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Obama has and his administration have committed so many felonies it's hard to keep track. America cannot endure these assaults on our liberty and the Constitution for three more years. Obama has to resign now before he does more damage. Thank you.
we must stand together for love of country and what is right ,please impeach this corrupt President now
If more american's became involved in their country as we were 200 years ago, we wouldn't be down this road. Accept this call to action. We all can complain about how things are, but if we don't do something about, we have nobody to complain to but ourselves. One voice doesn't get things done, but its how things get started!
Yep I fell in for the lies, getting old and not paying attention to detail. Just how much of Tax dollars is being used, (redirected) for the back room pay-offs that is keeping him. They always say if you don't vote you have no right to complain, well I did , so I do have the right to complain, It's time to clean house .
What is congress waiting for? This idiot should have been impeached a long time ago.
Quit kissing up to the party and do what is correct for those that elected you.
Its time we stand up for America and our
Christian beliefs and not for a man that will not support our values.get him out now before its to late.
He needs to go now!!!
enough is enough!!!
Obama have broken his oath of office to uphold the constitution
he has done more to divide America than anyone. He have directed the Justice dept. to disregard the immigration laws
Obama's destruction of my beautiful country must stop!
I did not vote for this man ,I knew what he was before he even took office , and when he did and he stood there and every one was saluting the flag , and Obama stood there with his hands crossed in front of his crotch ? that should have been a bright red light go on in every ones head ,I knew it ,and I was angry , this man had no respect for this country then ,and he don't now even more so .. Of all the things of evil that he has done to destroy America , the worse thing he did was to offend me and America the worse he ever could by telling American Solders they were not allowed to pray in the name of Jesus ..That did it for me ..Out of all his Evil .and No one on this earth is ever going to tell me or any one Americans that believed Jesus ,that they couldn't say ,or pray in his name ,,yet Obama wants every one to convert to his Muslim ways ? no way . The Man Is a Communist ,,and I don't know why or how he slipped through to become a President , I thought it was against the amendments and the Constitution for a man to be a Communist and be our president .. what the hell is the matter with people they let this happen. I realize they've been working on that for years to convert to World Order ,and if that is allowed to happen ? I pray to Jesus that we get him and all his corruption out of power .. HOW about a MUTINY on OBAMA, THAT WOULD BE QUICKER AND MORE AFFECTIVE , AND GET JUSTICE DONE BY CONVICTION FOR ALL HIS CRIMES . TO long to list .Amen ..Lets do it AMERICA ,wake up ..Before it's to late . .MUTINY ON OBAMA ...
we are tired of being lied to, we are tired of this failure of government, we voted you in office to do what is right for us the people, we can easly vote you out for someone that WILL do what is right for the people.
if we want any freedoms left , he must go.
God help us! Get this man out of office before it's too late! Save our wonderful country!!
Let all see the truth, and and get this job done and over with. I, myself cannot imagine losing our freedoms. If he is not impeached........He IS the anti-christ!!!
enough is enough, let someone run the country that has us americans in the best interest.
Folks all across America are getting very frustrated because their representatives that they elected are NOT doing their job. Why are they ignoring this man and letting him destroy our beautiful country. He needs to go NOW-not next year or even next month-but NOW.
There is no greater importance in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you.

-Norman Mailer
The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level.

-Norman Mailer
It is virtually not assimiable to our reason that a small lonely man felled a giant in the midst of his limousines, his legions, his throng, and his security. If such a nonentity destroyed a leader of the most powerful nation on earth, then a world of disproportion engulfs us, and we live in a universe that is absurd.

-Norman Mailer
Pray this happens....We Are The People....God bless America

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