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He needs to go. Everything stated is true. I would like to add....His new revised birth certificate, the long form, in response to Donald Trump. States he was born in 1963 an African-American boy. Who in 1963 called blacks, African- Americans? It was either colored or *****, and maybe black. His father listed as citizen of Kenya, in 1963 it would have been citizen of British Commonwealth of Nations. Kenya was not an independent country till 1966. Wake up America, we need to take back our country!!
I am sickened daily with sound of socialism moving within our government. We cannot stand idley by while our rights are stripped from our flesh. Signing this is just a splinter in the inevitable coffin of this wannabe dictator. We must do more. We must not allow this. We can't be so passive. We'll regret it later if we don't.
This is not American, we need better leadership!!! I feel we are being intentionally destroyed!!!
Impeach Obamatraitor before he totally destroys our beautiful America and takes away our freedoms!
We fight against enemies foreign and's time we stand up as Americans and impeach Obama
The US Constitution says:Artical 1, Section All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. Obamacare is a TAX
We have not seen no good for the small businesses or for our veterians that have fought for our freedom that he is giving away everydayhe is in office we have to accept his obamacare that he and his family willnot accept as there insuriance he refused it so why should we have to he has to go he is supposed to be our leader but he is acting as he is a child in a candy store and the bad part is he is making us the candy store we as america have to stand up and take america back so please stop this man from destoying my children's lives I want them to have the freedom I have been able to enjoy for 35yrs and hope many more
I am in shock that he's still in office!!? He has never been any kind of leader, specially our country!! He is out to destroy America and Americans and everything that this country stands on and believes in. I pray he is forced by a greeter power to be removed from OUR White House!! He is no way a true American it shows boldly!! God bless.
I doubt we have much more time to act. This government is shut down and WE have to make a decision. As the people. For the people. Let our voices be HEARD.
We want our life's back and our American Lands back.
Get the bum out of that office!!
I think we could all benefit from a clean sweep. and I can't donate because I am trying to pay for health insurance.
I have signed a thousand of these thing's and this will be my last one. It does not seem to be doing any Damn good. I am A Desert SHEILD/STORM, And Again in 06/07 For Iraqi Freedom. A Being a Disabled Veteran I am Appalled at the Fact that Mr. Obama has the Gall to Stop Paying Veterans and Disabled Veterans. Why Don't they Stop Their Pay If Their Is Not Enough Money? I Figure They Make A Hell Of A lot More Money Then Veterans Do. And They Can Get Honestly Look At Their Selves In The Mirror Every Morning And Say They Earn Their Money. That Is PITIFUL !!!
get him out of office!!! time to get someone in who cares about the country and will fix it. not do things for there own personal reasons.
We the people must stand and rise against this. USA!
Yo, like spying on us with Verizon and the NSA.."can ya hear us now?"
Freedom shall and will always be free. Obama need to go not only for the people but by the people.
Freedom shall and will always be free. Obama need to go not only for the people but by the people.
Freedom shall and will always be free. Obama need to go not only for the people but by the people.
He's run our country in the ground.
Freedom shall and will always be free. Obama need to go not only for the people but by the people.
Freedom shall and will always be free. Obama need to go not only for the people but by the people.
Worst president(if you can call him president) we've ever had.. He's evil...
It's about time you people finally woke the hell up and grew a pair

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