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Save the "old"Constitution.
In all of my adult life have I seen this country fall into such moral, ethical, and political decay than I have seen in the last five years. We have been lied to, scandalized, cheated to by our congress and most of all by the so called leader of the greatest nation ever. My Christian rights, my 2nd Ammendment rights have been stomped and spit on by this administration. My father and ancestors are crying in their graves. Our forefathers fought againts this tyranny over 200 years ago and hear we go again. I sincerly hope all of you in both the house and the senate get your acts together and start thinking for the good of this nation, and not what fills your wallets. Its time to listen to the people YOU work for. Sincerly Mike Adams
Obama has failed this country.
I am selling retirement investments to get by. And the true inflation that Obama is causing has not even hit home yet.
this man is destroying our freedoms.
Not fit to led
No more transparency via smoke and mirrors. Enough corruption already.
The Sooner the Better!!!
Jimmy Carter must be feeling very good these days because he is no longer considered the worst President in our country's history.
I believe in this with all my heart. At every chance he has slapped America down to fit his agenda. This is totaly unacceptable of a president of the United States. Who took the oath to uphold th constitution of the United States of America.
Impeach!!! Impeach!!! Our voices must be heard before we loose our beloved America!!! God Bless the USA!!!
Obama is putting this COUNTRY and the AMERICAN People in GREAT Danger!!!
its way over due!
He is trying to do away with our Constitution, Bill of Rights and everything else this country was founded on.
I am american citizen, tax payer and I want my country....
Way overdue!
I wish I could give some money but I'm broke !
I want America back!!!!
I am american citizen, tax payer and I want my country....

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