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he is a dictater an has to be impeach
All the dems want to point out just the good stuff about "obama care's not" but what the hell they they have exempt big business from this and as rates rise company's are making people pay more pushing them to drop their plans so they have to buy obama care. This is not right

Like the old saying "You cant tell someone to walk off a cliff but if you lead them one step at a time they will fall"
Violated the oath of office. This is a crime.
Violated the oath of office. This is a crime.
He's a piece of******that has done nothing but ruin this country.
He doesn't have our country's best interest at heart, and ignores yhe constitution.
He doesn't have our country's best interest at heart, and ignores yhe constitution.
His laws are killing our people and causing poor people to starve to death!!!!
Where was this Fool for 7 hrs during the Benghazi attack ? He was AWOL ! Impeach this Virus !
He is an embarrassment to this country, a big big mistake.
Bengazi, irs scandal, terroristic brother, obamacare, no negotiations, I'm done
Whenever "representatives" no longer represent the interests of the all people, it is time for them to step aside or be cast aside.
look at our congress and senate they should all be impeached for holding America hostage!!!
IMPEACH this arrogant, incompetent, self-aggrandizing, conceited, FASCIST!
Time to go Mr. Jokebama
He needs gone!
Obama might be good at helping the lower class(wrongful people such as addicts and non trying people, and abusers, but it comes with a cost, and the cost is 6 Trillion Dollars, in 4.5 years. Bush only added 4.9 in 8 years, at this rate we will add about another 6 Trillion by the end of his term and nearly double our total debt thanks to Obama. Do what is right America and save the country.
Get him out of office before he ruins this country
If he was white, we would have hung him as irrational as that may be, he should be impeached for lack of functionality and detrimental actions
Facebook the link people!
Who is obama, my personal opinion is he is a two faced back stabbing lying........ All obama is a power happy freak that thinks he's god and he can tell the American people how to live and what your going to do with your hard earned money. Well here's something from me to obama and the rest of the government that thinks they can just do as they please we the Americans live in what was once known as a free country and by the government stand point is still a free country. But my ?? to you is what is so free of America when we have a president and others in the house that develop these laws and issues that just put hardship on Americans. Obama care really!!! What where you thinking open your eyes look how many companies are having to close there doors do to this new law duh because most companies make enough money to keep there heads above water with how the economy is. Now think about this unemployment is at record highs already, now with obama care just increased the unemployment due to companies doors closing so how is obama care helping people??? I've worked for the same company for 5 years paying $17.81 a week out of my check for a family plan with a $1,500 deductible with obama care is going to range between $120-$250 a week depending on my rates even using the government site to help with cheaper insurance I'm still paying the same so does this help me or anyone in the same position nope we should just bend over and get ....... Cause that's what is happening I hope that obama and the rest of the government enjoy all this extra $$$ cause now my family has to suffer!!!! Now to change the subject Obama what are you thinking giving other countries weapons really come on why would you do that how stupid could you be there problems are the problems we have enough of our own to solve little own stick our noses where they don't belong if it doesn't affect america ooooo hold on I forgot obama is god!!!! He has to be in complete control of everything cause he's a power happy ........ I hope the rest of the Americans that feel like there are issues with obama and the schemes he's playing takes charge!!! To all Americans that work hard and believe in what is right step up and fight for our rights and our freedom as Americans remember this country is only as strong as the people that's why we are in the position we are in today!!! So the ?? I have to the people what are we going to do?? Obama impeachment YES let's get the official votes in and get a real president in and get america back on track!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!
Worst president I have ever seen since Carter, Rep Cruz thank you, Finally we have someone with a backbone that is listening to the people! Thanks be to God,
Worst president in US history.
You don't want to know my comments
Socialism has no business in this country ! Socialism is merely a symptom of Communism, get it out before this disease spreads further, this is NOT what you or I fought for !!! A little of this is NEVER ok, it's a little infection bound to spread to a malignant cancer, cut it all out now !!
Remove him from office, he don't care the American people.
Please everyone sign this.

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