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Our country needs a president who loves our country. Not someone who is arrogant & determined to destroy us.
I am signing this petition because our "president" hasn't done one thing to help our country in his almost eight years in office. He wasn't born in America as proven by Sherrif Arpaio and his men. All he does is tell lies. He has ruined our economy and made our government corrupt. He does nothing to address major issues and he has turned the worlds respect and fear of us into every country thinking that America is lesser and comical compared to what it was. We need a Comander and Chief who will preserve our country and improve upon it, and one who earned and deserves the right to be referred to as the Leader of the Free World because obama is not that.
Please Impeach him.He is the worst president in history.
Get the Communist out of office.
Agreed,its time for America to be great once more
We can not wait another day.President Obama must go now! This is the last destructive straw in this administration we can bear.
This president is a disgrace and he has put America in danger. I voted for him twice. Lesson learned. I'll never vote for another Democrat for as long as I live. DISGRACEFUL.
he hates us
Placing this corrupt, lying, treasonous Anti-American individual over the highest office of our Nation has proven destructive in every sense of the word. We have lost our virtue and strength as a world power, we are more divided than ever. This demented individual is doing everything "contrary" that is in America's best interest. Until a Change can be brought about, we are without Hope. It is a sad day for this Country and it's people.
He has no business bein in our white house. Nor do any of his thugs!!
He needs to GO!!!
They won't pay any attention to this. I guess they also need to GO
Obama is a disgrace! Hillary's is much worse!
I think we should execute him, but impeachment works, too.
Yes! He's not a president meant for the United States of AMERICA! He's killing us! Get him out now!
This should've happen long along.
Get rid of him NOW!
O has got to go. Shame on Dems for supporting his attack on the Constitution and America. I thought he would do good for the U.S. But he's just another money grubbing politician. I do not believe he was ever eligible to be Pres but the Dems were careful not to let to much get out about him. I hope America wakes up and sends all Dems packing who supported him. Some Reps are no better, if they supported his efforts vote them out of office. The real power is with the people. If you are tired of the Washington mess, give them all a wake up call
Deport him!! Strip him and his traitor family of all our country has provided them!
Remove him NOW!!!!!!!!!
God Bless America, Please!
Can't fit it all in here
Please before it is to late
Obama is america down before he leave office. We need to stop him now. OBAMA IS DESTROYING AMERICA
If only this would actually accomplish something.
I have been saying this for years. He should have been impeached long before now and our nation would not be in the shape it is in.
America needs to open their eyes...

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