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This man is an absolute blunder-anti american. I simply cannot understand WHO in their right mind would ever have voted for this clown.
This man has totally screwed up everything he touches. PERIOD!
A "Trojan Horse" enemy of the American People!
A "Trojan Horse" enemy of the American People!
Con artist, criminal, murderer,tyrant, liar, enemy of the constitution.
He needs to get the hell out of office so we can get our country back. Our free god loving country !!!
Get him out and GET OUR COUNTRY BACK! We hard working, decent, honest, law abiding citizens who have worked hard our entire lives CANNOT let the opposite take OUR COUNTRY WHO WE HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR away from us! It's happening & we must stop it.
The president works for the people, not the other way around. We need to take charge of our nation again. We do not need socialism.
The worse President ever! Obama, Biden and the entire Democratic party that worked directly with him need to be removed from office
immediately! He is just what I thought he.His intention is to destroy America from within!!
Obama and Obama care needs to go away forever people let's get America back not that fool
I pray that Obama is impeached & Obamacare goes away ASAP.
He needs to go. He has done nothing good for this Country.
The lies need to stop. Something needs to be done to help the people of the UNITED STATES!! We need to unite before we lose ALL our freedoms!!
I recommend everyone too sign. And it's not just because I don't like him. I would feel the same way if it were my father sitting at that desk making these decisions. He should have never been re-elected. I gave him a chance to make a change and boy did he do that! But its all been for the worst.
This should have been done years ago!
Those in the house and senate would be wise to uphold thier oaths to protect the constitution and bring proceedings for the impeachment of this charlatan to the floor...
This Muslim plan is to ruin this country from the inside out, just like the Bible has spoken. I hope the American people will oust this knockle head. I don't turn my back to the American flag.
Obama is a Muslim who wants to kill Americans and Demarcates are helping him destroy America and some republicans also. Obama is no American.
This man is destroying the country, and must be stopped.
Obama is tearing this country apart everything we and our forefathers fought for will be gone stop him before its too late.
Maybe there is some kind of law that was put in place years ago to protect Americans from a corrupt President. I have tried looking for that law to no avail. Maybe someone with more knowledge can find one?
The devastation for a radical ideology promoting socialism has no place in the USA. Neither does a man sit in the Presidency and brag how good he is at killing people.
He is a disgrace to the United States of America and has made this once-great nation the laughing stock of the world.
He is a disgrace to the nation. I dont think he is christian either.He promotes an abomination.Lost people need God.
To refer to this president as a "Socialist" is to give him credit he doesn't deserve. Calling Obama a Socialist would infer that (at least on some level) he is idealistic. He is neither idealistic nor patriotic, nor does he care about his country. Barrack Obama is not a Socialist. He is nothing more than an egotistical sociopath bent on maximizing his own hold on power, without any regard to anyone but himself. He must be any LEGAL, Constitutional means necessary. If doing so means IMPEACHMENT, so be it.
This would not have happened if people would pull their heads out of thier asses. Never trust the gov. Dumbass lazy lookin for a hand out pices of shit. This is all the fault of people lookin for somthing for nothing.
We need to take AMERICA back!
Our only hope for a better future is to get this JOKE of a President out of office.
I agree with Melissa S form Hammond Indiana!!
Obama is a dictator trying to bring socialism to the United States by nationalized health care, forcing us to pay out of pocket with money we DONT have. He is corrupt, and is a crook, has no interest in the well being of OUR country.
The United States of America needs a President not a dictator!!

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