socialist communist! You are being protected by the devil himself. You are turning our beautiful country into a 3rd world country!!! Shame on you!!!
Im not a political person. If a president is elected and does a good job according to the united states people. Im happy. We have gone thru alot of presidents over my life time. I really didnt want obama to be re elected for his 2nd term but it didnt seem like there was too many options to choose from. I was happy that obama made president at the beginning. It was nice to give a minority a chance to show his stuff. Obamas stuff started off good, with the capture of the people who was involved in the 911. Then as a middle class person, getting the opportunity to buy a house with a big 8000.00 bonus was great. I guess he started out good. Good with the non presidential duties. Trying to make the people happy. The obama care will flop. There should be a basic insurance for the people like CUPP. Adults under 40 was 39.00 per month and the children under 18 was free. I was using my work insurance but found, as a single mom, i could not afford it. The goverment insurance, CUPP, was great. Obama tried to do good, at the beginning, but is not making friends now. He should back down and let someone else do the job. Spending more money is not helping this country. Dont help the teriorist, help your own people. There is alot of US people who lost their jobs and who are living on the streets, or commiting suicide because they cant live healthy lives. You need to follow the laws, you need to go thru the channels. If they say no, dont do it anyway, just because your the president. I feel bad for the next president who will follow after the mess obama is making. It will take his or her first term to fix the mess. I feel we should elect a girl next time. Hillary Clinton will be a good option. Why not................
save america
Take The Terrorist Down! Send Obama to federal prison!
Some of the Illegal Immigrant Children have been diagnosed with Tuberculosis. It is an incurable strain resistant to treatment. Those children who test positive for TB should be quarantined immediately, but instead they are being bussed all over America. My question, is this biological warfare on American Citizens? What else has to happen before Obama is removed from office?
It can't be too soon. we are being destroyed from within

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