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I find it hard to believe and accept that it has taken this long for Americans to begin this impeachment petition. Benghazi, our vets, healthcare, economy, unemployment...all clearly disasters! What has this "illegally elected" non-american born president actually done for our betterment? He ran on the "Change" campaign promises.....he certainly DID change things! All for the worse! We need him OUT OF OFFICE-NOW....not in 3 more years. We have already waited & wasted too much time! Boot him!!
please impeach
by far the worst president in my more than 71 yrs.
I am tired of the lies! I am tired of the vacations! I am tired period! I have never seen any thing like this in my life time. This man thinks he never does any thing wrong and as long as he is not MAN enough to admit his mistakes he will never stop until our country is in ruins.
Why hasn't Obama, after all his corruption and misuse of the American tax dollar been removed from office ... to me, this should be a slam dunk!
If he is impeachable, then let's do it soon.
It's time to take America back
Just as I suspected, someone and I think I know who has been signing this petition using fake names and zip codes. That does Not help our cause and gives False Hope to those reading this. Please take a Break and let Reality set in so we will know where we stand on Removing this Traidor from the White House.
I am a (legal) immigrant into this country and have chosen to make it my home. The constitution is what makes this country such a great place to live, but Obama thinks that he is above the law. Impeach the b********d!
After reading a few of these Mega posts below it looks like someone forgot to take their meds. Oh well back to the real story Remove this Traitor from office.
Now Lindsey Graham is saying "If Obama does this again, he is going to impeached." WHAT??? Lindsey Graham, would you please explain to the American Public HOW you can release the 5 MOST DANGEROUS TERRORISTS who are dead set against America MORE THAN ONCE??? There is no "AGAIN". There is only ONCE and it has been DONE. Why are you trying so hard to cover for Obama, Lindsey? Explain this to the American Public!!! Your Motive for trying to wrap Obama up in a teddy bear blanket after this kind of TREASON has been committed??? You guys need to all keep your boxer shorts on and start using only the head which is located above your shoulders!!! Paaaleeeassseee.
"DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS" AND "ARTIFICIAL STARS" ON YOU TUBE * It is very important for Americans to gain and share knowledge and information because many of our so called "Public Servants" who are being paid by the American Tax Payers, and are supposed to be representing Americans are guilty of High Treason instead. If they were not guilty of high treason, they would not be afraid of us sharing information. This is the problem!!! There is no other problem!!! Sharing information is NOT A CRIME!!! HIGH TREASON IS A CRIME. Those guilty should be prosecuted and jailed. Stop pointing your fingers at Americans who are paying your salaries idiots!!! Point your finger back at yourselves because it is YOU who are GUILTY!!! NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! STOP THE PROPAGANDA ON MAIN STREAM MEDIA, ON C-SPAN, AND EVERYWHERE ELSE!!! ENOUGH!!! ESPECIALLY ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL!!! There are no aliens people. Just advanced technology and wicked power hungry people operating it!!! It is a disgrace to God Almighty, and a shame!!! Sick, sadistic, twisted, evil doers running wild in our Gov't.
Lets go over this again. This current administration is producing no fruit in America. No fruit whatsoever for Americans. There are NO MORALS, NO BOUNDARIES, NO COMMON SENSE, NO CIVILITY, NO CLASS, and NO ACCOUNTABILITY. The twisted, sadistic, women hating, hoodies, are now running loose against American women under the guise of National Security. Hiding behind walls and computers using military grade weapons against women. What a bunch of weak, shameless, faceless bunch of cowards. You call this National Security? What a laugh. What a joke. What is with all the gayhood being crammed down our throats as well? Is America turning into the city Sodom and Gomorrah under this current administration? This is clearly treason, and domestic terrorism against women in America. A National Security of demon possessed, sadistic, twisted, perverts, with military grade directed energy weapons, on the ground, portables, hand held, and computer commanded drones. This is a disgrace to God. Nothing is being done about this because 85% of the targeted are women. You shameless cowards!!! I think I will go throw up now. I have been physically ill from these attacks, and being exposed to this level of spiritual regression and degeneration in other human beings is enough to make me ill all by itself. I have been in a lot of physical pain as well many nights over the last three years. This evil administration of proven degenerates has made American life a living nightmare for literally hundreds of thousands of Americans especially women. American women are not going to be silenced by this evil regime. There is no excuse on earth for this kind of uncivil slime. You people whom are responsible are all animals!!! These Muslims DO NOT belong in our White House. These Muslims have NO BUSINESS ruling our Nation. They were not born here, they didn't build it, they didn't die for it, nor their relatives.
I think he should be Arrested and tried for Treason Immediately!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: "The Obama Administration just released over 36 THOUSAND illegal immigrant criminals.... murderers, sex-crime convicts and drunk drivers are all now back on our streets.

