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We must remove all those who attempt to control our rights as americans .. That so called presidents motive is to get rid of our rights. We must stand up and take back what is ours.. to protect both America and nations that are for us not against us.. This man is against what our constitution reads!!!
I don't know why he is in office, the courts, to police, to his office are corrupt. History repeats itself, and we are the new Germany of ww2!!! Every corrupt government will fall and fail. If he is in office by 2016 with all this illegal crap he's doing, there will not be an American, but a u.n. martial law controlled state. Get that stupid moron out of office.
not right, throwing are tax money's on the wrong people.. We pay taxes out are hard earned money it's ridiculous prices on everything has gone up but our paychecks and Stay the same..its getting to were our middle class people are getting poor. And the poor Lost there homes living on the streets hungry and asking for money that's bad and they call this a free country... It must be nice to sit downand in state and wear nice clothes why the country Cant afford A gallon of milk that went up to almost $4bread almost $3 $10 is nothing you can't buy anythingso what should we do I guess to go work or stay home and eat bread and rice. and that's if we even have money left From putting gas in the car...
get obama out of the white house now he is killing off the country i fought for in viet nam, and yet he wants to be more flexible to our enemies?? Treason is what I call it
Muslims Take Fifty Innocent People, Cut Their Heads Off,
And Place Their Heads On Poles All Throughout The Area (Must See Footage)

Coming Soon to a Town or City Near You... Be Prepared !

Get Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood Out of Our White House !
Destruction of this country is in progress as we speak. We as the people are responsible of its reconstruction. USA uncontrol socialist agenda.
You left out: 1) By refusing all offers of aid to restrain or clean the BP oil spill at sea, he allowed the oil to reach US shores creating an environmental and economical disaster. 2) By sending illegal immigrant children to various states while refusing to inform said state's Governors of their arrival and location, he is criminally complicit in the trafficking of illegal immigrants.
Luke 21:20

20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with
armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.
He's nothing but a celebrity and a puppet for the US/UK elites.
he is impeached.
It's criminal to freely house, feed, and give money to illegal aliens on the backs of the middle class. And he gives the middle class the finger by raising their taxes with obamacare, all to fund illegal aliens. All the while our quality of life plunges. This is an outrage.
Don't dare believe the United Nations Counsel is there to protect Nations!!! That is "pure propaganda". The front of all fronts!!! They are behind all of the false flag attacks, and all of the war propaganda. They are behind all of the Muslim Terrorism in Nations, Globally. They are made up of Domestic and Foreign Terrorist, Globally. Their Agenda 21 is the same Agenda as NEW WORLD ORDER. No one wants them as a part of any Nation. They are dangerous terrorist. Insatiable blood thirsty pigs who worship Lucifer!!! They are using the Muslims through the Obama administration to fund and start wars in Nations through the Muslim Brotherhood, and their many terrorist groups. They are using the Muslims to implode their Depopulation Agenda 21 on Nations. They all belong in prison. A room with a cement floor, a stainless steel toilet, 1/2 thick mattress pad on a metal frame bed, a bright orange jumpsuit, a pillow covered in plastic w/ blue stripes, and three square meals a day of mostly peanut butter, 1 oz. of potato chips, and warm red Kool-aid For the rest of their lives!!! Christians worldwide need to form a real and true global organization of justice, and systematically process all these criminals through harsh prosecutions. Land all of them in prison where they belong to be. Society needs to be safe guarded against these Murderers!!! We must put an end to "monetary justice" and implement "true justice" in every Nation!!! Expose these pigs and give them a prison farm. There are many of our multi-national corporations involved in this. Stop patronizing their businesses America!!! Find out whom all is involved in United Nations. Stop supporting them!!! Do your research. Don't be afraid of the pigs, ever. Just put them in their place!!! They are only "falsely elevated" and self appointed to evil doing through demonic delusions of darkness, spiritual regression, moral decay, and dissention. Wake them up from their trance with true justice from the American People!!!
Published on Nov 26, 2013

"Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.[1] It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The "21" in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st Century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences.

During the last decade, opposition to Agenda 21 has increased within the United States at the local, state, and federal levels.[15] In January 2011, Commissioner Richard Rothschild of Carroll County, Maryland became the first elected official in the United States to successfully remove a U.S. jurisdiction from the ICLEI and Agenda 21.[16][unreliable source?] The Republican National Committee has adopted a resolution opposing Agenda 21, and the Republican Party platform stated that "We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty."

Those who follow Glenn Beck might be aware that Tuesday marks the release of his latest book, "Agenda 21," the suspenseful and perhaps sobering tale of a futuristic America in which a UN-led program spawned an authoritarian state where individuals are stripped of all personal rights and freedoms."
Great Article From Senator Ted Cruz. There is no arguing with the facts!!! Please Vote For Tea Party Leaders and Conservatives Only To Save Our Nation from Tyranny.

