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Our country will not stand another 2 years of Obama and his policies!!!!! I believe in my heart that hates America and wants to destroy it!!!!! PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and throw congress out the front door with him!
It was so hard to believe that Obama actually has people that think he's doing a good job until realizing him being the anti-Christ. When you look at it that way he's playing by The Book (Holy Bible Revelations Chapter 13 - The Beast) Never knew until reading that just how good he was doing but it all matches up to him being the anti-Christ and in that perspective he is doing a good job but it doesn't mean he's right because he's not he's Evil through and through . He knows who he is and he's raining over his Kingdom knowing he can do anything he wants. PS: His numbers are 666 meaning he's not who he says he is.
Worse President this country has ever had, Move over jimmy carter.
He is dumb as a fox he knows exactly what he is doing to destroy this country and our elected one's are letting him get away it.He must go
I lost my insurance because of him.At the rate hes going we are all going to die.
Send him back Chicago with the rest of the thugs
Hope and Change = Lies and Mistakes.... (He Never Takes Accountability, No Economic Relief, Obvious Cover Up Without Inspection, Action, or Responsibility IRS-Benghazi-The VA-Berghdol... Time To Go
Get Him Out! He has no respect for our Country! God Bless the USA!
kick him to the curb.
He is not thinking of America. ...get him out
Barry needs to go.
We have had enough of Abama, get him out.
To much golf and no Leading
Please save our country!
Save AMERICA from this idot! I don,t care what color he is!He is weak and needs to be removed before this wonderful country falls.
Obama is a useless president. He is on an endless vacation at we the people's expense!
We believe President Obama has no idea what his duties are as the leader of the free nation. Our Country is crumbling around us while he is playing golf. I hope he learned how to play golf while in office, he can do that in his free time!
I don't believe he'll ever be impeached with a Dem Senate
President Obama has stopped taking care of his duties as President of the United States, and if he can't do his job properly, we need to find someone that can. He has failed the U.S.!
Watch Senator EXPLODE On Obama: “Stubborn-Headed, Delusional, Detached”
I believe he should be charged with treason , impeachment will not solve the problem of our country only criminal charges will stop the corruption. He has put our country in danger from multiple enemies.
A president who completely ignores the laws, even the ones he has imposed upon us, is doing nothing more than setting this great country up for failure. He has been constantly bypassing Congress and issuing his own Executive Orders to establish his reign as he sees fit. Turning over 5 high ranking Taliban officials in exchange for one American soldier. A soldier who completely deserted his unit. A person who would rather become a traitor than to do his duty. This president is provocatively taking away our democratic rights and continually turns the other way when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration. If we do not do something to get this man out of office, and prevent super pacs from sponsoring our government, these problems will persist, and we are all surely digging our own graves.
Whoever reads this I hope you are wise enough to stock up on food, water, gas and have a way to generate electric and so on. Simply imagine if the worse happens and think of what you would need to survive. We have it made now but what if there was no water, electric or gas and all the stores and businesses were shut down. The scary part is that it could happen and very well may with the collapse of the dollar or war. Think about it and remember who's making the decisions in our Nation's Capital be prepared for anything.
Get rid of the scum wimp!!!!!
275 soldiers being sent to their death in Iraq. Are you kidding me Just 275...? No disrespect for our Military but you don't send a boy to do a man's job if you expect to win! More major incompetence from Washington or I should say Obama since he always gets His Way. Remove this evil anti-Christ he's Killing America.

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