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The continued acts of TREASON and the obvious disgrace to OUR constitution NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! Get this terrorist out of our beloved White House!
God Bless America get that no good piece of crap out of our White House he s not a true American
Iran Deal is a treason!!! It's almost like giving your enemy who wants to kill you, a gun
Sit back and allow servicemen and women get murdered, but don't keep Iran waiting!?. Your a disgrace and the biggest mistake in U.S history! You Barack are a tyrant who's ONLY goal is to destroy this country! Allowing illegals and drug addicts to suck this economy more dry and allowing the good working people be in a lower state of poverty than the garbage you force us to provide to is shameful and a down right spit in the face. You are not my president, I did not vote for you the first time and I damn sure did not vote for you the second! You are not a hero, nor do you come close to a man. Your plan to enact the Cloward-Piven plan of the 60s is your way to then establish a garunteed annual income is faulty and will in the end further destroy this country into an unrepairable state. When you are dropped on your*****I pray you are tried as a tyrant and for treason, and are striped of any and all decoration s and are banned from this country or worse. Your welcome for my time
Obama is slowly destroying our Country by all the crap he's been doing! He wasn't even BORN here, so therefore he should NOT have been put in the White House! But we Americans are so stupid and so blind that we believed his FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE(Which stated he was born in Hawaii when he actually WASN'T) and put him in charge of our country! He's a traitor and shouldn't be allowed to stay in office any longer!
Get Him out of there now he is taking this country down.
America needs GOD BACK!!!!!!!!
He is an abomination to all of America! I want MY country back NOW!
Hew disrespectful to our soldiers!
Get him out of here. He's a tratior! He should be in prison!
Time to take back our country
He is a horrible president who only cares about him self
Impeach! America needs God!
He is the killer of USA
If we don't get him out all of American is going to be at war need him gone ASAP.
Everyone in Washington needs TO GO!!!
And I need to mention it is his administration and former Sec of State Hillary Clinton that supported the failed "Arab Spring", causing so much unrest in the Middle East and as a result the birth if ISIS. His administration sent weapons from Libya to Nursa Front in Syria who was allied with ISIS and they turned those weapons over to ISIS which we provided.
I agree whole-heartedly that President Obama's intentions the last seven years have been to diminish and weaken America as a whole, as well as remove the freedom that lies within it. I am in all support of his impeachment.
God bless
I believe he should have been impeached a long time ago. We got rid of Nixon for a lot less.
Why do we have a president who was not born in the us and helps isis?
Should be tried for treason

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