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With him being a Muslin Brotherhood Member did Barry Soetoro, choose
the name Obama for a play on words for his key agenda "ObamaNation"
sending out the message to his Muslim followers that their "Mahdi" had
arrived to form a Nation of Islam? They think so and so does he.

Sure sends a Warning to me as a Christian, Jesus warns us of the
"Abomination" of the anti-Christ in these end times and Obama fills
his shoes. Is this just a coincidence? Not from what I have learned.

Also, ask yourself who is benefiting most from the downed Jet? It sure
took the sights off the Obama scandals for a while in the NEWS Media
and pointed our anger toward Russia. After all Russia is having to
defend themselves from Obama backed Muslim Terrorist. No matter
who shot it down, bottom line, the Muslims are the Blame Source for
this too, at least that's how I see it.
It is long over-duel.
Let's take back our country from the Muslin,Communist president
It is past time to Impeach Obama. Lets get it done as soon as possible & file criminal charges against him. He should not be above the laws of the land.
Enough is enough. Fundraising is not what America is about. Helping the world and being a leader is. We need a president who loves and defends America. God help us all!
He Swore to uphold and to Defend the constitution of THE UNITED STATES and has done totally opposite .
It,s way past time it should have been done in 2009 and never have been reelected this egotist Muslim tratior bastard should be thrown in jail awaiting a firing squad and bidin to and the moocher
Impeach Obama
When one is raised in a Muslim country, unless there is a heart change that takes place, there will never be a head (mind) change. He does not want a heart or head change.
Oaths by Law Enforcement Officers require action in the observance of felony being done. Why is there no arrest of felons in high government positions? I was raised to believe that no one is above the law and that the law applied to everyone, even presidents. Being a citizen where a felon is allowed to openly flaunt lawlessness shames this nation.
MR Obama you are not for the USA.
I'm more for arresting him for treason as a US citizen.
He is breaking all the rules as we have known them, and he has to be stopped, he is against our constitution rights.

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