Just so you know the significance of this situation, below is the list of convicted felons who instead of being deported are now back on our streets.

According to the report, the 36,007 individuals released represented nearly 88,000 convictions, including:
193 homicide convictions
426 sexual assault convictions
303 kidnapping convictions
1,075 aggravated assault convictions
1,160 stolen vehicle convictions
9,187 dangerous drug convictions
16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions
303 flight escape convictions
Recently, I conducted a survey in the jails that I run which revealed out of 2,000 illegal immigrants booked in to the jails for various and serious crimes, and turned over to federal officials for deportation proceedings, 727 have returned to my jails several times. That's a 36% return rate to our jails alone - and that counts for just the ones we've caught!"

This E-Mail is from Sheriff Joe Arpaio _
You can also reference Sheriff Joe Arpaio on You Tube *
Did you just see what one of the "ring leaders" just wrote on the impeachment petition. I live in a SR. Apartment building in Laughlin, NV. called Vintage Apartments. There are "No Nurses" attending this building. Obviously there are perpetrators here trying to deceive the public about what is really going on. Go figure. There is your proof.
Sonya, Stay Out of the computer room. How many time have you been warned? You know that the nurses are thinking of sending you to another Mental Health Facility. Patients are Not allowed in the computer room. Now Stay Out of here!!!
I am in the computer room in my SR Apartment Building. The same computer room where all the information is being illegally acquired on residents who live here and move here by the criminal ring operating in this building. This criminal operation is believed to be spear headed by a local Satellite Franchise here in town. Above this computer room is an apartment on the second floor. Perpetrators in this building rotate in and out of "that apartment" located on the "second floor" just above the computer room. The apartment I am referring to faces out to the street and main parking of the Vintage. Some would be interested to know "who's name" that apartment is in although it is probably and alias name. They use DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS on me while I am in this computer room from that apartment specifically. They also send perpetrators into this room to spy on me in person when I pull up anything on the computer that does not make them happy. All of this is nothing short of criminal activity. The proof is here at the Vintage Apartments in Laughlin, NV. Starting with the apartment rented above the computer room and shared by many perpetrators located in this building. This ring is connected to many criminal elements simultaneously. There are a lot of "fish" here in this building for anyone interested in busting up domestic terrorism with ties all the way to Washington DC, and all the way down to common street perpetrators.
I am not traditionally a polical activists, However his flagarant disregaurd of our not his goverment has set me off enough to become involved. I hope more follow this action to rid our country of this Idiot.
Obama is not a king by any stretch of the imagination. He is just a flesh and blood man whom should have never been granted the Oval Office. The NWO promoted him to office to support their evil Agenda 21. Most of the Democrats have been generously paid to go along with the NWO Agenda 21. "THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL." Vote these self serving idiots out of office in November. Flip the Senate over to the Republican Conservatives. Obama has to go. Arizona is complaining that Obama is bringing illegals in by the plane loads!!! He has allowed illegals to run all over the Texas Border as well. Elected officials are failing to stop all of tyranny. Who can wait until November??? States need to start recall petitions against those enabling, aiding and abetting this treason. States!!! Paleeaaseee!!!
Even if we DO get him out, it will take a long time to fix the enormous amount of damage that has been done. I hope whomever takes over will (1.) Be smart enough to close our borders temporarily until we purge all illegal aliens who are sucking the life-blood from our economy; (2.) Urge all citizens to please limit their breeding to two children...please people, let's be realistic! We are choking our planet to death! Overpopulation WAS an epidemic ten years ago, and it just keeps getting worse!! YOU may not mind sitting in rush-hour traffic for an hour, but I am getting fed up. (3.) Serious consideration should be given to the subject of teen drivers-I think the age for getting a drivers licence should be raised to 19. Kids driving?! No. They just can't. Too many distractions, too many hormones, and too many deaths. Thank a Veteran-it will make their day, and warm your heart!
Please consider adopting an adult cat from a shelter-it will change their life, and yours!
----Congress must Act upon the Criminal Actions of Mr. Obama and his staff, and must do it soon prior to more damage to the USA.
Kick him out NOW.
Obama needs to go! He is a disgrace to our country & our Veterans!!! He is not GOD & cannot do what he wants!!!
He's a sorry president he's not a christian
"My government" doesn't need congressional approval for Bowe Bergdahl. Heaven forbid we save Andrew Tahmooressi from our neighbor Mexico! The fact that he has no intentions on playing by the rules has done me over.

