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I am tired of this president doing what he wants while bypassing congress and the American people. Enough of the lies and coverups. Take responsibility for your actions and STOP dismantling our country
It's past the time to correct this problem and if left unchecked it will get worse.
Get rid of our American Emperor!
We cannot allow this child to complete his full term. The next prez. will say "Obama Did it" so I can too. This guy can bring end to the best country in the world. Please God hear our prayers. God Save the United States of America
This man in wholly unfit for office and a danger to our Constitution and liberties.
What more can be said?
**** this ****ing *******, Why doesn't congress hear our pleads for impeachment. I am a hispanic male, And even i am against this ****ing reform. **** YOU OBAMA and your stupid agenda to strip us of our rights. Just resign already, before it gets bad
Obama u r a lie muslun extraist u hate america
Impeach this Marxist SOB before he totally destroys our country!
Get out of our white house you dirty muslim!!!
Please Mr President. Stop what your doing. You act like your above the law and don't answer to anyone. You have failed the American public. Your the CEO, and you should have been fired and are resigned by now. Your a fraud. You abuse your rights, and power in office. You have taken way to many trips abroad. You are a leader of fraud, waste and abuse. I voted for you in 2008. Close our borders. Stop allowing illegal aliens to come across our borders. They don't pay taxes, lie on w2 forms. By claiming way too many people. Take there money and send it out of the us. And are not taxed a penny. It's another thing that has happened on your watch. You blame everyone else, but take not responsibility for your actions. Your in denial on everything. I'm tired of hearing out of your mouth. This is the first I've heard of it. Your not a leader, and have no experience. Please, sir. Do America and it's people a service. And grow up. Be honest. Time to be a man. Resign.....
He does not enforce our laws and it is a danger to our country.....
It is time to impeach. He is not a king, he is not an emperor. He has NO right to bypass congress with these executive orders. Congress makes the laws, NOT him. IMPEACH! NOW!
Orly Taitz has all documentation needed to "fry the spy".
No President should be above the law in which they swore an oath to protect !!!!!
reckless governing...sorry for those who have worked hard to be legal...
This last executive order is the last straw for me. Subverting the imigration laws is criminal.
I'm really disgusted tonight the president went over Congress and the Constitution. He thinks he can do what ever he wants why won't any one do any thing about him and for the ones that voted for the sob. Thanks a lot you helped destroy America by putting him not once but twice by electing his Antichrist muslim*****twice. I'm and American what are you, I like my freedom it should be earned but it has by the men and women fault in the wars of the past. Not by giving it some one comes to this country looking for a free ride and the United States gives them housing and food stamps and health insurance they don't deserve it stay in your own country and take Obama with you.

And angry American

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Wisdom and audacity are quite contrary to one another Mr. President.
He has been the worst president ever. Obama care is the most stupid thing.
Wisdom and audacity are quite contrary to one another Mr. President.
Our Constitution is being dismissed as irrelevant in our President's actions. Impeachment, although severe, appears the only alternative left.
Follow the laws. He needs to be impeached...
All of out rights are being trampled and he is doing his best to ruin our country. He is going around Congress and around the laws and making his own. Save democracy and our country!
Worst. President. Ever. - Comic Book Guy
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May God Bless America
US Veteran
Freedom is not free, the sacrifices our forefathers made can not be passed to those that have no respect for our country and chose to move their people here by disregarding us, our country and our laws.

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