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Obama should've never been elected. he isn't even a citizen of the U.S.A
Arming our enemies, Al Quida, is Treason.
Stop the lies, the cover ups and corruption now and return some level of integrity to our government.
The sooner, the better.
we can't abide by this "change"...
The Benghazi was the final straw!
Obama had sworn to do good and has failed. Miserably. Any man who wants to take away an individuals rights is a terrorist in my book. We Americans should not have to put up with such a liar running our country! IMPEACH!
He is so un-American as can be, and only think of destroying us as a country. If not stopped there will be more illegal Aliens in the USA than americans. He has got to be removed from office before he destroys the USA completely. He has no hertiage here in the USA. Past presidents have been impreached for far less than he has done. How he ever got into the a governament office to begin with a big question to lot of people. Get him out send him back to his people, he sure doesn't belong here.
Term Limits, because we can not fire them
This needed to happen months ago Glenn, I have signed petition after petition and it has gone no where so hope this time is different and thank you. Janis
Obama doesn't give a hoot about the United States and doing all he can to hurt us,just look at all he has done and tried to do.
Additionally federal charges need to be brought against him and all of his administration. They need to be imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives.
This action can't be taken soon enough. Impeachment is great, but get him out of there! Each day of delay puts this country further and further in jeopardy!
Impeach and imprison!
It is unconscionable to allow this treasonous man to continue destroying our great nation.
We have had enough of HIS FAILED Policies!!
John Boehner and John McCain should also go they are an embarrassment to the Republican Party

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