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today released the following statement regarding the Senate vote this evening on border funding legislation:

“Today Harry Reid blocked all consideration of legislation to stop President Obama’s amnesty. By refusing any debate or even a vote on legislation to stop Obama’s amnesty, Senate Democrats are cynically choosing to perpetuate the crisis. Every Senate Democrat but two voted against taking up legislation to stop President Obama's amnesty. They now own this crisis; each bears responsibility for enabling the President to march forward with plans to give amnesty to millions more who arrived in our country illegally.

“The evidence shows that the crisis at the border is a direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness, and the surge of unaccompanied children trafficked to the United States by drug cartels and transnational gangs will not ebb until Congress restrains the President from taking any further executive action.

“The House of Representatives is working hard to solve this crisis, but Harry Reid's do-nothing Senate has abdicated all responsibility.

“Last week, I introduced the Protect Children and Families Through Rule of Law Act that would stop President Obama’s amnesty. Faced by an extreme president who refuses to follow the law, Republicans should unite to stop the amnesty that is causing tens of thousands of children to be victimized by violent coyotes and drug cartels. The responsibility for the pain and suffering experienced by those children who are exploited by dangerous criminals and the associated burdens imposed on our border towns and cities now lies directly on Senate Democrats who would rather put hundreds of thousands more children and countless Americans at risk than stand up to the out-of-control and lawless president.”
The system and government has been messed up for years.... Why continue to fight eachother? Maybe the rich is feeling what middle and lower class has felt for years.. Suck it up and do your job! You are part of the problem... not the solution. Represent the people who put you there.... Wow! yes you too were voted in

Reflect on the dirt and corruption not to speak of lies causing the WAR that evaded our country over 8 years ago! The mess will not get cleaned up for many years to come

Think on your action... cause you will see them again -- that is a promise
I voted for him twice believing he was the man to clean up Washington politics. Since he entered office, he's become worse than Bush II!! We have tons of problems in America and he's hell bent on opening up the borders. He's constantly ignored and trashed African Americans at every chance possible. He's forcing and apart of this new push Dreamers into America using a false petition of persecution abroad. He's done nothing to fix many inner city programs. He mislead his constituents on the issue of male female marriage as a true union. Now he supports the very thing that I oppose in same sex marriage. He's show no competence on governing the minuteness of issues. He ideology is illogical for what will help America. He secretly worked a deal to release 5 terrorist for a AWOL soldier who chose to leave his post. I regret voting for him twice. Please remove him!! Or at least try and while trying strip his powers!
Muslims believe that Christians are the Enemy and if they do not Convert to
Islam they should either be Killed or put in Prison. Huh! Obama is a Secret
Muslim Brotherhood Member who has been Funding the Terrorist and although
he is Guilty of Treason, in his mind he's Not because in real life he's a Terrorist
but he does not like to use that word.

Ask Yourself why would a Muslim come to America, a Christian Nation, in the first
place? It's sure not because they like Christians because they are ant-Christian. Oh,
now I get it, they are forming an Islamic Nation and that has been Obama's Big
"Change" from the start.

Many of those crossing the boarder are most likely his Radical Muslim Brotherhood
Army getting ready to take us over and the Children are just a Smoke Screen to hide
them. No wonder Obama pushes so hard for Gun Control. When they try to take em,
that's when you Load and Cock em! Some will not except this but it's going on right
before our eyes.Do the Math, it All Adds Up so Take Him and his Muslim Brotherhood
Out, Now !

