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I'm terrified for what my children will be facing when they are older. I agree he needs to be stopped, but the damage already done to our country could be irreparable. This is not the America I want for my children.
It is most likely too late. Obama is the next Hitler because he is already a DICTATOR. He will be voted in for the 2016 election because Democrats bow down to him - they will make it happen, and half of all voters will be receiving government money. Say bye bye to America and hello to the new world communist regime.
He needs to go.
Now, Before its too late!
The worst President ever! He is a Socialist and a Dictator.I'm afraid by 2016, he will just declare himself President. Since no one stands up to him or stops him, he just does what he wants. We need to take American back. He needs to try and run the government with what time he has left and he has done very poorly at that and stay out of healthcare. The movies 2016 is spot on, unfortunately!
cant be soon enough
It's past time to make this happen.
OBAMA=the next HITLER!
OBAMA=the next HITLER!
President Obama needs to be impeached. He is running our country right into the ground. He does not have our country's best interest at heart.
On Sept 11,2012 Americans begged for help and our State Dept and Commander-in-Chief did not lift a finger to help for the first time in American History. What A Shame!!!!
This man is the biggest liar the white house has ever housed. Everytime his mouth opens, lies flow from imbetween his teeth.
Remove the Usurper and put him and his administration under the prison!
When he ran the first time I told his supporters that because he was a Chicago politician he was crooked. I know because I lived there for 39 years.
He is corrupting our country and I want his a_ _ gone. I pay his salary and he's not doing the job he was hired to do, plus he has lied to the Boss more than once
impeach now
Impeach Him!
Impeach and Jail.
Obama is the worst President in History. #ImpeachObama
We The People need our Republic back. If we do not remove this islam tyrant, America will be destroyed and lost forever! God bless America!
Obama needs to be removed from office. His number one goal is destroy our country and remove all of our freedoms! He is a tyrant!
impeach him for disregarding our constitution and his piratsey's
he talks out two sides of his face
We need someone who is for our country.Not someone who is evil to his core and only care about destroying our country.
Also have a full investigation into all his activities prior to and since taking office. Including all the "Sealed" items.
He's a liar and a crook...he is a double standard! He has ruined what America stood for!
President Obama is an intelligent man and, but he is not using that intellegence to serve our country's needs. Obamacare was a step too far. I cannot sit and watch our country turn into a Socialist regime. The citizens of the United States must do something to protect their right to freedom, which includes insurance coverage.
Impeach and arrest
Impeach and arrest
We have had enough. As his employer we find his work unacceptable and we no longer want him employed by us. Impeachment and then numerous charges need filed. He is NOT above the laws of this nation.
He Thinks He's God!!!! Get Rid of All His Followers!!!
Obama is a DISGRACE to America. Get them out of the White House.
We impeached one president for wire taps, & one for a blow job. I think the lies have gone on long enough that no one will think us racist to impeach a treasonous traitor that sends funds syrian rebels which is code for al qaeda & lets americans die at our own embassy!

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