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Why is Obama NOT responsible for HIS ADMINISTRATION? I believe a man is responsible for the content of his character and HIS ACTIONS.
Our Prayer: Please God make it so.
Although President Obama repeatedly claimed that health-insurance premiums for a family would be $2,500 lower by the end of his first term, they are actually about $3,000 higher—a spread of about $5,500 per family.
Scum, we need to get rid of, Let's start with this chunk . Good bye Obie !!!!
Seriously, how many reasons does one need? He surly has given us enough!
what are we waiting for ?
barry must go
Everyone in DC should read over the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, and grow a pair before we have another civil war. I don't want my son fighting and dying in a war over what we already won because nobody would take a stand.
Please stop the corrupt individuals in Washington. America can't take it much longer!
Obama, Congress and Supreme Court commits HIGH TREASON against the Constitution & The Bill Rights and We the People !!! We demand them To resign NOW !!!
Its out fault that he still sits in office
This can't happen too soon
we need a president not a actor
Time to get a backbone and move against this traitor in the White House!
the most destructive tool the NWO has placed in office yet. Impeach, Rand Paul for President!
We need a leader. NOT a lying, murdering, communist, treason committing, terrorist baffoon in OUR HOUSE! WE ARE TAKING IT BACK FOR THE PEOPLE.
It is very evident BO is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, over Egyptians and Americans.
Shamefully.... it will never happen.

Congress has no moral and/or character for anything. They stink worse than dog S*** !
The Muslim is Chief is a Pathetic Unamerican LIAR. Who is the worst thing to ever happen to American. He didn't know about the AP & IRS or NASA scandals until I heard about them from the press. He also was and still is uninformed about the 9/11 Benghazi massacre ? Where is the report he promised? . He never knows anything about anything . Maybe he should spend some time with all his scandals, which he just blows off as phoney, and their reports or ever work on a budget which he hasn't completed in 5 years. Just wait till after the election when he really throws his weight around. God bless America , we will need it.
I agree with your impeachment and feel we must act fast. He also needs to be held accountable for the deaths of Bengazi. Thank you for caring for our country.
There are substantiated articles of impeachment to do this. Congress is failing to do their job.
Obama needs to concentrate on our American problems and not global issues and downfalls. WE HAVE ENOUGH DEVESTATION IN THE USA. The country is overcrowded with illegal immigrants, gangs, poverty, foreclosure, unemployment, corrupt politicians, corrupt government...
Total failure
SAVE our Constitution and OUR nation, and I agree with Karen charge him criminally!
It is our duty per Declaration of Independence to put Obama -and all those who have helped him in his deceit of our Country- out of office.

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