P.S. Screw you NSA!
We do not negotiate with terrorists.
We do not aid the enemy
Obama is fundamentally destroying the ideal our country was built and function on.
He is not worthy to lead the USA!
Here it goes, I'm signing and praying this petition gets the job done.
Let's rally together and get him out now!
He has hurt America in many ways! He's gotta go! I made the mistake voting for him the first time.
Let do it not just talk about it.
Its all our fault instead of praying for Obama we should be praying to Obama at least in his mind. Get him out.
I think we've seen enough!
Barack Obama has been the worst President that we have ever had in this nation. It's almost like he doesn't even care about his job or the American people! I always support the President, but this is just ridiculous, and trying to give himself a third term, I don't think so, not as long as the United States of America has armed citizens! We need a good President, not a lazy, weak, non bi-partisan King who bows to the religion that hates the United States and all Christians! I believe that this impeachment will help put America back onto the road to the top again! President Obama, your time is up! Go back to Chicago with your gangster friends! May God continue to bless the United States of America!
Please help revive our country while we still can!
Obama is a dangerous traitor who should be tried for treason.
It's 5:50 AM Pacific Time. I just woke up in tremendous pain from directed energy weapons attack. The Apartment below me and above me are both operating hand held weapons, ground portables, and computer controlled drones to sandwich me between floors simultaneously attacking me with DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS. There are many perpetrators in my building running a criminal ring. 14 people have died in my building over the past 3 years. They are invading accounts, aquiring personal information, and probably running a human trafficing scam with contracts on those who die. They are using a Satellite Franchise, and Computer Operated Drone. Therefore evidence of their operation should be on their computers. This is connected to the Obama Administration. The Senator of this State is Harry Reid. I would ask Dean Heller and Joe Heck to investigate my claims. Later I will post an evidence collection file. These criminals need to be exposed. I will not put up with these kind of attacks. Whomever moved into apartment above me is going to cost your whole team exposure. I will not tolerate this evil, criminal, agression using war weapons against me without doing all I can to expose everyone involved. An estimated 500,000 Americans are enduring domestic terrorist attacks.
Obama is an anti-American disgrace to the office.
Trading a deserter for 5 top level operatives after all the blood and lives not to mention violating the law with impunity and circumventing congress should be grounds for removal from office. Where is Barry Sotero really from? Not the USA!
This President is causing too much harm to the United States and has disgraced the office and us all.
Destroying this country from within. We need to do something NOW.
Although I wish no harm to Obama and his family I want him out of office! He is a tyrant and is ruining our great America.
Obama and most of his office are corrupt. IMPEACHMENT!!!
I first thought that Obama would do great things in office and I looked forward to his presidency. But now I'm convinced he was put into office to destroy this great country from within. We must stand together and put this man out office, before he is allowed to damage our Constitution more than he all ready has.

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