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Obama is a usurper and traitor...indictment after impeachment!
Obama needs to go for treason - arming our enemies who just a year ago killed our Ambassador and others - the downside is Biden takes his place.
The "apology tour" set me off.Look at the way other countries now view us.
I did not vote for him the first time I sure as heck didnt the second time. I am believe all ppl in leadership make mistakes or lie but he has attacked our very foundations and ways of life. If ppl can not see that then we have little hope for our kids future.
And Biden and over half of congress!!!
Do it NOW!
Impeach Obama and McCain.
It is a disgrace how there has been such an abuse of power and complete disregard for the Constitution
He is a detriment and danger to our nation. Impeach him now.
get him out before there is nothing left of this country
I want a president that respects what this country was founded on.
They should have gotten rid of Obama years ago and any other creep along with him thats not doing our country any good
I want Obama, Biden and all of Obama Muslin friends he appointed to office. Especially the one he appointed to the Homeland Security Department.
Its about time Obama is held e accountable.
he has had way more bad acts for inpeachment and hasent been he has gotton away with so much i dont understand it now its time for him to go
I am sick of the way our system of laws and the constitution have been circumvented. Impeach him now.
Obama holds hands with terrorist who kill Americans..he doesn' t care because he hates Americans and America. His wife spends hundreds of Thousands of dollars on vacations on our tax dollars while real people can't afford to pay their bills, afford medical care , medicine , food and rent. Get rid of them and put a REAL American in office!
Why is Congress allowing him to destroy our Constitution?
I am tired of incompetency and not obeying the laws of this Nation!
Everything he can do to bring the country to it's knees, long after he is no longer in power.
"First President [Obama] to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and
refuse to enforce it."
What an embarrassment. Go ahead, call me a racist now for stating a fact.
If this traitor stays in office this country my never recover.
Obama supports terrorist Islamic MAD MEN. They have killed countless Christians in Egypt and Syria as well our people in Bengasi. He has failed to uphold the oath he swore to when he took office.
"First President [Obama] to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and
refuse to enforce it."
"First President [Obama] to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and
refuse to enforce it."
Signed with sadness that this is
necessary.. Enough is enough. I
Love my country to much to have
Obama continue to drag it down.

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