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I can't remember any president since I have been alive that has lied to the American public so blatantly. I simply cannot understand why anyone would have voted for Obama if they were presented with the truth.
obama is educated for his job
I think the sooner the better off we will be
I think the sooner the better off we will be
Myeself anf many other Americans are not happy with the way America is being run. Its time that instead of complaining we stand up and do something about it.
Please, get him out of office! He needs to go before he does more damage. Who knows what else is up his sleeves. The man is smart, dangerous, and I think he purposely trying to destroy this nation. GET HIM OUT
Dumb president
Time for Obama to step down begote he collapse this great country
Should not have been elected the first time. His war on coal has destroyed a lot of Appalachia. Obama is not dumb, he knows what he is doing. He has been slowly handing over America, we are becoming a Socialist Nation.
Wake-up people, do not vote for anyone that currently holds an elected office or ever held an office. Vote them all out. We the tax paying people in America need to show them where their money comes from and who they work for. And once their out of office STOP PAYING them a salary plus benefits. I don't receive a salary from my previous employer, I had to find a job. Therefore, lets, the tax paying voters, do something about it.
If Obama is gone we get stuck with Biden. Are we ready for that?
This lying bum is not fit to represent the Unites States.
They impeached Nixon over watergate that is not as bad as 1/10 of what Obama as already done!!! So why is it that we can't get Obama out of office? I did not VOTE for him either time. We need to get him out of there & take back our Country!!!
Obama needs to go!!!!
Thank you for putting the country into a financial tailspin! And as for your healthcare disaster, you are costing me even more money! You are a liar and therefore should be removed from office for lying to the people to get what you want. FYI, I never voted for you!!!!
Impeach Obama -- we've had enough of his "high crimes and misdemeanors"
This guy is an imposter and he's not doing the job the American people elected him to do and if we leave him in the office he'll take us over the cliff with him.
Why is this man still in office?How many traders are in the white house? The fact that he is still in office tells me that the Government has been compermized, and should not be trusted.
Its time for change....
Its time for change....
Impeach and arrest for treason!
You cant make it illegal to be in the same place as are government officials and say something against them. Its taking are rights away to discuss problems and what we need to do to fix them.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
The President has done nothing but force those who have busted their butts in life to pay for those who wish to do nothing. Obama care is the greatest example! Why take away from Americas back bone, the middle class, those who actually give the government money (taxes), to provide for those who refuse to take jobs?? those who believe they are above minimum wage without any kind of education?? or those who dropped out of high school?? these are ignorant decisions by ignorant people!! Let them reap the crop of their decisions and climb themselves out of the holes which they have dug!!!
As a retired person, I never thought I would witness the downfall of America from within! If this Muslim, Socialist is allowed to continue on his path we will soon be known throughout the word as the USSA!!!!!!!!
Knew he was a lier. That's why I would have voted for a pig before I would have voted for mim
Why would anybody in their proper state of mind want this man controlling our healthcare or anything else when he has never contributed to society by having any private sector job or military service.
Please file for impeachment immediately before our country is irreversibly changed forever. I thought that there were checks and balances to prevent this from happening.
How can we continue turn a blind eye to this tyrant
This is truly the enemy from within! The Russia of the cold war could have learned from him! Hes destroying America without fireing a shot!(YET!)
Obama is ruining the country! We need him out of there ASAP! I'm still in shock of how he was able to get elected and re-elected!
Only a representative of our country that starts the process will get my vote!!!!
it is about time we remove this anti American. He is no leader to me. I think he wants to destroy the America I love.
all obama lies. about time people are wakeing up.we need him the hell out of here what in the hell is wrong with the people in the u.s. to put our freedom on the line for a few freebies.and what the hell is wrong with congress to let this go on so long?
Impeach Obama!
Defend, preserve & protect the American Constitution & its founders and the Americans who hold it dear...."Of the people, by the people, for the people." GOD SPEED!
And these are just the things we know about.
Why is he being allowed to destroy our country? Please, Congress, stand up and do the right thing. Impeach for treason! Remove him from office now!!!!
The larger, more vile issue, is the fact that there is no accountability, responsibility, and leadership from on-high.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve this country in any capacity. We should all embrace that charge with honesty, integrity, and dignity; yet the American people are continually stonewalled and lied to and no one is held accountable.
So many impeachable offenses that keep getting swept under the rug. We need to act now!
Obama is a tyrant who clearly hates the United States and is using and abusing the power of the presidency to destroy it.
Lying to the American public, having a social security # from CT, Solendra? You should have been gone a long time ago. #Fightingformyrights!

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