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Stop wasting time ,do it now!
Nothing else to say; this open letter described exactly what President Obama truly is: A Marxist whose sole purpose is to destroy this country.
Throw this bum out now.
Intentionally ruining our country!
Obama has committed treason by giving arms to Al Qaeda . . . our enemy.
This is the first time I'm afraid to show my name on anything political. Thats how afraid I am of this President.
Throw this bum out now.
He recently appointed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to be the head of Homeland Security. How much more of this unamerican activity are we to be subject to, I ask you for your help ?
Will talk with terrorist but not the Republican Party, guess we are the enemy and al qeda isn't
Lets get him out of office. The Demaos may have more people that vote but if the Reps, Christians and part of the Tea Bags get together and gets out there and vote. We will prevail.
impeach now
Return this country back to what the Constitution of the United States and the founding fathers wanted it to be.
Obama should be tried for High Treason.
Act now, our country will not survive another three years.
Impeachment is a start in the right direction. But I think he should charged and tried for treason.
He is giving aid to the enemy and has suspended a Federal Law in order to do so. STOP THE MADDNESS !!!

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