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Get him out! Fast!
treason is a hanging offence. about time we abide by our laws'
If Clinton could be impeached over sex, there is no reason to NOT impeach Obama.
get him out today! He is not American nor a president. He is Spawn of the Devil. Leave now you evil, evil, radical Muslim.
Present Obama needs to be impeached and tried for treason for breaking his oath to the American people and the Constitution of the United States
He has done enough damage
We don't Impeach worms like Obama, we Kill Him before he Kills Us. He's an anti American, anti Christian, Radical Muslim, Trojan Horse, Enemy that Must Die!
we need a president with balls and common sense
Before he does anymore damage, he's got to go.
He is an Utter Failure and a Disgrace To America. He acts more like a Dictator than President of US of A. He Does not uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. He is a Liar and cheater.
I submit a vote of no confidence in his ability to lead our country.
He is a traitor. He does not uphold the constitution. He does not love this country and he proves it by waiting over five days to lower the flag to half mast over the Chattanooga tragedy. He wants to give our beloved country to illigally immigrants. He's put us further in debt, lied, cheated and shown his true colors as the treasonous coward that he is. He is not my president. Impeach him now.
I've signed so many of these things and nothing happens.
He's the enemy.
I'm really disappointed in the way he's handled the latest terrorist attack in Chattanooga TN.
We need a change......
impeach him and try him for treason!
Do I need to say anything!!
Pray and Pray hard!!
Obama has done nothing but bring our great nation to it's knees and he needs to go; NOW!
Worst president ever!
He needs to be impeached he is taking our freedom away one by one he is not a president he is just a guy that milks our money. And put us in debt!!!!
Mr. "President" Obama needs to be impeached NOWEB before it's too late. We are surrounded by Islamic Radicals and we will be attacked within this nation before we know it. And when Obama calls a State of Emergency for the United States of America, there will be no time to fix it. Marshall Law will be called upon our nation and the Muslims will take over. Christianity and OUR FREEDOM will no longer be our right. We The People need to stand up and FIGHT for our country before it's too late. IMPEACH OBAMA! IN GOD WE TRUST!
He has destroyed our country enough. He has no respect for our service men/women, or our country. He's always told Israel he'd stand behind them & now he's not w/the nuclear plan w/Iran...should have never been made. The list goes on...He needs impeached, & we need someone who cares about our country. Impeach Obama.

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