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Joe Biden scares me but at least he's just a clown and I don't think he'd bow down so much like Obama, and I feel Joe will listen a little more to the people.
I say throw them ALL out and start over. First rule should be.....everything they try to get put into law has to apply equally to them as well.
Obama needs to go!! I refuse to call him my president, he doesn't represent me or this great nation!
We need integrity and God brought back to America to save it
We need someone with balls to do whats right for all instead of for self. We need term limitsfor all to help cut down on corruption
Obama, Biden, and some of the Supreme Court should be impeached. Along with Czarbamas. And all should be tried for treason including Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice. Glenn I hope you can get this done. I don't think our country can survive this administration any longer. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES MUST PREVAIL.
He should have been Impeaches LONG ago!
Our President has been a disgrace to us Americans, and he is poorly accepted by other Presidents of countries that we have in friendship. God Bless America, In God I Trust!
He has none nothing to build this Country or its people up. He has done everything to take our Country down to the lowest level with no regard or respect to its origination.
I don't know what in the world is wrong with people that they do not see our freedom is slowly being taken away! Obama is working us to become a 3rd world country! The Demo's are sailing down the river of no return and taking some of the Rep's with them.
I want America to turn back to God.
He is destroying everything that makes our country great!!! Time for him to go
get him out of there.
Now is two late but do it, We can live with Joe
He should have never been voted into office the first time and definitely not the second. He is so un-American, it's pathetic.

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