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Honestly. I tend to stay out of politics. But Obama is screwing everyone and taking their hard earned money including myself and fiencee. I get damn near 40 bucks taken out of my check EACH TIME. Get out of here obama. God I'd rather have bill clinton back in the seat....
He has Disgraced this Highest Office in America & has Always Lied to us..He Needs To Be Impeached Now!
We're fed up and getting restless, IMPEACH this TRAITOR now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He has Disgraced this Highest Office in America & has Always Lied to us..He Needs To Be Impeached Now!
I don't understand why this has not already succeeded...this needs to happen NOW! Nobody should be shown to be above the law!!!
Remove Barrack Obama for crimes against the Constitution of the United States of America, treason, and crimes against the People of the United States of America.
We need a man like Mr. Carter, who appreciates our country and respects what it has taken to be the greatest nation! Instead of someone determining to destroy because of his forefathers ,jealousy of our nation. We have been invaded by those who hate us and our political correctness has invited them! Plus those that want a hand out! Shame! Greed destroys!
Impeach now. We have waited way to long for this to happen, thanks to harry Reid and the rest of the "BOZOS" following Obozo!!
Impeach Obama and repeal Obamacare. It's time to stand up for our rights and our Constitution. We've been lazy and complacent for too long and look where it's gotten us.
If congress and the President can not live with the rules that they impose, then why does any citizen?
Please hurry. Obama and his minions are quickly destroying this country.
Obama has Attacked our Country from within. Stop him and hold him accountable for highest crimes against our people. Our Constitution!
If this is not taken up you will NOT get my vote again.
He must be stopped! The sooner he is impeached the better!
He needs to be removed from office before he can inflict any MORE damage to it....
May God Have Mercy On His Ignorant Terrorist Soul.
Absolutely needs to be removed! We cannot afford three more years of Obama. Our country is rapidly spiraling into bankruptcy among other things as well.
he,s a liar and is destroying the values of America
President Obama has abused the authority given him and continued to attack all the principles on which this country was founded. If allowed to continue he is the greatest threat to security this nation has ever known.Based on his corrupt actions and his unconstitutional attacks against our freedoms he should be removed from office as soon as possible and then held accountable for the damages his actions have caused.
It is too embarrassing to our country to have our president face a firing squad - which IS literally appropriate becasue of what he did in Benghazi!
He should have been impeached LONG ago! Better Presidents have gotten away with a WHOLE LOT LESS!!!
It's sad how America can be this blind and let him feed lies to people because they worry that they know what he's doing wrong but scared to say anything about it the only way you can slove a problem like this is to deal with it and not run away ..... do you guys wanna see your kids life live the life you did or do you want them to live a life of critical problems where our own economy crashes before our eyes let's America work together and get this under handle before its to late America!
And the other ones need to go too!
I could literally write a book on all the laws this president has broken, all the injustices he has perpetrated on the American people, and all the subversions to the US Constitution he has executed, but the above statements cover most of the bases. The only thing that I might add is that this president and his administration is currently in the midst of the most blatant and outrageous power and money grab in United States history. Power grab in that this president has repeatedly overstepped the bounds of President of the United States by issuing unconstitutional executive orders and more recently changing a law passed by Congress without actually going through the legislative process. Money grab because million, even billions of taxpayer dollars are being funneled into entities that we as a people do not support such as Muslim extremists. Our tax money is being funneled into the pockets of greedy Obama cronies in the guise of useless and ridiculous government positions such as U.S. Asian Carp Czar. What is worse is that none of this is in the best interest of this country and is doing what may turn out to be irreparable damage to this country. Mr. Obama has taken the position of President of the United States to mean that he has unchecked power to do as he will. Last time I checked, this is not what the office offers. He runs his administration like a dictator or ruler rather than as a leader of a free nation. We cannot let this usurping of our constitution to continue unless we are willing to submit to the rule of a single person. I, for one, am not willing to submit to this. Please, as my elected representative, begin impeachment proceedings against this president who has proven to be nothing but a criminal and enemy to those who have enjoyed Constitutional freedom for most of their lives.
I believe losing the faith of the people is grounds for impeachment (not to mention all the afore mentioned statements. When the people's faith in a president drops below 45%, it's past time Congress take action.

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