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Obama should be in jail
Impeach before it is too late!
He had rainbow bulbs waiting to light the White House up when gay marriage passed the SCOTUS, yet, it took almost a week to lower the flag to half-staff to honor our service members murdered on US soil by a jihad terrorist.
this man is an egotistical fraud!!! He belongs in jail.
As a Chattonagga Tennessee resident how dare you not show respect to the fallen marines and sailor And their families!!! You are the sorriest piece of crap to ever walk the planet!!!
He is destroying our country, start impeachment NOW!!!
send him to muslim country he seems to honor them more than care for us
Impeach and jailed
Since he has been in, the racism has gotten worse. It is so obvious that he is a racist. Plus I don't believe he is American!!!
The President has disregarded the constitution that he is sworn to defend. He said he will veto any objection from the senate. That means he doesn't care what the people he is supposed to protect want. He only cares about "his image in history" which will show him as the worst president since Andrew Johnson.
Add me to your watch list better yet ill add you to mine (bring it)
I feel that Obama has taken his role with nonchalance and disrespect. I do not respect him or those who back him.
This petition needs more exposure although I don't think it will do any good considering our current government is so corrupt that they will just squash it.
This should have happened years ago.
He is supposed to protect America... Instead he protected the terrorists.
Stop pulling back from being the great nation it is. Go back to the founding fathers principles- God Bless the USA
IMPEACH the Muslim BassTURD!
Get this unamerican out of office
Impeach the Muslim

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