A Muslim In The White House - Proof Barack Hussein Obama Is A Secret Muslim

anti-Christ Obama? Islamic World Lauds Obama as the "Mahdi"
this man and his policies has destroyed my and many other Americans live lively hood. i want him to go down hard.
I have watched our country decline - what convinced me that Obama was not fit for leadership was when he demands people must have health insurance or will be fined.... Most can't afford to put gas in their car!! No coasts ion and forgot where he came from!! I want him out of office!!! A republican is much needed I pray for change ,
Get him out of there. Cut military spending. Will not secure boarders. No way I can stand back and let this happen!!
it is time that we have a president that supports america and stands by our allies, not some group that wants to destroy america.
It is time to stand together as a nation again and elect a president that will be there for us when we need him most. We need a president that considers himself as one of "us" (a citizen) and not be put on a pedestal.
We white americans are now the minority in our own country. That is a fact where I live. Now we have hundreds of Mexican children flown in that just walked across the border. they will be given free education, free food and clothing and a free home to live in, all paid for by our taxes. I did not approve this. Why should we allow this to happen. It's is horrendous. Each female child will be having children as soon as they can, because that is what they have learned from others than came here illegally. That way, their children will be legal and receive free benefits. I want a different president that has the good of the American people first on his agenda. Not Mexico or any other country. Obamacare is too complexly WRONG to even discuss. He is a joke. I don't want to live in a Mexican America. I want my county back.
This isn't the America that I grew up in , Mr Obama has seen to that , by destroying every last vestige of what this country stood for in the first place . He needs to leave office
Now !
It's called ILLEGAL immigration for a reason. You want to come into this country then do it legally, pay taxes, and learn to speak English! Obama.... Do your job! Start helping the middle class who work hard their whole lives and still have to live pay check to paycheck! We pay into the system but don't live off it. Where's some assistance and relief for us?!?Your priorities are a mess!!!!!
'IN GOD WE TRUST" short and sweet
we shall incur a greater end
He has turned our nation into our own hell we need to get him out before he makes it any worst
GET OUT! Impeach Obama, sooner the better
He is out of control and doesn't follow the Constitution. He cares nothing for the country or for its citizens. He has made us a laughing stock in the world and made us weak. We are no longer an admired and feared country, but a pure joke because of his policies and his actions.
If the president of the United States can admittedly say “we tortured some folks,” on live television and get a way with it, there is a ****ing problem. He was smiling when he said, he had a dead ****ing serious face on. So he won’t go to prison right? But kids are condemned for anti bullying. And he’s got the nerve to ask about his Birthday (which is 3 days away), ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING? When innocent babies, children, adult and old people are dying every hour, your talking about what you did in your last term.
Why does Obama hate America?
He should be removed now!
America it is time to act! We have to get this man out of office!
I am half black and half white. He cannot call me racist. I would gladly be a spokesperson if need be so the race card cannot be used, which is the only defense he has for any of this. I am also in the military and feel this man will march me to my death. America cannot handle another two years of this. Put an end to this tyranny.
Obama became president, due to the ignorance and naiveté of people who are mesmerized by false promises. Now he needs to be removed by people who possess the common sense and Christian values of our forefathers. Ronald Reagan was not perfect, but he was 100% American. He realized the dangers of big government. He also believed in God and prayer; sans separation of this church and state nonsense. Conversely, Obama is the antithesis of President Reagan. If America falls, it will be due in large part to his nefarious actions; and also, those of his supporters. I'm calling on Almighty God to help us now! Otherwise, America is doomed. I plead with all Americans to do the same. Amen!
You need to take obama out of the white house and dont let him be president he says that he hates america and that he wants islumes like him to take over this nation pleas if u really love america you need to take him out obama is a lier he wants people to think hes doing good things and helping us but hes doing us bad the people are so ignorent they dont see who he really is and tht he wants to do us bad obama is a lier and hes an evil islume the world woulf be better with him not being president instead of that new world order he wants to put
I agree obama should not be a president he is bad for america hes a islume hes not black thats why he hates america alot he wants to do us bad with obama care and the mark of the beast witch is the chip obama needs to not be president people think hes doing the best but they dont really know what hes up to plus he has us in so much dep
He's a Communist. He IS the Manchurian candidate. And the MSM aided and abetted the usurpation of our Republic. I am for a restoration of TRUE republicanism...little r. The political parties are both shot through with the worst kind of corruption...corruption of the soul. They sell themselves to the highest bidder like cheap whores on an auction block. They believe in nothing, not even themselves. They sit around like a bunch of paid harlots and wait for their corporate and media masters to tell them what is important and what to say. And that is what made Barack Hussein Obama a possibility. Anyone with an ounce of common sense could see what a charlatan he was back in 2004 when he spoke at the Democratic Convention. But he was black, and that was all that mattered to the liberal corporate elites and the MSM. The cake was baked at that point. Everything else was just the circus sideshow on the way to the coronation. Anyone who cannot see that has their head stuck in the sand or up their*****or both. And we don't need them. They will wilt like the tender effeminate punks that they are when it gets hot. PATRIOTS RISE!!
To place a law into effect that rations health care services for certain times of the year - when your health doesnt wait for open enrollment why should we have a law that demands that you should? And then get penalized for not having that health insurance? The affordable care act should have been the accessible care act - because health care shouldn't be about whether or not you can afford it - health care should be part of the constitution just like happiness is in the declaration of independence - how can one be happy if they cannot even afford or get health? Why is it that we HAVE to have health insurance? who does that benefit? the citizens? really? or do you mean Big Pharma and health insurance companies? No he needs to be impeached he abused his power as president, has placed socialist laws into effect that were actually communist - rationing health care?! come on that is communism, and now he is trying to create a law in which people for the sake of their livelihoods can not even garden in their back yard. The government should be created to protect the people of its country NOT to police it, regulate everything they do, and how they live - if that's the type of country you want to live in move to Cuba but do not bring your communist ways and infringe on my rights as a citizen here in the United States. Good bye and Good Riddance to Obama
Never before have I feared for my freedoms and rights until watching obama infringe more and more on them everyday

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