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Why is he still in? What is the problem? He is 100 times worse than Nixon and Clinton together! Turning country into nothing I can make heads or tails of!! It is so past time to get him out!! Has nothing to do with color! Boot him!!
This is the worst President EVER!!!!!!
He has brought the USA to its knees and will not quit until he has full control of this country and us. We are now living in the new USSR! For Gods sake stop him!
Why Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Woman Who Knew Obama in High School Says He’s a Transvestite
Now! Before it's too late.
Impeach him
My signing of impeachment of the figure in the presidents shoes
Let the systems busters unite and truth ring free within the unity consciousness movement to end and this contract and so it is!! 6 21 14
What are we waiting for??
What are we waiting for??
It’s not the Democrat Senate that prevents anything
from being done about Obama, it’s both parties.

Congress is complicit in assisting and allowing an
ineligible, identity fraud con-artist in becoming the
putative president, and in the cover-up of his usurpation..
Many, if not most, knew Obama was ineligible in 2008, when
they said and did nothing to stop him from being on the ballot,
or from being sworn in as president. Over the years much more
evidence of Obama being a total and compete fraud has emerged,
but Congress cannot act to impeach or even investigate Obama
without the risk of fully revealing and having acted on their
complicity in the biggest fraud/hoax in history. What Congress,
both parties, did and are still doing is treason, their is no
way they are going to do anything that would cause that treason
to be acted on. This means Obama can trample the Constitution
and do anything he wants with fear of Congress……and he, and his
regime, are doing exactly that.

Having a Republican Senate would not change anything, the
current Republican House could start impeachment anytime
they wanted….but that would likely reveal the complete truth
about Obama, something Congress, both parties, fear allowing
to happen. Boehner is one of Obama’s biggest protectors.
It all began with a simple question of origin. "Where were you born?" And it has been a downhill debacle ever since.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for being so complacent. Impeach him now.
Worst president in our country's history. From an exploded national debt, forced Obamacare, NSA, VA, IRS scandals to the tragedy in Benghazzi and the mess brewing in Iraq, this weak, incompetent fool must be impeached. We want our country back.
Worst president in our country's history. From an exploded national debt, forced Obamacare, NSA, VA, IRS scandals to the tragedy in Benghazzi and the mess brewing in Iraq, this weak, incompetent fool must be impeached. We want our country back.
get him out of office now
Wonderful Americans out there use your knowledge and realize that this so called american person is out to destroy our country!!!!!
We have lost the greatest country on earth with this clown in the White House. When are we going to wake up?
Impeach Him!
Impeach Obama
Because he is a liar
ripping people off with Obamacare trying to take over the country with his laws its not right to have a law where they can arrest you for a crime they think you are going to commit.its just wrong .And placing them in a concentration camps up to 10 years it must be stopt it is unconstitutional
Obama has show me that he is incapable of leading this country. As a Natural Born and raised American Citizen I demand, with all the power I have, and that the US Constitution gives me, his removal from power immediately.
He should just resign. He knows he failed the U.S.. If not, he should be impeached.
This man has done damage that will be difficult to correct. I am not religious, and don't believe God has a place in politics. But if YOU are, pray for us :)
What "We The People" Must Know about Obama

1) Criminal Terror Charges Filed Against Obama

2) Obama Framed Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack

3) Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Beheading And Burning Christians In Ovens

4) Muslim Brotherhood in the White House (2 links)

5) Obama Bought Off NBC / MSNBC

6) Obama’s Al-Qaeda Rebels Burn Christian Villagers Alive

7) Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy

We will never get Obama out if we hide our heads in the sand. Voice Your Opinion.

US Veteran
Please do not show my name as I do not want to have my family potentially subjected to IRS ofrany other Obama influenced retaliation.
Stop this President, NOW!
We have the out of control federal government to do whatever it takes to weaken country's values, border, and culture. Obama has only one objective to destroy America.
Please pray to God for help get these evil people out of our government.
The woman who confirmed his birth certificate is dead, he is a FRAUD!
Obama has gone awry! I am no longer afraid, I am NOT a racist! I do not want illegal immigrants in my Country and I do not want Amnesty! WE can not afford it. I want to afford my own American family! WHEN DO WE PROTEST AND MARC H to Capital HILL, and it has to be NOW! When do we March and take back our Country?
He is an embarrassment! He is destroying the United States of America from within! Please do something!!
Letting Americans get killed in Benghazi, Lying about the cost or healthcare...IRS scandal, VA scandal...It is just to much.
I am sick and tired of his imposing immorality thinking on us. His outrageous polisies. Obama care and other things that infringe on our rights. Constant saying that he didn't know or surprised. like he was just clueless. Lier lier lier your pants now on fire. Go home your fired !!!!!!!
If we don't take action to save our nation who will! This country was founded on the power of the people so let's not disgrace our founding fathers and all of those throughout our history to current day who have fought and continue to fight to keep our great country what it is.... Or was before Obama ran it in the ground. Let's reclaim our great nation! Now is the time!
I agree 100% with the comments above about the worst president in US history.
He is taking this country down the wrong path and has disgraced the men and women that have fought for this country
Obama has unconstitutional acts, He has allowed our boarders to go unprotected, He continues to over step his power for his own agenda. He gave up 5 terrorist to get one back! He has not only ensured our Country is bankrupt but he keeps ensuring that it is unrecoverable. And fining AMERICANS because they don't want OBAMACARE? that simply is crazy surely not legal and unconstitutional if its not good enough for CONGRESS it's not good enough for WE THE PEOPLE! 100% un-ethical. Stop the Dictator & Terrorist he is AMERICA"S biggest THREAT!
we need to check all the voters to see who can actually legally vote.I dont think he won the LEGAL vote.he has committed high treason and other crimes along with the rest of his cronies which all should be put on trial and iif convicted, punnished accordingly.Im a vet and a christian and not afraid to stand up to the bullies in washington.Obama is the most dangerous person EVER to disgrace the white house.
All you people shouldn't have voted for him in the first place
I didn't go for him.
It's your fault
Kick his sorry butt to the curb.

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