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It's time for true American patriots to once again stand against tyranny, oppression, and persecution. It's time for us to take back our country and rebuild it into the once great and proud nation intended by our founding fathers. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!
Treason would be more appropriate.
we need to hurry up and get this thing in to action and not just talk about it
Barack Obama's funding and selling of arms to the Myslim Brotherhood and the rebels in Syria is treason: aiding and abetting enemies of the United States during a time of war. Congress declared war over 10 years ago on these same groups and now this administration is aiding and abetting them during our declared war against them. That is the textbook definition of treason.
Impeachment, trial and death for traitors. All of them, not just Barack Obama.
I wish I had the money to donate
There are many other's in this administration and congress aiding/abetting this president in crimes against the USA and our Constitution who need to be fired right along with Obama.
we the people need to act now to impeach this corrupt president.
Mr. Obama is an embarrassment that needs to be purged.
This guy has got to go NOW
sooner the better
we want change obama gone , he's not fit to run this country
Obama should've been impeached a long time ago.
If this devil is not impeached, then conservatives must cut out a block of states and secede. Keep in mind that the libtards would soon perish in their own squaller without the hard working conservatives carrying their worthless do nothing butts.
We should not be funding other countries when we ourselves are broke! We should not continue fighting other countries wars our people are being killed their government need to fight their own battles! I have MS which is a qualifying condition yet I have to fight through an attorney to try and get it and with as bad as my MS is I'm unable to work and have had been able to get the church to help however now their funds are even low and won't be able to pay after October leaving my daughter and I homeless as housing funds are low! Obama needs to quit giving our money to other countries and use the money to help U.S.A.! As well as using our money for his vacations and family! The government especially the president work for the us the people of U.S.A. so if we say we don't want something don't force it on us, if we say we need something we should get it! Also legalizing illegals shouldn't be done as there aren't enough jobs for the true American's they will just take what little jobs there from us! They are illegal and need to be deported not given citizenship they are breaking the law and you need to enforce the law, by legalizing you are breaking the law!
I am a registered voter
I am a US Citizen and I am alive
Obama is arming our enemies and trying to disarm our country.He rules like a dictator He's forcing his Obama care upon us even when we don't want it.He is trying to destroy everything America stands for.He has done nothing good for our country.I believe he has lost touch with reality and needs to be removed from office. Actually I don't understand why he's still in office after all the treasonous acts of distruction he has caused to our great nation. What are you people waiting on? His impeachment needs to be done now before if's to late.
Lets get this done!
REPUBLIC - form of Government where state of affairs are public not a private matter for rulers!!! Republican Party Only - Eradicate the Democratic, Socialist, Communist, Police State Party at the polls for trying to eradicate the American people. Make them dead on arrival at the polls 2014.
Rand Paul is not shoving New World Order down our throats. He is preserving our Constitution and constitutional laws. He is Republican and Christian. Visit his Facebook Page. He is like Daniel in the Lion's Den among the Democratic socialist. Communist, police state , treasonous devils. Support him. Support the Tea Party. Google the tea party
history. Rand Paul for President now. Military removal of the Muslim Brotherhood. Military court trials for treason. America is in a domestic war zone. Act quickly!!!
He has never loved this great country. He seeks only to destroy and if something isn't done soon, he will have completed his goal. Impeach is a must!!
Obama must go now, then the rest of them as we'll they are corrupt and only interested in how much money they can make by being someone's puppet. It is disgusting how far our great country has fallen due to greed. We need to bring god back into our hearts and realize what the great men who wrote the constitution really wanted our country to become.
we need to get all of Obama backers out of office, but first of all Obama.
The person needs to go.. He and his regime needs to go right along with him!! They are destroying everything we have worked for !! HE NEEDS TO GO!!

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