Impeach President Obama & Remove Him from Office

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To much talking,
Determine NOW
why Congress (House)
is NOT acting immediately.
Are they all TRAITORS?!
I will be soo Thankful when America has a president who loves God, Family and Country,... and DOESN'T LIE!!!
Of course America is being destroyed. How could you expect anything else when Americans go to polls and keep re-electing the political scum over and over again.
Let's stop this madness against our liberties under the constitution and get back to being the greatest country in history for We The People, and for the rest of the world!
IMPEACH him!!!
He should be impeached and imprisoned for treason!
Impeach - imprison Obama now before he completely destroys freedom and honor
He continues to attack our Constitution (1st, 2nd, 4th et al) which is more pertinent today than at any time in History. He continually obliterates our direct founding connection to God. He lies daily. We've never had such a dishonest person as President.
Obama is not above the law and I ask that congress please man up and stop his illegal takeover.
I can't figure out why he is still alive. We need to all donate to a fund to hire an assassin.
We should add Biden to the impeach list, although he would certainly be preferable to Obama. At least he is an American.
actions speak louder than words I am tired of hearing the word impeachment
He is a disgrace to our country.
Obama is an ignorant closet Muslim and a traitor &nothing besides.
I hope that I bear witness to the day that Obama gets his just due, impeachment and imprisonment!
actions speak louder than words I am tired of hearing the word impeachment
He is a traitor with an agenda to overthrough our Gov. Freeze their assets to pay for his illegal spending..
Nobody should be above the law !!!!.......He should not only be impeached but prosecuted for the many lies and misdeeds and abuse of power that he has shown.......But not prosecuted by his sidekick Eric Holder.....Holder should go to jail with him.......Both are guilty of treason.
If President Obama can lay & collect taxes without authorization of Congress, this is taxation without representation. Cap & Trade thru EPA is one example! Also see U.S. Supreme Court Case number 12-1268. The President does not honor the
I believe President Obama has Intentionally done immense damage to American economy, international relations and sovereignty. Get him out of office by any legal means necessary.
Get him out now!
All citizens in the United States receive the same benefits. It is wrong to allow elected officials and employees receive special benefits. We must always have a balanced budget. We must enforce our boundries. We must correct our voting regulations and have both parties check for DEAD VOTERS. Cancel the Obama Care this will bankrupt the USA.
No one is above the law. We have a democracy not a dictatorship. No one person should be allowed to make their own rules
many doctors will not even upset Children's Medicaid that's ridiculous..I'm not getting to keep my insurance plan..Obama is a liar..the American people do not have faith in our current United States government..people are losing faith, and hope for a better was broken before but now it's really broken...unacceptable...get rid of police state.
He's purging our military of top officers who dare to criticize.... I still want to see all his history that he's hiding from Americans. He is spying on Americans. His ACA is violating my religious liberty! He has broken his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He is a liar. He is ruining our Constitutional Republic. Arrest him first, and then impeach him, before he imposes martial law and sends out his "brown shirts" to hold patriots indefinitely against their will without charges.
With each and every day this lawless tyrant is left in office it is becoming more and more clear to the American people as to who you owe your allegiance to. We, the American people, are no longer asking for his impeachment and removal from office, WE ARE DEMANDING IT.
This action has been long overdue.
Obama is following in Mandela's foot steps to destroy America.

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