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I agree 100% with the comments above about the worst president in US history.
He is taking this country down the wrong path and has disgraced the men and women that have fought for this country
Obama has unconstitutional acts, He has allowed our boarders to go unprotected, He continues to over step his power for his own agenda. He gave up 5 terrorist to get one back! He has not only ensured our Country is bankrupt but he keeps ensuring that it is unrecoverable. And fining AMERICANS because they don't want OBAMACARE? that simply is crazy surely not legal and unconstitutional if its not good enough for CONGRESS it's not good enough for WE THE PEOPLE! 100% un-ethical. Stop the Dictator & Terrorist he is AMERICA"S biggest THREAT!
we need to check all the voters to see who can actually legally vote.I dont think he won the LEGAL vote.he has committed high treason and other crimes along with the rest of his cronies which all should be put on trial and iif convicted, punnished accordingly.Im a vet and a christian and not afraid to stand up to the bullies in washington.Obama is the most dangerous person EVER to disgrace the white house.
All you people shouldn't have voted for him in the first place
I didn't go for him.
It's your fault
Kick his sorry butt to the curb.
He is ruining this country!! We need him out, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IRS SCANDAL, and releasing terrorists from Gitmo without authorization, High crimes and misdemeanors !!
We are wrong about Obama not doing a good job. As a Muslim he's bringing
down the Great Satan and Living like a King at the Peoples Expense.

Turned the US into a welfare state with way too many people depending on
the Government.

Wasted Billions on shovel ready jobs and later said "there is no such thing
as shovel ready job." case closed.

He has brought this country to her knees at Our expense.

He is turning a Christian Nation into a Muslim Nation.

Trying his best to take away our gun rights.

He funded and supplied the Muslim brotherhood with his brother Malik and
then President Morsi in Egypt with Our tax dollars and it goes on and on.

Get this Corrupt Con Artist Radical Muslim Out of Our Government and escort
him to Prison With Out Bail.
Need to get beak tot he roots of America and get someone in office that loves America
Mr.Obama took an oath of office to which he has made a mochary!! I cannot for the life of me understand how he is still in office! Never has a president shown such a disregard for the laws and the constitution of this once great country. I pray that the people in office who can remove him will finally do the right thing for the salvation of the country and impeach this man and start healing our nation! My only fear is nobody in office really cares and we the people are powerless. God bless the USA
This Character who impurely has entered this high office of power that has been corrupted by corporate evil has entered us literally into the Twilight Zone !!!!
He is the very danger our Constitution was meant to guard against.
if Obama stay in office two and half more years our nation will be destroyed.
Whats taking so long
if Obama stay in office tow and half our nation will be distroyed
Here is another Impeach Obama Website link found on Fox News to sign.
Evildoer is an understatement! Wake up America before it's too late.
the irs was operating by and for the president in targeting groups that don't support barrack hussain obama.
impeach, remove and put in jail
I am getting tired of his high taxes I barely made 3000 dollars this year part time and 700 of that was taken away I thought liberals were supposed to help the people not make there lives harder. And he is sneaky I don't trust a word he says he been caught hiding bad things and nixon got caught doing one thing wrong and hiding it his entire presidency and his reputation was destroyed. Obama routinely screws up and lies about it and the media still praises him where is the justice there?
should have never been elected for him not our cou

he is very unamerican
Enough is enough!
Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To the Muslim Brotherhood
Watch Short Video at
President Obama is the most corrupt president in U.S. history. This man is an embarrassment to all.
President Obama is the most corrupt president in U.S. history. This man is an embarrassment to all.
It's time for the people to stand up for this country! Before it is too late! Obama HAS & IS DESTROYING this country and what we stand for (one nation under God). We need our rights and our morals back! Get him out of office now!
Hurry before he gets 3rd term
We have no backbone if we do not impeach Obama!
We have no backbone if we do not impeach Obama!
When Obama came to office he threw out Jesus Christ and conjured up Satan. This country will never be the same without the blessings of Jesus and as long as we have Obama we won't have his blessings. How is it that no one in Washington understands that Obama is a Muslim not a Christian as he tried to make us believe while running for office. Muslims hate Christians making them "anti-Christ", it's not rocket science just common sense. Put this evil deceiver in his place behind bars with pictures of Jesus all around him. We are entering the Holy War, Good v/s Evil, Armageddon and Evil is currently in charge so get him out.
Wake up America, he needs to GO NOW!!! He thinks he's a dictator! What a joke to the world and destroyer of our great nation,

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