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If i did my job the way he does, i would have been fired a long time ago. Let's get our country back!!
He makes Nixon look like a Founding Father
This person has done way to much to set the USA back. What more does he have to do for everyone to see this. Will it be to late by then?
I have been unemployed since Dec. 2012. I want to know where all these jobs are Obama says are on the rise again. I also want to know how there are so many uneducated people who continue to believe in such a liar.
President Obama is the most corrupt president in U.S. history. His actions are against everything this country was founded upon and stands for. He is a danger to America. We are therefore calling for his impeachment and removal from office. We urge you to join us for the good of our nation and to keep the legacy of our Founding Fathers alive.
You are forcing us to go broker than we are all ready.What country are you secretly working for?
This president has lied to many times to the public it is time to get rid of him. He took a oath to abide by the constitution of the US he is an embarrassment to this country.
President Obama is definitely the worst U.S. president in our history. He is a blatant liar. He is full of false promises and gives the American people nothing but false hope. He should be impeached. Charges of Abuse of Power, and Violation of Public Trust.
Obama is a lair and does not possess the integrity required to be a president
We have had enough of your fundamental transformation. Time for you to go!
Does not exhibit traits of a president nor take responsibility for any of his atrocities. Always in denial.
Long overdue- wake up & remove this criminal!
Obama is trying to make the American people dependent on the Government. Obamacare will fail as it already is. He acts like a spoiled brat when he doesn't get his way; by shutting down the Government and closing down public facilities that are open to anyone. Also, he never takes the blame for anything, and neither do his people all they do is blame this person or that person. Your time is up Obama!
Lie after lie. I'm tired of this administration. Spied on 35 different countries and he didn't know...enoughs enough.
Please Hurry!!!!
If America is to survive we need to somehow get past the mainstream media lies, inform the uninformed citizens of the true horrors of what is happening under the thug Obama and his minions, refute the lies of the leftist democrats, somehow WAKE UP America. The Republicans MUST take back the Senate!
He has created enough destruction. He needs to be removed from office.
Obama has begun the dismantling of our country; our freedoms and our rights. He is disdainful of the checks and balances put in place by the founding fathers of our nation. He uses thuggery and intimidation to control those who have chosen a life of service. He promises the impossible and urges all to trust in him; while increasing the power and authority of the IRS to punish those who don't, leaving us with just two options, comply or suffer the consequences.
the only part of my guns and freedom the government will get is the bullets my gun fires and my life if they shoot me thats the only way i will stop
Give us AMERICA back.
IMPEACH Obama. He is a liar and AND a lazy man. He is the worst president ever ,he has not done one thing he said he was going to do ,when he was running for office And all he says he knew nothing about. Yeah right brain dead.
What are we waiting for? Plan to attend DC on Nov 19, 2013. Make your voices heard! Check out Truckers Ride for the Constitution T2SDA on facebook.
I don't agree with Obama's philosophies or ideologies. I do not support someone who takes away my constitutional rights and makes me a prisoner in my own Country.
that one man will take us down and that's HIS PEROGATIVE
This president is a muslim, raised in biggest Islamic nation, Indonesia and is trying to turn us into an Islamic nation with sharia law. stop him.
I am beside myself over the condition of our Country. I am personally paying a high price with Obama in office. He lied to all of America in Dec 2012 stating he would not raise taxes on the middle class. By Jan 4, 2013 he began taking $1200.00+ a year out of my paycheck due to higher taxes. Now my health care costs are rising. All this money Obama is stealing from me was included in my package when I was hired. Now he forces me to live paycheck to paycheck. I work too hard to make this world go around (ie: tax payer) and he is punishing me in return. Not to mention 317 million other Americans (whether they know it or not). The people at work that voted for Obama tell me it is ok if he takes $1500.00+ a year of their salary. We don't make a lot so Obama has really hurt me/us in many ways. I do know some people that wished they never voted for him. Obamacare is now making the cost Private Health insurance 3 times what it costs today(yesterday). Millions of Americans are receiving letters that their insurance has been cancelled because they can't meet the requirments Obama has imposed upon insurance companies. I am desperate to get him out of office, if for no other reason than the debt he has incurred in his administration. How can citizens get a President impeached? We have to do something!! He works for us right?

Thanks for letting me voice my frustrations with the Obama Administration.
B.O. is a lying communist
We need a competent President. A President that can admit wrong doing. A President that stands behind his promises. A President that doesn't call other Americans terrorists. A President who is there when Congress cannot operate functionally. A President who is there when there is an Embassy being attacked. You are not that President.
Obama is a traitor and a liar! He is not for the people and needs to be removed before he destroys the United States!
Impeach Obama as soon as possible!
Obamacare is the final straw hopefully the sleeping American people will wake up please.
And like any true American would, i proudly display my name on this letter in order to show ''I AM NOT AFRAID!''
Get him out America is rotting
He is hell bent on destroying America! How can the nation be so blind.

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