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it's time to stop OBAMA' and all the crimes he has done to AMERICA and put this country back on track .he has attacked and terrorist are first and second amendment we need to stop his attacked on the american people before it's to late and remember what he has done and remember BENGHAZI AND ALL WHAT HE has done to all of us stop his lies let freedom ring for all of us
what is taking this long, his offences started 5 years ago
How much more does this clown need to ruin our Country before we get rid of him
I say impeach his whole adminstration.
I'm 100% disabled Veteran. Please lets get rid of this trash ASAP. I love my country and he is just screwing it up. I didn't join the ARMY and become disabled for this crap. Please lets save what's left of this America we all love so much.
I demand that something be done about this president, Are you afraid? Well, I am more afraid of our future, no president has gotten away with this much. Dont be afraid, The color of his skin doesnt exempt him from wrong doing!
No more Half truths time is now for the Answers. We are tired of waiting. The went after Richard Nixon on wiretapping. That is playground stuff compared to this, No more games I have had enough.
How can this of happened in our Country? We have been lied too, Stolen from, and our Country will be destroyed if we do not stop them!
charges of treason would also be in order!!!!
Congress shares responsibility, by not taking care of their own duties. Impeach Obama AND fix Congress.
Get him out! I will support anything to get him out, and asap!
sooner the better
Must be removed from office.
Horrible president cant wait for him to get out of office praying for my America because shes in a bad state right now
This president is a danger to our beautiful and free country. Our country is more divided under his administration. It is so sad to think a president could do what he has done in 5 years to ruin this country. HE MUST BE IMPEACHED- but scares the heck out of me that Biden would be in charge --- just as scary as leaving BO in office --- can we get rid of the entire administration?
He's a TRAITOR to our GREAT NATION . If it were any WHITE guy he would be gone already.
The founders put in the terms 'high crimes and misdemeanors' for such a President as this. one who is governing against the will of the people and contrary to the Constitution. He must be impeached. Should have been years ago.
Horrible president cant wait for him to get out of office praying for my America because shes in a bad state right now
There are many other's in this administration and congress aiding/abetting this president in crimes against the USA and our Constitution who need to be fired right along with Obama.
Mr. Obama is nothing but a coward. He has no clue on how to run this country. The proof is in the pudding. He has ran this country down to the ground with the help of Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. They have turned this country into a laughing joke to other countries. They have managed to force Obama Care down my throat! Let me make this clear I DO NOT WANT OBAMA CARE! They all need to be taken out of office, then maybe we can get this country back to recovery!
Impeach and inprison him for treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk is cheap! I want ACTION! IMPEACH NOW!

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