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freedom to say what the hell you want to say!! & if you don't like what I say then you need to be riding with oboma binlahdn, he is the most illegitimate excuse of a human I have ever used my freedom of speech on!!
now he is a !! phukin knee-grow !!!!!!!!
He has lied and lied to the American people
This is the worst president, aside from Nixon, that I've ever seen. This is no longer America, this is the land of Obama and Congress. The entire government needs to be overthrown!
This is the worst president, aside from Nixon, that I've ever seen. This is no longer America, this is the land of Obama and Congress. The entire government needs to be overthrown!
He deserves to be locked up for treason against the greatest country on the planet. Why is it that no one is brave enough to stand up to this guy. His lack of respect for our Constitution sickens me
Enough corruption get it done. We need to recall those in the Senate And House if we can.
Impeachment! Enough is enough.
BREITBART NEWS FACEBOOK PAGE has a list of the Republicans who failed to stand with Senators Cruz, Lee, Paul, Rubio, and other Republican Senators who are fighting for us. The names of those who failed to hear the voice of the American People are published in a list on BREITBART NEWS FACEBOOK PAGE. The Senators who voted with the American People to DEFUND OBAMACARE are also on the list. Make sure to print and save this list and share with friends and family. It is very important for saving our REPUBLIC at the polls in 2014. Share the list with your friends. Washington shutting out the voice of the American People Must Stop!!! We must get these people out of the White House. This is the very reason our country is failing. The only way to permanently DEFUND OBAMACARE is to Impeach Obama/Remove him from office and ABOLISH every law he enforced on the American People against our constitution. We are 300 Million Americans Strong - We will take our country back.
Its time fo a change in the right direction
We must support the President unless and until he is proven to be in violation of our constitution. I am in favor of pressing our congress to dutifully prove and if so impeach the President. In accordance to the Constitution which this President violates.
We must get rid of this awful president! We are too great a country too be dealing with this communist.
Impeach. Convict of treason. Sentence to life in prison.
The government is not broken, it was built that way
Am I on a list now!?
He's not an American Citizen he shouldve been impeached after he could present proof . What is the government coming to ?
He isn't making the right decisions for this nation. He continually tries to convince us that he is but everything he is doing is making things worse.
God is our Creator. He gives us the Choice to move toward the light or toward the dark, so no man has an excuse. God has given us a spirit of fear, but of sound mind. He is raising up in his people of this Nation. God Bless Our Country.
The treasonous acts by this administration are rivaled only by the actions of Adolph Hitler leading up to WWII
Obama has done more harm than good! It is time to get someone in office that will quit trying to destroy the constitution this country was built on. Obama is only concerned with his personal agenda with no regard to the ones he is hurting.
when is our country going to wake up and stand up for what is right?
We just want him out of office. He is tearing our country apart.
God , please save our country from these people , in Jesus name
Be Gone!
Obama care is nothing short of genocide and extortion
This immature, arrogant man has no business running the USA!! He has committed TREASON!! Arrest him NOW!
Obama is a terrorist defiling our constitution and values at every opportunity. We the people will have the last word. God bless...
Obama care is nothing short of genocide and extortion
get him OUT of Washington and our lives

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