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Obama is an unqualified racist narcisist and has done more to destroy our liberty than any other president.
This is a good step in the right direction but there is much more to defund and repeal. Obama and his henchmen need to go!
This is atrocious how can mr Obama do such a thing. He should impeached also for not closing the Guantanamo bay prison and not helping countries in need and supporting racist countries I.e Israel and dictator friendly countries like Saudi Arabia and not giving proper attention to the middle eastern and African countries!!
This man ( OBAMA ) IS THE ANTI CHRIST or somthing bad, our America is falling and the Democrats are going with him , we need to remove him a.s.a.p. and save our country is something we need to do now . get him out of the white house.please hear us plead..
The man is a fiend who hate the US and everything it represents. He grew up not attending Fourth of July events. The man is a creature of the great enemy and must go. By any and all means.
Get him out & prosecute him and his entourage.
and once we get him out of office, which he was never eligible to have, there should be a class action suit against the DNC because they knew he was ineligible and every body else involved. this piece of garbage needs gone before he completely destroys our country
All the phony scandals are real and he must go.
He should be held accountable for what he has done deliberately.
How long is it going to take collective America to wake the hell up, have a cup of coffee, figure out what this POS is doing and GET RID OF HIM!? He's gotta go or America is done. Execution tied to a pole for his treasonous acts - after due process, of course. And then the rest of his administration.
WE THE PEOPLE need to act! Petitions won't accomplish anything.
Guilty of treason. Impeach, convict, execute... all nice and legal like.
This Tyrant must go!
Time to act, not just talk
I pray for him as a man, but God forbid that he should continue as a president. He should be held accountable for what he has done deliberately.
He murder our Americans in Benghzai and he and Hillary should be prosecuted to the fullest.
I demand that our elected representatives get a backbone & carry our due justice based upon the more than one acts of treason against our constitutional rights and laws that our current president and his corrupt administration have done, are doing, and continue to get away with. Where are you Congress? Where are you Representatives? Where is Justice? Our government needs to Apologize to Nixon for these current outrageous crimes against our once great nation far outweigh what Nixon was impeached on. Wake up & Do your responsibility, our country is being destroyed and you know it!

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